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  1. Woodland with a CQB M4. Let's do this!

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    2. 20ChickenNuggets


      It's not that, of which I'm worried. It's the fact that the rest of the people I'm with are snipers and I am going to be on my own as cannon fodder hahaha! :D

    3. 20ChickenNuggets


      The first game with my M4 was woodland and I probably enjoyed it more than the rest of my games (CQB). I just know all my friends will be comfy sitting back watching me get haggered.

    4. Monty


      I've used a Marui MP7 AEP in woodland before, it's fine. lol

  2. Selling a bit of kit, and then forgetting to replace said piece of kit in time for Sunday
  3. Group Chat confirms our day trip to The Stan. Watch everyone pull out at last minute. Giggidy.

    1. Trojan


      Get em' to put down a deposit.

    2. 20ChickenNuggets


      It's ages away so it's not practical dude :(

  4. The first game of the year where the sun is present. I burned!
  5. WE GP1799 worked a treat and got me some nice kills in situations where I was unable to swing an M4 around the corner. I LOVE IT.

  6. Anyone had problems with WE 50rnd mags not feeding? Mine seems to get a BB lodged near the top, preventing the spring from extending and feeding as normal.

    1. SeniorSpaz87


      Pistol extended mags? If so, it's usually either the bs being a tad smaller than average, or the spring loosing some strength, or needing lubricated. Take it apart, clean it, and try some different bbs, and see if that works.

    2. 20ChickenNuggets


      I think it's the shape of mag itself as they go in but sometimes get stuck when loading. I'ts brand new unused, even with 3 or 4 bbs in they get stuck before the spring has released fully. I have spoken to the shop and should have a replacement on weekend. Thanks anyways!

  7. When Warrior Assault don't supply UK Tactical with full DCS 5.56 setups in Ranger Green, resulting in buying separately and incurring additional costs.
  8. I've been out for weeks, but my quads are fine and I'm coming back!

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    2. cropzy


      Good to hear. We should go slaughterhouse again.

    3. sp00n


      Good to hear mate :) no pew pew for me this Sunday … sisters wedding :(

    4. 20ChickenNuggets


      I can't even go this weekend now hahaha I laugh but really I cry. Will be at SH 8th May Cropzy!

  9. Cheers guys! I think i'm going to go down the build route... but the svd does look so tempting. I'm kind of annoyed that I know of this now, especially at that price. WANT!
  10. I am after a DMR but can't decide on buying one with a higher fps (site limit 450) or buying a rifle and upgrading to a higher fps along with other internal upgrades? The price of some DMRs seems to be high when looking at higher fps but I believe it would be cheaper, and possibly better if I built my own? Most DMRs seem to be self built that I have seen. Any advice is appreciated!
  11. Don't suppose anyone knows of a link to any cracked copies of AutoCad 2011 onwards?
  12. No sorry, not in all instances. I am referring to a single occurrence. But yes, when they are members of the site, and turn up with McDonalds breakfast like "Yeah what?"
  13. People turning up 5 minutes before the game starts, after the safety briefing, not when the gates open, or in sensible time has to be the most annoying thing for me... so far. Only happened once!
  14. Spent about £50 all told for airsoft today and had to drive home after the first game from tearing both my quads. Ouch.

    1. TeddyBhoy


      Wishing you a speedy recovery mate. Been in a similar situation but it was my gun that broke not my quads !

    2. SeniorSpaz87
    3. sp00n


      Ouchie, that sucks mate

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