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  1. I will vouch for that statement
  2. Nah will just annoy them. Petrol in a spray bottle and lighter is a better idea. One warning then ignite problem solved.
  3. I would take that bet
  4. How about Slightly more expensive though.
  5. Best way to increase range on this gun is to improve your shoulder muscles then you could get at least 15mtrs further away from the skip before throwing.
  6. Actually I would call it budget because its a cheap sub par gun that you have put a cheap sub par gearbox in and guessing you only chucked £40ish at the mechbox a cheap motor (just saying high torque doesn't mean its good). Honestly the advice on just leaving it alone and putting the money to a better gun is sound advice. That better gun isn't a nuprol delta though as they are just basic guns that are getting good reviews from idiots who dont understand quality. Take a look at Specna Arms similar price tag but generally better and doesn't put money in the pockets of Nuprol.
  7. Still calling shenanigans. I find it highly suspicious that inbetween your first game in October and now you went to play in the Arab emirates and got shot in the face but never mentioned it on here before. If it did occur though thats shocking. I will mail them for their take on events because doesn't matter where in the world they are that is terrible and Sharjah generally have a good rep.
  8. I am calling bullsh*t on that. If someone used an air rifle at an airsoft game and shot someone then police would be involved because the site would be obliged to report it. Name the site and date and I will ring them to check until then sorry but don't believe a word of it.
  9. No I was covered in make up and fake blood it was another lad who was wearing that.
  10. Yeah there was quite a few of us but everybody played it well and got into the spirit of it.
  11. Was a goodnight and was good to catch up with some people. Loved listening to some of you screaming as you were chased through the basement.
  12. Game at the mall tonight only £25 if you want to try it.
  13. There will be plenty of trolls around its Saturday night in Reading.
  14. Think of it as a forcefield of unapproachableness and there is always one.
  15. Thats just my tactical knife. Dont use the word pig around it, it has body dysmorphia and a serious identity crisis and gets quite upset.