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  1. If he was overwhelmed before he’s mind blown now 😂 no offence OP
  2. Could you provide evidence to prove your side of the debate, preferably evidence based on your own experience. Calling out people for having lack of evidence but providing none yourself 🤷‍♂️
  3. I’m surprised he’s still not bumping it a year and a bit after he advertised it 😂
  4. You’ll need a new cylinder as well, as I doubt you’ll get a good air seal with that one with how deep the scores on the inside look from the photo. The piston should move freely inside the cylinder but have a good air seal, YouTube Airsoft compression test
  5. But where is the fun in that for us tinkers 😂 glad to see you back, always find your posts very informative 👍 long but informative 😂
  6. Started getting my upgrade parts for my Vfc Avalon, first thing to arrive is my Gate Titan advance 😍 can’t wait to get it in but going to wait until I order a few other internal parts before I start.
  7. 😂😂 he did resend the email with correct spelling shortly after
  8. Im not at home so can’t take any pictures but I’ll stick a couple on later see what you think, if they don’t make contact then I’ll leave it as it is, I was just a bit worried it would damage the parts in the slide
  9. I’m pretty sure they touch the slide
  10. So just looked at my glock and that is really smooth on them parts, so I think I’m going to file it down a touch to get it smooth, a bit disappointed with the tm quality everyone raves about
  11. ProPain87

    Tm p226 query

    So I brought a tm p226r last weekend and used it yesterday fresh out the box. I was having issues with the slide sticking, I’d forgot my silicon oil so couldn’t sort it yesterday. I’ve got it out today and took the slide off. It was all pretty dry so I’ve lubed it up, but noticed there was some really rough areas on the metal above the trigger (see pictures) and wondered if it was normal or if should I file them down.
  12. I used to reload my single shot base on the way back to spawn if I could. Not sure how easy the dynatex are to reload tho. The trmr are a bit heavy but are blingy
  13. I’ve got a trmr with a multi shot base, really good bit of kit for hard surfaces but sometimes I wish I had another as you can’t always safely retrieve it and would be handy to throw another or if like at the gaol you die and you haven’t pushed forward enough to retrieve it you have to leave it
  14. I agree. People can and will use the thread to try and make others think their sale is a bargain but then I’d expect others to voice their opinion as I did with you, if they agree or not
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