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  1. ProPain87

    which small but effective rifle?

    I’d recommend the arp9, only downsides are the high caps are pants so you’ll need a drum mag or go mid caps
  2. ProPain87

    Secutor Gladius holster

    So I went for the holster I mentioned above and for anyone that needs to know, fits perfectly. Goes in and out smooth not noticed any wobble and it hasn't dropped out when I turned it upside down and shook it. Gaming with it tomorrow so will post back how it holds out. also from what I can tell the nuprol version is identical to the asg
  3. ProPain87

    Secutor Gladius holster

    Can anyone recommend a retention holster for a secutor Gladius, about to order this one, https://urbanairsoftuk.com/product/asg-g-model-polymer-retention-holster/# can anyone confirm if it fits or recommend a better one? Thanks
  4. ProPain87

    Looking for a belt

    Be as indelicate as you like I'm not shy in admitting I'm a fat b*stard where i wear my trousers and where I want to wear the belt is 44" and my gut (measured to around my belly) 49" i dont really want a harness as I run a chest rig for my m4 mags and plan on using the belt for everything else im going to use some Velcro on my overalls and belt to stop it moving around if I have problems with that. I like the WAS stuff but can't find any in black so I think I'm going to go with the hsgi
  5. ProPain87

    Looking for a belt

    This is exactly like what I'm after, although I'm not sure if the molle bit is big enough, from what I can work out the belt will fit easily but the molle will only be 35" so that'll leave around 10" in the middle with no molle. Just don't want it to look stupid and have to reach round too far the grab my pistol. The hsgi one looks perfect, a bit more than what I wanted to spend but I'd rather get one I'll be happy with than have to buy it anyway in a few months time
  6. ProPain87

    Looking for a belt

    After some help finding a belt. i want to be able to put on a pistol holster, dump pouch and maybe a utility pouch. i was originally looking at the condor Mille belt but I wear my belts around my hips (under my gut lol) so think it might slip or be uncomfortable. So I'm after a thinner molle belt to put my bits on, it's going over the top of overalls not through trousers. ive found this one https://dzctactical.com/products/cobra-belt-black but would prefer something with two strips of molle so the pouches don't move around too much. Other requirements, big and black lol 42-44" and not too pricey, around £40 Any recommendations?
  7. ProPain87

    Flat hop advice

    Sounds a fair deal, thank you! I'm going to try a few different nubs to see how I get on anyway. Pm me your address and we can sort it out
  8. ProPain87

    Flat hop advice

    Cheers pal I'll give the prommy one a go
  9. ProPain87

    Flat hop advice

    I'm happy to use the prommy one if I have to, which would be better black or blue, flat or curved? Other option is maple leaf nub and bucking
  10. ProPain87

    Flat hop advice

    I'm also struggling to find them in stock anywhere
  11. ProPain87

    Flat hop advice

    I have seen them but a lot of people have said they are not very good when searching other threads and forums
  12. ProPain87

    Flat hop advice

    So I'm planning on doing a flat hop, never done one before but looks quite simple. All the videos and advice say to use a firefly nub but everywhere seems to be out of stock. Does anyone know either where I can get one or a good alternative. I'd rather buy one than make one from an eraser or anything unless the results are massively better. I also don't want to r hop, they seem like so much hassle Cheers
  13. ProPain87

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Got this, this weekend although I didnt buy it. Was a birthday present
  14. ProPain87

    Limited choice on DMR

    http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft/ares-sr25-carbine-efcs-dmr-black.htm#.WYWMUEHTWEc this looks good but a bit more pricey that the g&g. Not sure on quality and the like it's just what google brought up
  15. ProPain87

    ICS CXP-Mars Series

    I think only ics do them other than systema but I could be wrong. Most ics guns are split gear box I think, definitely the more expensive ones anyway.