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  1. Stuck between the Dye i4 mask or the TM full face mask with the fan system. Arghhh

    1. Colonel Kurtz

      Colonel Kurtz

      the tm full face with fan is good, the fans clear fog in a few seconds and peripheral view is excellent. the only issue i find is due to it having plastic lower half, this half often gets damp with condensation from breath, requiring me to wipe it off with tissue between games. might be less an issue if not a panting smoker like me :)

  2. Whats everyones face protection set up? (needs to be lower and eyes)

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    2. Lozart


      ESS Profile Turbofan goggles and mesh lower face mask.

    3. JB72510


      Thanks guys, really like the look of the full face TM mask with fans. Has anyone else used it?

    4. Tad


      I heard of them, i've not used them. Apparently the fans aren't worth the extra cost over the mask itself?

  3. How good are warrior pouches?

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    2. Esoterick


      Got their quick pouches and the standard ones and very happy with both variants.

    3. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      Yeah on sale right now too. multicam version base is £110 - with 3 'Quick Mags' £117

    4. Mr Monkey Nuts

      Mr Monkey Nuts

      Except they have no stock of them.

  4. so changed my mind re the black loudout. Just ordered a tan Warrior DCS plate carrier!!

  5. Decided to go for an all black loadout

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    2. JB72510


      Beats the Multicam epidemic!

    3. Undieing_Lust


      Yeah! I love my all black loadout.

    4. Caliber


      All black all the time, join the dark side.

  6. website with the best selection of plate carriers?

    1. M_P


      Probably tactical kit UK

    2. Spatch


      Depends on your budget, high end, tactical kit.co.uk

      Decent but not bank breaking, uktactical.co.uk

      Cheaper, military1st.co.uk

      Cheapest, eBay, chances are it will be copies, remember, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is

  7. would love to get a team together in Aberdeen, maybe even a kinda AF-UK Aberdeen team

    1. DX115FALCON


      Sounds good! I'm down for that

    2. JB72510


      I will put something in the forums and we can go from there :)

  8. g and g umg?

    1. M_P
    2. M_P


      but yeah seriously, good guns definitely worth buying. Very quiet with the suppressor too.

  9. Thats me ordered my WE SCAR. Hopefully this order wont mess up like the last one!

  10. Success in convincing my girlfriend to play airsoft!

    1. DEDSEC


      What a lass! Same can't be done to my wife.. Already tried to convince her to play. Got a whole days worth of cleaning duty as a punishment.

  11. might even wear the AF-UK patch tomorrow and see how much people in Aberdeen have a clue!!

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    2. JB72510


      I feel for you man!

    3. DEDSEC


      I'll be sure to tell him to say hi for your haha. Have fun!

    4. DEDSEC


      Let me reword my awful grammar there.. I'll be sure to tell him to say hi for me*. Brain fart moment I apologie.

  12. Cant wait for another skirmish tomorrow!

  13. ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1 ordered, Excited isnt the word...

    1. team flex

      team flex

      nice mate report back on how it fires :D


      who did you order from?

    2. two_zero
  14. My mesh mask did well last weekend! Officially gotten comfortable with all my gear :)

    1. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      Nice :) I still need to save for some good boots and eye and lower face pro.

  15. arggghhhh what GBBR to get!!!

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    2. GiantKiwi


      On the cheap, GHK G5 or a WE M4. For downright reliability? G&P WOC :)

    3. JB72510


      A lot of choice!! many thanks!!

    4. cavninja


      Ed's right!!!!

      But nobody mentioned the WE 416? :-(

  16. Tempted to buy a GBBR

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    2. TacMaster


      More like the Dark Side........




    3. Airsoft-Ed


      The dark side is awesome.

    4. Caliber


      Do it. Come to the GBBR side, we have satisfying noises.

  17. Bought some G and G 120 round midcaps, i have converted from high caps now!!

    1. b1n0gHo5t


      Haha i'm waiting to do that (after xmas)..i may have a 1k elec mag..just for when the need for cheese arises though i do hope to milsim next year..if there are any that allow Navy blue/black loadouts

  18. noob question... how do you get the flash hider off the end of a G and G CM16 combat machine so i can fit a supressor?

    1. Spatch


      They are generally held on with about 4 gallons of loctite, it's a counter clockwise thread and use a hairdryer and the correct size spanner on the flats at the base to remove it sir

    2. JB72510


      Thanks for the help, managed it first time!

  19. Payday in a week is needed!

  20. Best lower face protection to work/fit well with Bolle X90 tactical goggles?

  21. Booked my first night game, any tips for it?

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    2. TacMaster


      Tracers are also used to tell your squad mates where the enemy are- a fire control order could go like,"Enemy, 200 meters, watch my tracer- rapid fire!"

    3. two_zero
    4. JB72510


      Thanks for the help guys!

  22. Thinking of buying some green kneepads. Any good suggestions that fit securely?

    1. DEDSEC


      I ended up ditching external knee pads and just getting some combat trousers with built them in. So much nicer in my opinion.

    2. Jelliffe99


      The Alta range of knee pads are superb! Only external knee pads that I can wear. All other slip and slide all over the shop!

    3. JB72510


      Thanks, il have a look!

  23. one more nightshift to go!

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      me too, gotta think about getting some kip but new toys to look at keeps me awake

    2. JB72510


      Haha i was the exact same!

    3. JB72510


      Haha i was the exact same!

  24. Just bought Bolle x90 goggles, good choice?

    1. Monty


      Why didn't you ask before you purchased them?

    2. JB72510


      I did ask several people at various skirmishes and spoke to people who have them/had used them. Also did research on the internet before buying them. I was simply curious as to everyone on these forums opinion.

    3. Esoterick


      Should be fine, just boils down to whether or not you experience fogging issues with them.