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  1. Well bloody hell! Dont know how they got them passed as safe to use.
  2. You don't need anything first time out just rent. Never understood people who buy kit when they have no clue if they will even like the game. Gear is also very much dependent on what suits how you play which you won't know until you have played a few times. As for sites what part of Hampshire and do you want indoor cqb or running round in the woods?
  3. Isn't this just another safezone myth?
  4. £380ish for gun with upgrades Is the eotech and spectre included?
  5. Variable rate spring and tapering cylinder. Haven't got it quite right yet but looks promising. Fast at start so it gets good backspin across the hop then slows so the rest of the air is travelling slower. Theory is that the slower air flow creates less turbulence around the bb and also ahead so everything is more stable. The air travels at a much higher rate than the bb which is more necessary at the start to give initial acceleration but less necessary once bb is in motion. Its more beneficial to have a slower slighty longer push. It also stops the piston slapping against the cylinder so hard. If I ever get round to fine tuning and finishing it will be interesting to see results. Would be too expensive and finicky to ever be more than an experiment though. I have tried what Samurai is on about but found the slower speed across the hop to cause issues and had to give it more hop than normal to counter act it. Maybe the higher fps of sniper means that is less of an effect as the initial acceleration would still be quite high.
  6. Sometimes paying attention to the smallest details can work wonders. Now try and work on variable drag for your piston. Fast at start slower at the end.
  7. Simple answer is you can only pull one trigger at a time. A primary and a sidearm and good to go. I have bought loads but mainly for flipping. There are lots of people who like to collect them but for me it has no attraction as my only interest in airsoft is playing. They are all basically the same anyway.
  8. To be fair because the people playing were so up for having a laugh it was a rougher version than usual. Normally it's just tag the player but that night we literally jumped on people and dragged them to the ground. If I had caught Jedi I would of probably given him a hickey for shits and giggles.
  9. That is so f*cking awesome. Need one
  10. Sounds like a good game but not quite as scary as a group of zombies screaming and chasing you round a smoke filled basement. Actually I think the biggest screams were from some of the players.
  11. Very good bits of kit for the price.
  12. His picture got raped by him having a piece of clear plastic attached to his toy gun? Do I need to point out all the ways that statement is wrong? Doesn't matter what your a fan of thats what he has got. To be honest I hear people chucking shade at those protectors all the time and its just another form of delusional snobbery. That protector is good bit of useful kit and while others might prefer other options thats their choice.
  13. The staff are good guys and do the best they can on what is a difficult site to marshall. Glad you didn't do what half the idiots on the internet do and blame them for the few issues but back on the players where it belongs. To be fair I have noticed a drop in actual player quality there on Sundays lately. You did the best thing not letting anything get to you as that just makes the day worse. Airsofts popularity is starting to attract the wrong sort lately and the malls popularity means that you get a high amount of visiting players who will try and take the piss because its not their regular site.
  14. Take it today wasn't so good? Any reason why?
  15. But it works and that is more important than looks.