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    Tokyo marui m4a1 cqbr block 1
    Tokyo marui high capa 4.3
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  1. hi just spoken to my boy and sorry he said 300 with one mag he would like 350 for all

    1. proffrink


      If you click/tap @Bolton.Zippy's name, you can then go to 'Message' and send them a private message. This one is public :)

  2. Hi I'm interested in the mp7.. does it come with original box and is it a standard gun ? Iv got £300 in my saving would you be willing to let it got for that.. thanks
  3. 🤣 can't believe it wolf we didn't even no 🤣 let you no next time I needed someone run with go on my own most days.. Iv not played outdoors for over a year 😲 never played dmr role but like the idea 👍9th and 16th of March outdoors m8.. hopefully c u there
  4. Would of been nice say hello if I'd have known😲..was on no tape team.. Will miss dagger woods in febuary because of work🤬 but will get 2 weekends in March there🤗.. let me no if you go be nice see your dmr in person 😁
  5. 27th evening session wolf. Back tomoz kit sorted ready to roll You there tomoz m8
  6. You'll enjoy. Come say hello will team up with you if you like 👍I'm there tomorrow got withdrawal symptoms 🤣 not been for a few weeks
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    8 marui recoil shock mags mid cap £130 or £17.50 each.. for 516 m4 and scar .UK only


    BOLTON, Please select region, state or province - GB

  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    8 next genomic cap recoil mags for sale used but great condition all 8 for £130 or £17.50 each. postage included uk only


    BOLTON, Uk - GB

  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Excellent condition a little wear on sling mounts.. comes as new in original box.included is 2 point sling 2 Lipo batterys + charger peq box and 8 mid cap mags will also grow in a 4×flip to side magnifier..standard gun no need to upgrade always shot perfect for me.. selling due to moving to gas bbr and don't use any more.. Will do a deal if you just want the gun £400 but with all the extras it's a good price mags are £25 each alone.. any questions please ask..postage to UK only is incuded


    BOLTON, Uk - GB

  10. Aha running I'm no spring chicken 😁 but my mind says yes body says what the hell you doing 🤣 everyone plays at there own pace some run some stealthy.. if you come down and I'm there say hello tell me we've spoke on here and I'll partner up with you and we'll kick arse 👍 that goes for anyone coming to level2 .. I'll be there next on 27th December evening session and 5th of january
  11. Level2 airsoft is a regular site for me best indoor site iv been to.. well ran great setup you won't be disappointed I guarantee They do them3d events like tracer and torches night low lighting.. pistol and shotgun nights aswell
  12. I got the guarder aluminium for £59 from fire support.. just checked them there out of stock right now.. in fact there out of stock on a lot of stuff 🤔.. it went straight on no fitting issues 🤗.. try wolf armouries.. you will be best getting recoil spring and hammer spring 150% upgrade.. Will kick like a mule then 👍
  13. Hi guys had this problem myself it's the plastic slide notch wearing away.. you can dremel it so it's flat edge again.. this will fix but will eventually happen again then it's time for a upgraded slide and excuse for lots of other upgrades lol.. hope this helps This part will be the problem
  14. Hi yes was going for max kick wolf
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