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  1. As previously mentioned, this image from the potato computer archive doesn't show poor weapons handling or safety. He has eyepro on, mags out, battery is unknown. He could of dropped it muzzle end in the dirt and is checking its clear. His eyes not even in line with the barrel.

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    This was one of those slap the forehead moments...I bought the wrong type. As I was so keen to fit it I ripped open the packet and that's when it dawned upon me how I made the error. It is as new, merely opened. This is KEYMOD, not M-LOK. It is aluminium, CNC'd and comes with the screws and Allen key for installation. This exact item can be purchased new for £15.99 so I would be selling this for £12 posted, including PayPal fees, sent via Royal Mail 2nd class signed for.


    penrith - GB

  3. I can only recommend LOWA zephyr and AKU pilgrims for lighter work as these are boots that I've had. The Lowa's beating the Aku's in both comfort and performance however. Ive had lots of other lowa's and other brands but they were more winter/mountain boots and not what id recommend for airsoft purposes.
  4. if you search on yewtoob there you'll find a potty mouthed (s)punk rock type chap who has created a rather brilliantly informative video based purely on the question you ask. Even if you don't follow his recommendations its a laugh to watch. He's an absolute UNT©️.
  5. Woh, didn't expect this thread to go on for so long and we've not even got onto rubber knives yet......🤣
  6. There are some ok ideas but I think my ideas of a secure/policed storage of all RIFS maybe the only way IF it comes to it. Criminals cannot get around these ideas unless the airsoft site owners storage is burgled of course. Ban TWO TONES (they can be sprayed black after all right?) as they can be purchased with anyone age permitting and use a more secure sale process (like a registered database, similar to Airsnipers point) rather than the current system. I would be happy to hand my RIFS into a RIF armoury/police station before a game and straight afterwards. As for maintenance I would expect the sites to conjure up a facility where secure maintenance can be carried out under supervision of some sort. Realistically of course the police won't want anything to do with it and they're overstretched as they are so this would need to arranged through UKARA, parliament and the brilliant airsoft sites throughout the UK. But if im honest non of the above would would be approved due to the financial implications, it would be easier for MP's to vote on simply banning them and therefore eradicating the problem. To deter these muppets it would take an officer to actually shoot one. To most criminals, ten years means 5 years playing COD in a warm cosy bed whilst learning new methods to carry out unlawful acts upon their release (I don't mean to generalise so apologies if it come across this way). I like your ideas regarding moving the sales and ownership of a RIF to almost mirror that of an actual firearm in the uk. I really hope this is the last time I see this kind of thing in the mainstream media or I may sell up before the ban is made public (we won't be given any warning or reimbursement for all of our toys etc). Hmmm the freedom of information act....I wonder how many RIF incidents there has been each year for the past decade? is it linear or on a progressive surge? I might look into this if I get the time.
  7. https://news.sky.com/story/west-midlands-police-officer-says-he-feared-for-his-life-as-suspect-pointed-gun-in-his-face-12411074 These incidents have become more frequent and I feel that it will not be long before parliamentary steps are taken get RIFs off our streets. I wonder what UKARA are doing to try to reduce the fate of this hobby. Maybe we should keep our RIFs locked up on our local sites or our local police station...
  8. Pretty sure lee wade from 6mm long range airsoft group (fb) has made 'lob' shots close to 150m with his tanaka. Yes he's above 1j but I imagine if anyone's perusing the longest shot for an airsoft rif it's someone on his group, whether they are in the UK or overseas.
  9. Exactly the same here. If any players ask why I have it I might start telling them I'm the "god mode police" or that I enjoy recording people that ask pointless questions.
  10. As well as the above valid point by @Cannonfodder, you cannot breach these rules. You'll just have to attend 3 games over a period greater than 56 days (which goes by very quickly). On another note by the time you gain your ukara number hopefully the UK retailers will be able to offer a greater stock list of options for you.
  11. Yeah crack on its fine. Try to ignore thoughts of what others may think of you. If you want to video your game play then crack on and have fun.
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