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  1. 7 days to go. Last chance if anyone else wants to join.
  2. It does have a QC spring it comes out the back/side of the gearbox/receiver after a few thousand rounds.
  3. Oh dear
  4. Simple answer is WE pistols are shite buy a TM
  5. No defence is required to own a rif just for sales and purchase.
  6. Is this post a wind up?
  7. Dont confuse length of gun with range the little PDW will shoot just as far and with same accuracy as its bigger brothers. Barrel length once past about 140mm makes only the very slightest difference and once past 200mm makes no difference at all. You can mount any scope you want. PT247 bloody ed me!
  8. Yeah he cured my insomnia
  9. Its in the thread go and find it you lazy b*stard.
  10. If they dont I have no problem leaving a man behind.
  11. I was going to Suggest that we all meet at the Mall car park for 4.15 and then walk from there. Saves on parking costs and stops anybody getting lost.
  12. Table booked here for 4.30 That should give plenty of time to eat and let the food settle before grabbing kit. List of people eating: Me +3 Jedi Master +1 Sitting duck Sico PT247 Seanyexe Anybody else joining?
  13. Bloody chippy van you classless heathen! Probably be a barbecue place at about 5ish. Haha you're f*cked then will see if I can get you a doggy bag.
  14. Let me know for definite on the food asap as I am booking tomorrow.
  15. Was the battery fully charged? Sounds like an anti reversal latch lock up.