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  1. when was this? In store or online. if it was in store I might give them a ring and go in
  2. Can’t find any in stock or multi shot bases anywhere. Anyone know what’s happening
  3. my money is on the bucking, a faulty bucking will cause low FPS and shot to shot inconsistencies
  4. Sounds more like a fix than an upgrade. At 190fps you have definitely got an issue somewhere. If the gun is new give the retailer a call or email. They should fix it for free
  5. How bigs fairly big? I’m a big guy, 6ft4 and fluctuate between 20-21st so I know how it is. I found the condor exo plate carrier fits well but since buying it found chest rigs loads better
  6. Nope, unfortunately not. Tried multiple phones and tablets and it works fine with my Titan
  7. I’m having issues with mine, installed it checked sensors everything good, test fired all seemed well, went back in the house to get the chrono, came back out and it stopped working, checked on gcs error: trigger being pulled when battery connected. So I tried to recalibrate but no joy so stripped cleaned the sensors reassembled it same issues but fires intermittent so tried to connect to the gcs to recalibrate but now the usb doesn’t even change colour just stays blue and now it doesn’t fire either. Tried different tablets and phones. USB works fine with my Titan. Waiting on gate to reply to my emails
  8. Skirmshop have pads, why do you need to reduce volume? https://www.skirmshop.nl/en/air-pad-v2-v3-3-16-70d.html
  9. The way I see it, is that you should have to chrono your gun in joules on how your planning on playing, ie on the weight bb, gas, psi your using and the hop set to “roughly” where it needs to be. Any major changes to your gun during the day and it should be re chrono’d. Anyone found to be cheating the system should be banned. sites should be responsible for making sure everyone’s gun is site legal and it’s your personal responsibility to ensure your gun is legal by the law. Obviously all this can be hard to police and there has to be a little trust somewhere. Random chrono checks throughout the day would deter some but others could blatantly lie about bb weights etc. Maybe a wall of shame would deter people from cheating 😂 names and photos of all the people banned from that site and the reason as for the police chronoing our guns, I’m sure they have better things to do really and Airsoft would be outright banned before this would be a regular occurrence
  10. The gaol are pretty good. You have to chrono on the weight you are using and they have some small digital scales to check. You get tagged and your not allowed in the game zone without the tag and last time I was there 90% of the players got chronoed again entering the game zone. They also chrono every pistol now. In my opinion every site should chrono on joules because joule creep is a thing, especially with snipers and hpa. Some snipers can joule creep more than a joule if set up to do so. me personally would rather have a gun that I could use everywhere without being a dick and cheating the chrono using .2s Also from what I’ve heard if you have an air rifle confiscated by the old bill they use a variety of weight pellets to check the power before you can have it back. “If” they ever did chrono an Airsoft gun I’d assume they would do the same 🤷‍♂️
  11. ProPain87


    5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great service ⭐️ Great Prices ⭐️ Cheap Postage ⭐️ Fast Postage ⭐️ Extra Star, just because ⭐️ Will definitely use again and again
  12. Did you disassemble the whole gearbox or just change the spring via the quick change spring guide? *edit* just read the thread properly, answers my question 🤦🏼‍♂️
  13. Few bits from AK2M4 👍👍 Gearbox shell 13:1 gears Rocket HT motor Really impressed with the speed of delivery, ordered Wednesday night 10pm and delivered Friday AM, unfortunately I missed the posty but fortunately I wasn’t in a rush anyway.
  14. As far as I’m aware, tac house only do Sundays
  15. There was a lad from London at bravo one (Birmingham) a few weeks ago. He travelled up on the train
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