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  1. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    Team MWS ready for tomorrow. The DMR being VERY special.. but more on that tomorrow night. 385fps on a .20, so there’s more to be squeezed out of it in terms of power.
  2. Wo1f


    It shouldn’t lock back at all if there’s BB’s in the mag. Full auto or otherwise, unless the rack it while pressing the bolt catch to manually do it. Theres only two reasons for it to lock back. On an empty mag where the follower of the mag engages the bolt catch or if you manually press the bolt catch (at the base, not the paddle) and cycle the action
  3. Wo1f


    VFC 417’s often suffered from bolt bounce. When you fire, it would pick up a BB, slam forward to load it, bounce back a touch and try to load a second. A stronger recoil spring, heavier buffer can help with this. With the bolt lock, press it down manually and fire. If it locks then, you might need to shim it slightly so it engages.
  4. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    that looks like it could be a shorter Dytac outer barrel, which has a larger lip that doesn't need an adapter ring. Otherwise you'd find there would be an adapter probably wedged inside of the barrel nut. BY the looks of it, if you keep the outer barrel, any aftermarket rail should bolt straight on. The gas tube will be missing because the gas tube on that barrel looks much closer to the receiver than the normal m4a1 setup. I've no specific rail recommendations, but any AEG rail should bolt straight on. Dytac stuff is nice if you're fitting them once and leaving it. I found their aluminium to be really soft and warp slightly when taking on and off repeatedly. Madbull has the most variety, althought Angry gun have just came out with their mk16 rail. I'm sure they do a 9" version
  5. Wo1f

    Silverback SRS Thread

    no matter what bucking/ nub i seem to use, it seems to be not enough hop, not enough hop, too much hop that it jams the gun. I never get to the point where i get lift.. I bought a pre cut R hop patch, hoping to fix my issue and it was cut badly. I'm gonna send it to somebody with more patience than me.
  6. Wo1f


    To echo above, ive ordered from them a few times. First was a success and its been all downhill from there. Order- pay- get email saying they dont actually have anything- open paypal claim.
  7. Wo1f

    Silverback SRS Thread

    You can have mine. I'm ready to burn the bag of shit.
  8. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    The brass nub works well with most buckings (especially the standard and modify tan) but to get the most out of something like the TR bucking you’re gonna get better results with a long nub because the bucking patch is massive. The problem with that is the hop window doesn’t allow for long nubs like the Prometheus bridged without cutting it down and it’s squishy. All this is pointless though if you’re limited to B.B. weight and joules. The reason you’d change your bucking/nub is if you can’t hop those heavy BB’s. To get more range you use a heavier B.B. and then apply more hop to extend a straight flight. The best setup for a .28 is the SixG brass nub and a standard or modify tan bucking. The brass has no give and puts a touch more pressure on the outside edges of the mound which I found tightens horizontal deviation without BB’s ‘hooking’ that can sometimes occur with concave nubs that aren’t centred perfectly
  9. Wo1f

    THE TM MWS thread

    Increase the B.B. weight and you should see more range
  10. Wo1f

    Could this show airsoft in a bad light?

    My thoughts exactly @clumpyedge
  11. Wo1f

    Nicest M4 AEG you have.

    Not an AEG, but as you’re on about looks..
  12. Wo1f

    Real Steel to Airsoft Conversion

    You’d never get them into the country and converting any firearm part with a serial number or anything pressure bearing is highly illegal. You can’t even mill out a deact to fit a gearbox. You can get steel slides and the lowers on Airsoft guns are as near as makes no difference anyway. Don’t see why you’d want to do this
  13. Wo1f

    What GBB parts usually wear fast?

    As cipher said, depends entirely on the gun. Do you have one in mind?