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  1. Youre so mean! ”And I thought Duff was an annoying cunt.. can I have admin rights for 2 mins? Pleeeeeaaassse?“ Wo1f is so mentally broken
  2. Ding dong! Winner! paratrooper tho! If you’re a Jew you must try the IDF The suppressor named angry gun power up makes the vector powerful
  3. Speedsoft ruin the sport wut? if I want to play milsim I will rejoin the military instead lol ok btw my vector is 550fps is dat gud enough for cqb? A-ok dad...
  4. Grown man? I’m just 20 Aaaand at least I did military service for 2years Tac-city but you can’t run and gun q.q
  5. Wo1f is one of the few I’ve ever met that even if you treat him nice,his autism will kick in and take it as insult so there’s no point doing it anyway nor wo1f is so mentally broken he’s only friend with children’s because they’re the only people that’ll give him the time of the day because they don’t know the difference between a retard and normal person. Dude speedsoft is much better than Milsim, and I can aim ay DUDE! HEY DUDE what the heck,DUDE
  6. Its only game game why you heff to be mad? serious stay home kids
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