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  1. Just needs Google to clean up their ad network apparently.. can't trust anyone these days.
  2. Probably have a dodgy browser extension or other adware installed on your device. You can rule out browser extensions by going incognito.
  3. i want to enquire about adding my team to the roster of airsoft teams if possible


  4. Won't be long, unfortunately I had a busier weekend than intended but we'll fix this up.
  5. I think you missed my point. I'm not trying to change your mind. You can have whatever opinion you want. But there's absolutely no need to belittle people for something they like doing, or to take a thread off course trying to prove a point. End of discussion -> back to Russian loadouts.
  6. This isn't in the spirit of this forum or how we operate. Just as you're entitled to your opinion, they are entitled to do the things they like and to talk about it. The fact it is a collective shows us that there is a significant interest on this subject. You're valid to your opinion and posting wherever you like, but you should try and keep things on track. If a particular vein of discussion isn't for you, you don't have to partake.
  7. Right of reply. Let's keep the thread on track with additional feedback before it collapses into anything else. A summary of the above situation can be posted by either party following PM discussions.
  8. Oh they're on top of the penguin.. I left room for you though!
  9. Since you've uncovered it you're next.. run
  10. Welcome Best to ask the technical questions in the Electric section bud!
  11. Welcome
  12. Welcome to the forums
  13. I was just about to suggest perhaps you might create an additional default stream for the entire classifieds section?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sacarathe


      I just posted here because the thread was locked, thats all. I did not want to make an 'issue' of the idea while the forum is still in transition. Just was going to post it as an aside to that thread.

    3. Devastator


      It's not an issue! It's a good idea which could help people find content easier who might not otherwise realise how to set up a stream (or even know that they can). So if you were to set up a new feedback thread I'll action a result if we can get something on it. Even if it's just a discussion between a few people about what they think other people would find most useful.

    4. Sacarathe


      By your command. :)