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  1. I'm happy with it, no parallax, feels good to me. And I'm not trying to grow any sort of social media presence lmao
  2. Sounds good! Probably won't be until next month, gonna stay relatively local for the time being, it's getting around that time of year 😂
  3. A great read, I could hardly pull away! Really enjoyed the pictures you added to the post as well, I'll definitely be stalking that website now 👀
  4. Finally got a good Eotech clone, so now I've finished my HK416A5 build. I'll maybe get the PPT X3 Magnifier Flip-To-Side, considering the current Magnifier I have is a X5 magnification.
  5. I picked this up thinking of all the cons of an Eotech clone (Seeing your own reflection when light is behind you in a dark area, horrible parallax etc) and was pleasantly surprised when this sight had none of those downsides! The XTO seems to have little to no parallax and it has a mirrored finish on the front glass, but you don't see your reflection if you're in a dark area and have a light source behind you. I paired this up with Vector Optics' x5 Flip-to-side Magnifier and have encountered no reticle ghosting, nor any distorted image when looking through the lens, it's crystal clear. The buttons function as normal, with pressing the up and down buttons simultaneously turning off the optic, pressing the up button turning it on, up and down changes the brightness of the reticle, and the NV button turning the reticle from red to green and vice versa. The optic also has working elevation and windage controls on the right side of the metal outer shell. It also uses a CR123A battery, the same as the real steel. I'd been looking for a good, or even usable Eotech clone for quite a while, and I never saw anyone reviewing this sight on the website, the only 2 video reviews being on YouTube. Here's some footage of the parallax from one of the reviews, in case you're wondering. Here's a link to the XTO on Patrol Base and here's a link to Vector Optics' 5x Flip-To-Side Magnifier, again, on Patrol Base. I highly recommend this holo sight and magnifier pairing! Here's a picture of my VFC HK416A5 with both the XTO and Magnifier installed:
  6. Yes, I was going by the most popular method, being UKARA. True, however this law doesn't apply to "gifts". To have a UKARA membership is to have a valid defence, ie proof you're planning on using it for airsoft and nothing else. However, for private owners, so long as you're gifting the firearm, it is not against the law, which is what I was referring to in relation to OP's original post. OP should be fine to send the RIF to his friend legally, so long as nothing was exchanged in return for said gift.
  7. Gun-related deaths did drastically lower, as did overall gun crime. Also, I was told the majority of people were slightly annoyed at handing in their firearms, but they agreed that school shootings should never happen again.
  8. As an ex-serviceman, stolen valour genuinely doesn't bother me, nor the people I know, unless they're trying to get something out of it/expect something. The amount of times I've seen a walt in pubs chatting up women is uncountable, and every time me and my friends just laugh at him at our table because at the end of the day, it's not really harming anyone, and they're not disrespecting those who do/did serve. The only time I can understand a serviceman going off on a stolen valour is if one of their friends was KIA, in which case ol' walty's gonna be in for a rude awakening. But rocking a patch in airsoft? I couldn't see that as being disrespectful. If anything they're only showing their support by rocking a unit patch, or they're making a tit of themself, depending on the player.
  9. To add on to the other lads, the law states it's illegal to sell an RIF to someone without a UKARA membership. This means no goods or currency can be exchanged as payment for the RIF. If you're gifting the RIF to your friend, with nothing being exchanged in return, then it's perfectly legal.
  10. I'm using the Feyachi RDS-25 and the Vector Optics 5x Flip to Side Magnifier (The 3x was out of stock rip).
  11. My rds' riser is slightly too tall for the rds to be perfectly level with the magnifier, so I've ordered a slightly shorter one in the meantime. As for holding a zero, it's held up surprisingly well. I had to adjust the magnifier so that the rds' reticle was in the centre of the optic, and it's been fine since then. Both the red dot and the magnifier is rated for actual firearms, so it's very nice.
  12. I'll need to find a CTR stock, any ideas/websites? I'm using the Viper Tactical VX Sling.
  13. My Umarex HK416A5 w/ suppressor, angled foregrip, PEQ-15, 5mm polycarbonate sight protector, Feyachi RDS-25, Vector Optics 5x flip-to-side Magnifier, PTS EPM Mag and genuine Magpul MOE Stock. Also using a Viper Tactical VX Sling. Got somerubber rail protectors, to make it more comfortable to hold. The internals were upgraded primarily for longevity, with a new inner barrel for a slight range boost. Here are my upgrades: ORGA LEX05 6.05mm inner barrel – 275mm Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Packing – Soft Firefly Namazu Flat Hop – Hard Air Pad v2/v3 3/16” 70D I also cleaned up and shimmed the gearbox. Fair to say I'm happy with it!
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