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  1. Short stroking doesn’t really improve rof, well not by much. The main reason to SS is to bring the FPS down on high speed set ups. You’ll need a strong spring to return the piston before the gear comes back round to engage again. Then shave one tooth off at a time until you get your desired FPS. Also the full cylinder is pointless with a 180 barrel and even more so when you SS
  2. I quite like the look of the new kwa ronin, kind of a hybrid between the vector and a m4, as for performance and specs I have no idea other than what’s written in the description, seems the longer version has recoil and the short doesn’t but don’t hold me to that. Long https://www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk/106-04500-kwa-aeg3-tk-45-aeg3-6mm-10-inch-m-lok Short https://www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk/104-04500-kwa-aeg2-5-tk-45c-aeg-6mm-6-inch-key-mod if the choice is between the vector and the scorpion, I’d personally go for the scorpion if it’s something not so seen on the field I’d definitely go and look at the kwa
  3. Sorry I’ll rephrase, are you looking for stock as01 sears? I can post you mine foc if your stuck until you find something more hard wearing 👍
  4. I had the same issue with my x4 base, lube doesn’t work. Ive since got the multi shot base and have no issues
  5. Rather not give off the wrong impression so I’ll tell you I’m not really interested in the gun at this moment in time but the walks by the river and personal tour of your childhood town sound fab when can I collect 👍😂 (good luck with the sale 👍)
  6. I like Saturdays because it gives me the Sunday to recover before work on Monday but I’m usually busy on Saturdays with family or work as are my mates who I go with
  7. If your on Facebook you could try the owners group, think there’s a g&g rep on there too https://www.facebook.com/groups/1598215640228942/?ref=share
  8. So jealous, i currently only have 3 (sniper rifle, m4, pistol) but my “want” list is huge! Breacher, mp9, mp7, Mp5, scar l, AKM, G36, mk23, 1911, revolvers, the list is pretty endless if I’m honest. I’ll just buy what I can when I can but unfortunately most of the time other things get in the way 😏
  9. My brother has had two cheap e cigs go wrong when charging, one exploded while he was driving along a dual carriageway, hit and cracked the window screen and made a mess of his dash and the other caught fire while charging and set fire to the carpet underneath. He was lucky both incidents didn’t end a lot worse! These were with the cheap ecig pens that you can buy at your local corner shops. Some might say he killed the m14 before the lipo did, I think i would have cried 😂😂
  10. Bet you was gutted, Must have been good to see but wounding at the same time 😂
  11. I’ve not had one fail on me yet, I’ve seen a couple go puffed up and a few of my mates have let them go too low and then not recharge but never seen or heard of anyone of my mates had them explode or catch fire. The only stories you hear online seem to be the really bad examples so that’s why I was intrigued with the poll
  12. With all the stories and scare mongering with lipo batterys I was wondering how many people have actually had a lipo fail and how it failed. If you’ve had one fail please comment on how
  13. Im just no 100% happy with them, I’ve tried the autobot and the decepticon. The decepticon I’ve found more accurate but I’m still not happy so thought I’d try some others
  14. Does anyone recommend any buckings other than maple leafs. I’ve seen the modify tan get a few good reviews so considering one of these, also what type of nub works best with the modify, I’m thinking of using a flat nub with it. It’s going in my ares striker
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