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  1. Panama

    THE TM MWS thread

    Ollie talks Airsoft encountered that very problem with the Guarder ones:
  2. Panama

    THE TM MWS thread

    Adding the link for anyone who didn't see this on Discord:
  3. Hi, I am interested on the pair (2) of the with the OpsCore logo on. Do you know if it is easy enough to pick up just the part that clips on to the headsets easy enough?
  4. I have one of these attached to a SafariLand QLS: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Design-Speedy-Holster-Airsoft-Aisoft/dp/B0116NJQ6S/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=smg+holster&qid=1639057799&sr=8-5 I use the mp7 as a secondary for the sniper load-out and switch the holster between pistol (m4 load-out) and mp7, both on the QLS. This works really well although the above holster is a bit of faff to get the mp7 in to if you are in a hurry.
  5. at that price you could afford a second one and dual wield them 🤣
  6. Panama

    THE TM MWS thread

    Could it be the o-ring that goes on the outside, on the end, of the inner barrel to stabilize it inside the actual outer barrel?
  7. The face mask and eye wear combo looks really clever/interesting, what is it?
  8. Nice job. I was looking at these as they seem a great option to replace the cheap ones I got to see if I was happy running something on my ears all day, which I am. Are you running a mic with these as well?
  9. Welcome to the forum and airsoft, you will love it, it's great fun and a chance to met some really nice people. We just played at Skirmish Billiericay site for the first time this weekend and it's a great site with a good mix of game types and is well marshalled. They also have a great selection of kit and accessories onsite to hire or buy so you shouldn't need to worry about gear for your first game, other than a some decent foot ware with ankle supp if possible? On the whole once the games get going everyone is really friendly and up for in game banter and laughs without taking it all too seriously.
  10. I had a pair of Salomon boots that were very heavily abused in all sorts of weather and walking/climbing and dog walking conditions. No joking, they failed after about 20-25 years after the soles of both boots starting coming away at the same time. Ironically at one of my first couple of airsoft skirmishes last year. Read in to that what you will 😆 I immediately replaced them with another pair of Salomon's, but I haven't worn them in to get them to slipper comfy state yet 😉 Expensive, but awesome boots!
  11. Ollie from Ollie talks airsoft seems to have had loads of issues recently with the Nuprol Razr 0.3g Bio BB's:
  12. I have ordered from them twice now, the most recent being about 2 weeks ago when I ordered a couple of spare mags and a red dot for my TM FNX-45 tactical pistol. Not had any issues everything arrived promptly and I received all the usual order emails and delivery updates.
  13. I must admit I don't get the point of what you have posted? There wasn't a site requirement to use bio's, so therefore and what I think you are implying, I didn't get away with anything. Normal bb's were allowed which is what I used. Had I turned up and they had changed that then I had bio's with me and would have used those.
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