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  1. I bought both my free float rails from ak2m4. So easy to install take of old rails & barrel nut, screw on new barrel nut, screw on rail & tighten screws Job done
  2. I know there's a video on YouTube where a guy has redesigned his head gear to incorporate ear defenders (radio speakers) where he used nuts & bolts plus the rails I was thinking of permanently attaching my face gear to my helmet but sometimes I wear mesh goggles or ballistic sunglasses when it's really bright
  3. I cable ties my mesh lower to my goggles (inspiration from one of the guys on here) but as I don't always wear a helmet, I haven't attached them You could just run the elastic strap around your helmet & pull the goggles down when in the game area
  4. Far as I know, there's no real difference between high speed & torque gears but again from my understanding, low ratio gears need a torque motor to turn them better when using high rated springs To increase fps - better airseals on nozzle, cylinder head & piston head plus a higher spring (ie m130 or m140) If your making a DMR then you'll need to lock the gearbox to single shot by taking the nub of the selector switch that pushes against the little spring that gives you semi & auto
  5. That's ok mate so don't worry but again fairplay for your charge Are you going back end of this month ??
  6. Cheers duck, I knew you'd come to the rescue lol But yeah, it's usually the spur gear that's got more or less teeth
  7. Hi guys. I'll start of with what I have which is ICS M4 with stock motor, M100 spring, mosfet & 7.4v Lipo JG G36C with high speed motor, M100 spring, mosfet & 7.4v Lipo Each sector gear has a delay chip but other than upgraded piston (plus head) & cylinder head then there pretty much stock otherwise. I'm after the pros & cons of swapping out standard gears for 16:1 gears in both rifles please
  8. I've got a few gens ace 1300mah rated at 30c which I use in my g36c as they'll only fit in there & just as powerful as the 9.6v nimh Shame I can't adapt my Lipo monitor the plugs into the esc for my rifles (as I use lipos in them all) I've got some zippy & turnigy 2s, 5000mah lipos but need a battery bag to use them which looks hidious
  9. There's a recoil kit available for (I believe) about £80 & if you want as close to real steel sound then buy a sound hog (it's an amplifier) or make your own with a cheap silencer where the end caps unscrew
  10. I've just purchased from the generic fleabay Generic eotech 552 (cause I can carry spare AAA batts for it on my M4) QD mount riser (as my acog is on my sa80 now with 2 of them) Peq 15 box (again for my sa80 as I'm to lazy to remove the DD rail to change lipos)
  11. Nah just thieving bastards who take as much as they can from us while letting the rich do what they want
  12. Yes I was mate, i was wearing dark blue waterproof trousers with green tape on my legs. Was NATO all morning then defected to the Russians in the afternoon to help them out Are you the one who charged on the dune & took out the nest ?? & did you recognize me ??
  13. I went the 'cut it off' route so I could put a 10" rail on it then pipe lagging over the barrel to deaden the sound (actually worked as a Marshall at the chrono commented on it) BTW, it's the larger inner diameter lagging I used
  14. A hacksaw & dremmel with cone shaped grinding attachment worked for me as I planted the barrel in the mud & knarled up the barrel when I lost my flash hider
  15. I will always recommenend full face protection for airsoft wether people play indoors or outdoors, I know people who have had teeth shot out & now where lower masks (all be it a little late) I played Sunday in close quarter environment in an old RAF base & luckily no one had any mishaps (apart from falling over lol)
  16. Having been hit in the mouth (several times plus somehow had 2 bb's in my mouth ??) Hit on the lips, nose & cheeks. I always wear a lower mesh mask cable ties to my goggles (especially in CQB situations) I've made it comfy enough for me & will take that over style & form everyday
  17. I use the mobile version of the forum that I've saved to my bookmarks on Google The only problem I've got is that I can't upload photos cause still don't know how to use my phone properly lol
  18. That's not a bad idea, not keen on them but it's worth a go just to help good suggestion
  19. It's the little kids who are old enough to play but no matter how short they make the holster, it's still around there knee & that gives me a good chuckle cause that leg is usually sore by lunchtime As the weather's pants, I wear my combat jacket & have to tuck it out of the way so need to come up with a way to get to my sidearm without mounting it on my plate carrier, but then I use for room/hooch clearing so have a bit of time to fumble
  20. A mate of mine has one & he loves using it but mags are proprietary even though they look more or less like an M4 mag, I think they're in between an M4 & m16 mag
  21. Best way to do it, wear what your using then adjust your kit around that It does make me giggle a bit when you see someone with a side arm running around with it flapping away, that's when you offer advice. But then I've seen seasoned players with the same thing
  22. That's not bloody bad mate I'm toying with idea of getting an upper gearbox to make a DMR (as it's got a release catch) and fiddle with the selector plate to lock it in semi
  23. Not always mate, a longer barrel can make things worse, from what I understand the barrel length pretty much has to match the cylinder I was toying with the idea of having a separate upper receiver for my ICS as I sometimes play CQB but I have a rifle for that
  24. Don't upgrade anything until you lose significant FPS or something breaks I upgraded things before they broke & spent a good few months putting things right in all my rifles
  25. 2 sites I started out weren't very good for me because both sites had to many people every game day, to much cheating from players, not enough staff, 1 site was over crowded with cover & games became stagnent & the other site had not enough cover in places But the biggest thing for me was to many players in the overcrowded cover site
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