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  1. I am almost 100% sure it is just the trigger unit and the etu/mosfet is OK, maybe not the best and I have been looking at the perun. If it came with a trigger as well I wouldn't have hesitated in buying it. But for now I just want to replace just the trigger unit to get it up and running and then will look to upgrade to a perun later. I have messaged Fire Support - thanks for the heads-up
  2. @colinjallenthank you for the confirmation about the part and shop, much appreciated.
  3. Hi folks, My eldest sons G&G predator is miss firing and I have narrowed it down to the actual trigger unit inside the V2 gearbox (I have the same rif so have been swapping etu/mosfet etc etc) I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get just this unit as the everything else is OK or if there is a better direct replacement option without buying a new mosfet and wiring? I believe this is the correct one, but have no knowledge of the shop: http://www.gearofwar.co.uk/?product=gg-replacement-etu-trigger-unit
  4. I did, sort of. We Played at Gunman airsoft at Tuddenham on Sunday. Not the best sniper area to play in, in the overgrown section, but it was going OK. Unfortunately I had put the larger of the two adjuster dials/wheels that come with the TDC on but found that I was accidentally rotating the wheel whilst using the rifle. This culminated in it being screwed in further than it needed to be for 0.43 bb's and the added pressure showed up my poor job of using epoxy resin to attach it on to the barrel, and the unit popped off 😮 I then played the rest of that game aggressively using my pi
  5. I have the same pistol (metal slide/co2 mags) and completely agree with everything Cr0-Magnon said!
  6. It's sounding really good. I haven't upgraded as much as you have done, but certainly more than I had originally planned to before actually firing a shot in anger at a skirmish, damn Covid Lockdown 😉 This is what I went with: I kept the original trigger set as the reviews I had watched and read said it should be good for FPS up to and around 500fps AAC aluminium piston - for strong spring longevity - ditto AAC stainless spring guide - for strong spring longevity - ditto with can mod to stop spring rattle AAC VSR 10 Hopup unit Kept
  7. I will be following your journey with interest having come to many of the same conclusions you have. I got mine as an Xmas prezzie from the wife as I wanted to step in to tech'ing and have something to work on and upgrade during the lockdown. I followed most of the collective wisdom and experience from others on here with their own sniper journey and having now finished most of the affordable upgrades, I can't wait to try it out for the first time on the 25th. Taking it apart, maintaining and upgrading it has given me a lot of satisfaction, confidence and encouraged me to fiddle with my aeg no
  8. I just signed up with a free account to at least show my intent to UKAPU and I also have two sons (over 18) who both play and will recommend they do likewise. As someone relatively new to the sport and to UKAPU it would be nice if someone (apologies if they already have I missed it) said that in principle, that they (UKAPU) would be willing to represent the sport as a governing body. I would happily up my membership to paid to help facilitate that happening and them having a true voice to represent us all.
  9. Have you read this excellent thread which has lots of useful information and discussions in it? I have followed this and used a lot of the recommendations etc for upgrading my new T10. Definitely worth a read.
  10. Oh its tempting at times, believe me ;-)
  11. Not sure i have the same ptt but I found you need to press the connector into the radio further than you first think it needs to go. Not with excessive force or anything. Hope that helps?
  12. My son placed an order online with then on the 26th Dec and it arrived this morning.
  13. I thought it was about time that I formally said hello to everyone after lurking on here for 5 or 6 months - Hi 👋 My two sons, 22 & 23, and I, 53, got in to this wonderful sport around the middle of last year and absolutely love it. It's one of the very few sports that my youngest has been really enthusiastic about getting in to and playing, so really great for all 3 of us to do this together. We have managed to get around several sites around Essex/Suffolk but looking forward to Covid being a thing of the past and getting out there, playing regularly and enjoying a
  14. Not Black Friday specific and someone else spotted and mentioned it in another thread: https://www.battleairsoft.co.uk/deal-of-the-day
  15. My sons and I all bought predators about 4 months ago and all use the same nuprol 11.1 1450mah 3 stick lipos. We have played quite a few one day skirmishes. 2 of us are fairly conservative and use single and 3 burst shots. The other is a full auto monster. The batteries have lasted us all a full day without any issues. So it would appear to be the same battery. Maybe you have a duff one? Perhaps contact the shop where you bought it and ask their advice?
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