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  1. I have had nothing but quality issues of late with the xcortech stuff. I had one of the very first xcortech systems and pushed the product quite heavily but have lost faith in their QC. So far the ACETECH stuff has been superb and this product I am sure will again eclipse it's Xcortech counterpart upon release. Soon as I get my hands on one I will review it and put it through its paces at the mall.
  2. >Snip< because not sure I should of posted that.
  3. Depends on what day it was built and who built it and that is why they are difficult to recommend.
  4. Its not irrational hate its just truths. All Nuprol stuff is rebrands and through out the range they have had issues. From the lower end made by whoever to the higher end which is ARES who are famous for spotty QC. The difference being most of us have had a lot of toys to compare so we have lost the my guns the bestest because it's mine mentality. My favourite gun is one of my oldest the only one I have ever kept for more than a month or two but would I ever recommend it to anyone? god no. Thats because while it is great out the box it does have issues which I can be honest about.
  5. None of those are high end. The tight bore is a cheap aluminium one and not a great one either. Quick change spring is becoming more common throughout all ranges and not something I would of ever classed as high end. V2 box is standard on all M4's and the nuprol one is not a stand out one. High torque motor on them is not a good one, not terrible but exactly great either. The thing you need to get is you can attach a tag to anything but the only one that matters is quality and the cheap nuprols are like all cheap guns bits of good, bits of bad and lots of meh.
  6. Can already tell you. You get slightly better trigger response and rof. Accuracy wont be a huge difference the ICS hop is better but the Nuprol shoots ok. Main difference is build quality. The Ics is generally better in most areas. Not a huge fan of the motor and hop bucking though. Readman is right in the fact that out of the box performance is comparable to a CM16.
  7. Sorry but the person talking most sh*t on here is yours truly. You dont know enough to compare your gun to anything else. You have made some claims which are just false because there is no high end parts on it. You enjoy your gun and that is good but maybe leave off the advice until you have compared it to other guns because there are lots of people claiming to have issues with some of the nuprol guns.
  8. What high end features?
  9. There are several people who reguarly travel to the mall on a Sunday from London by train. Just checked on the internet and there are 3or4 trains out of Paddington that will get you there in plenty of time.
  10. Or just go on a Sunday
  11. No you can turn the tracer function off and just have the counter.
  12. These gears This motor
  13. If looks are more important than function maybe re-enactment might be more your thing.
  14. That extra inch makes no difference in CQB. In a tracer unit that is, the other sort of CQB well I don't want to ruin the lies some of you have been told.
  15. These