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  1. Sorry dude. Misread it.... .ooooops
  2. I believe the part your referring to could either be the nozzle or the NPAS (negative pressure air system) which is located inside the air nozzle. Its non adjustable so you could be hot which is where the RA-Tech NPAS comes into it as its adjustable
  3. n1ckh

    Lonex Motor

    Thanks for the replies guys. Done the motor height adjustment like I have on my other M4's (I always start at zero on adjustment screw when removing motor) & its the same issue. That's what leads me to thinking about swapping out the original pinion gear but wanted peoples opinions/thoughts
  4. Double post
  5. I've put a Lonex A2 motor into my ICS sportline M4 & its screeching. The motor height is ok & I know its down to the pinion gear. Thinking of putting the pinion gear from the standard (removed the pinion gear from the slow motor) motor onto the lonex motor. Will I get the screech still if I use the original pinion gear Cheers people Nick
  6. Sup guys. Was going to chrono my rifle today (much needed time off work) as put in a new barrel & noticed air leaking from the reg What lube do people use ?? as thinking of soaking the o rings in silicone oil like most of us do on our gas mags Nick
  7. n1ckh

    Gas mags

    So just a drop of silicone oil on the outlet valve & that's all you do which is a good idea. Getting tired of swapping inlet valves after every game day use. Think I'll invest in some replacement O-rings as back up. The mags were bought brand new last year but who knows how long they were on the shelf Cheers
  8. Hi collective minds. At the moment. After a day of use, I take my hpa valves out & put the normal valves back in the mags then add a bit a gas to keep the seals lubricated. It's becoming a PITA doing this just for storage. Do you guys do anything differently or is there other ways I can keep the seals lubricated without stripping the valves or taking the hpa valves out Nick :)
  9. n1ckh

    tank, reg etc


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    Up for sale is my HPA kit due to personal reasons (this listing is also advertised in other places/pages) you get whats in the photos. The list is........ 4L dive tank with just over 3 years left before retest (Has correct QD fitting for filling up the bottle) 48 ci bottle with just over 2 years left before retest & 90 degree push fit 6mm connector (on regulator) Balystik hpr800c regulator X6 HPA mag valves Valve key for regulator 6mm push fit T-piece (wanted to run pistol & rifle) 6mm to 8mm push fit straight coupler Threaded Quick Disconnect for regulator 8mm female quick disconnect] 8mm male quick disconnect 6mm female quick disconnect 6mm male quick disconnect the line in the photo is what i made up and both 6mm and 8mm lines were used. I will get 1 metre lengths of both 6mm & 8mm from work but will be in the package ideally looking to be collected from Somerset but will look into couriers (if posted, both tanks will be empty) Revised price....£250 if collected or £300 if posted/sent by courier


    Wells, Somerset - GB

  10. Got an NPAS fitted in my masada now & the installation went easy. Problem I have now is.....The NPAS is wound in so to give maximum FPS on my Acetech 6000 chrono, the fps seems to jump around quite wildly. I've adjusted in & out but still the same issue Any suggestions??? TIA
  11. I did look at them but they look a bit flimsy & not very secure. It's a good idea & thankyou for your reply. I went & ordered an NPAS last night so should arrive the next few days
  12. Thanks for the input as usual prof. Using .25 during a game is rated at 312 & the rifle was around 315 or a bit higher. It wouldn't even pass as a dmr. I trust the sites chrono to be accurate as they use there own mags & bb's At home, I upped the pressure to 50psi & it cycled properly so minimum I can go to is 50psi. So an NPAS it is then
  13. So...my first outing with my newly tapped masada today (thanks to the guys who've helped me) Got to chrono & it's pants. On .25 it was to hot. Lowest I could go was 40psi on the regulator & wouldn't cycle after 1st shot, increase PSI & increased the FPS. 48ci proto bottle, 8mm hose & HPR800C regulator going to tapped magazines. To get within limits now, do I go with an SLP reg or fit an NPAS ?? Nick Edit....at time of chrono, I was using a 6mm macro line so not to remove the 8mm line from my plate carrier.
  14. Thanks again guys. Consensus is it's ok to leave the reg on but turned off so that's along with what I thought
  15. What do you do with your regulator after a game day & storage ?? Do you leave it on the tank & switched on or remove it from the tank completely ?? Cheers guys
  16. n1ckh

    HPA noob

    I was looking at another pack to hold a larger tank & my camelbak. The scuba tank & bigger bottles is the way to go Thanks for all your replies guys, I appreciate all advice
  17. n1ckh

    HPA noob

    Thanks for the replies guys. I do milsims so something small & lightweight is what I want but looks like I'll need a scuba tank plus the fill whip
  18. Hey guys Been a while since posting. I'm venturing into HPA by converting my gas mags to HPA for my WE masada. Ordered a line, tank & reg but already have the mag valves. I want to run a 13ci tank on my plate carrier & have a 48ci tank ordered. My questions are.....what do I need to refill the smaller tank from the larger one ?? Estimated shot count (on semi only) from the 13ci tank ?? Is it worth buying a larger tank ?? Cheers guys
  19. I run a hi cap mag on my rifles. My battle belt has 3 bfg pouches left, waist pack on rear with holster & pistol mag pouches on my right. Much lighter these days compared to a few years ago. My plate carrier is setup for milsims so I don't use that unless I fancy it
  20. Advice given alot is find a local shop that has it & go along to have a play with it Peoples opinions will always differ & it's only you that decides if it's good enough
  21. I keep mine in a locked pyro box at home but in a small bag in my waist pouch out in the field
  22. If your not willing to travel that little bit further then it does limit you somewhat. I've known players who travel upto 2 hours to go to some sites As above, Google is your friend & sites are opening & closing so that'll be your best bet. I looked at the map when I started & there's 3 or 4 sites that have opened since then
  23. I've got a G&G L85 & love it. I've seen the ICS version & the users had pretty much the same problem with the trigger unit where it wouldn't work properly. The G&G one is a pain to strip the gear box with all the added bits on it but the quick change spring system is great
  24. Ahhh ok. I must've tasked you at some point during the Saturday then. You going to the February weekender ??
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