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  1. Pretty much what I'm going for, at least it won't be as loud as it is now which gives me away when I'm stalking the enemy.
  2. I actually have some of the Abbey gun grease in my Toolbox already, so I will definitely get some more. I'll take a look at the CV stuff and see what the consistency is like, may be a better / longer lasting option. Cheers Lozart
  3. I shall investigate the usage of the Helical gears, but it may be a future project that they get used on as it seems to be a large time sink for the "perfect" shimming, and not much gain. Although if the noise in my gearbox is reduced and the gears are causing the noise, I shall add them after the rest of the options. As for the Greasing, would this be suitable? -- http://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-fluids/grease/comma-cv-lith-moly-grease-500g I realise it is a lot, but if it's perfect for the usage I will have it spare for other guns I end up maintaining.
  4. Does the installation of these require short stroking the pistion? It seems like they are for a high Torque ROF build, pulling the stronger spring back and releasing it quicker.
  5. I've done a bit of a look around for helical gears and every post baring thos in here state they are louder than standard gears. Even when shimmed correctly. For example - http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/178949-extremely-irritated-helical-gears/ There most posts about them are nearly 3+ years old also, so are they really beneficial or is this just the old goto which is no longer relevant?
  6. Welcome! I hope you stick around to tell us how it goes for your first day! That setup looks to be pretty decent for his first gun, the CM raider should last him a long while so long as care is taken for it! Only thing missing from it is eyepro (Safety glasses / goggles) which is the only major must have item. As for the License, Firstly it's not a license. It's a registration database which is used to show that you are a member of a certain site and that under the VCRA you hold a 'Defence' or reason for the purchase of a Real imitation firearm. I'm sure someone will point you to the VCRA thread detailing what you should know. However to purchase that setup, you are free to do so as I assume the Bright green is 2-tone over 51% of the imitation firearm, which you do not need a Defence to purchase.
  7. Personal preference is all, I am more comfortable running my CQB M4 than I am running a sub-style weapon. I have no idea why...
  8. I'm going to compile a quick list from all of these. - Shimming - Needs to be spot on - Airbrake / Sorbopad (I thought it was Neoprene cheers!) - Helical gears (Not sure what these are to be honest will look). - Glue in bushings (What does this add?) - AoE - Cylinder / Barrel teeth ratio - Fixed suppressor (Would assume this muffles the snap of air out of the barrel rather than the gearbox itself) - Motor Height - Grease thickness (Would this not deteriorate the internals? Too thick would stop it spinning at all) Suppose i should mention my GB has a 110 in it then.
  9. Hey guys, Looking to silence my M4's gearbox and was taking a look at the various ways to do so. Obviously one major part is the Piston head when it slams into the cylinder, and to stop that I was looking at either getting some Neoprene (I think it's Neoprene) foam as some searches on google have guides to using this for a quieter slam effect, or this -- http://www.taiwangun.com/en/piston-heads/silent-piston-head?from=listing&campaign-id=20. I'm kind of thinking that I also need to take a look at the motor also, as it makes a nice whirring noise when it spins, does anyone have some suggestions for a quieter motor? Or how to silence it?
  10. Haven't played in a couple of months, Is Skirmish Airsoft Billericay really as bad as the rumors suggest now?

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    2. Colonel Kurtz

      Colonel Kurtz

      Lots of people have a bad day/skirmish and then condemn a site for all eternity. If it's your local then i'd suggest just go and find out for yourself.

    3. Esoterick


      I was looking at going the other week then saw this in the rules "If within 10 feet do not discharge the weapon. Shout Bang where possible."

    4. Tad


      Basically what Gingerbreadman Stated, the Staff are getting worse and they are starting to restrict weapon usage to silly things.


      Looks like i'm heading to APOC on the 20th then!

  11. Managed to persuade mine to play with me at the start of this year. She now plays regulary and has her own kit (Gone for the SBS blackout with MP5). I have to say, it's good to be able to spend a day playing silly soldiers with her, as it's one more thing we can talk about. It's also something completely different and allows her to join in more conversations with me and my friends. I do get a bit pissed off with other players who feel the need to 'Dominate' their enemies, especially the lasses, and especially when you know they've been hit because of the squeel.
  12. Tad

    Firearm ban

    If he is caught with an IF, he will most likely be prosecuted again. Remember, that until it is declared an IF by a proffesional (Gun tech or such). It is treated as a Realistic firearm. Saying this, something like your circumstance is COMPLETLY grey in the eyes of the Law, and is probably something that we as a community should ask the government to clearly define.
  13. I think it's funny that SAB have only just started requiring their players to play with locked setups. My Team left them because players where shooting hot, and the marshalls were doing sod all. 350FPS with a .28? Yeah thats not illegal... Anyway, heads up for Skirmish new rules. AEG - 350FPS. with .2 DMR - 365 FPS with .2 (Quick note, they will not accept custom made DMRs, they need to be factory made DMR, of which there are 3? in existance, this is at the behest of the Site owner) They do not appear to allow DMR's anymore. Sniper - 400FPS with .2 MED for DMR / Sniper is 30m. PolarStars need to be "Tournament Locked", meaning you can't change it mid game and you're not allowed the tools in the play area to do so. Have fun, and let me know how they run it.
  14. A couple of games i've played with .25s in my Med caps and .3s in my hi. When the kids weren't calling hit on the 25 i swapped out for a few shots. I don't recommend playing with your Hop mid game though, you're normal accuracy will change because of it.
  15. .25's in My M4 will hit out to about 40 meters. Further if i start using it as a mortar. I checked, and it can lift .36 but personally you start to sacrifice range / speed when you use higher weights. I've yet to try .28 but i doubt I will, the hop is setup for .25. They travel fast enough for me to take out people with doubletaps, they hit hard enough so people call hit and they're white so i can see where they fall off and adjust my aim accordingly. It depends on what you want to use, buy a couple bags of different weights (.23, .25, .28 & .30) and take them out in the skirmish for a day. Play as normal and see what feels good to use.
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