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  1. Bada Bing

    THE TM MWS thread

    Hi Rob! Thanks buddy. lol, I get the blame for everything! I’m sorry to hear that you’re poor now though. Try to stay warm this winter. 😜 Damn, I miss Mr Nugent. He had such a valuable resource of information.
  2. Bada Bing

    THE TM MWS thread

    Mr M***s, how the devil are you? I was planning to do it next month. But might have some scheduling conflicts with another freebie, lol. So it might be January. Yes indeed. Hi bud, thanks!! Did you get the MP5?
  3. Bada Bing

    THE TM MWS thread

    This is completely normal. Mines really mushed in at this point but still cycles fine.
  4. I’ve done brief tests with the G19, HK45 and USP9 full size in the snow and they all completed a magazine and lock on empty. Here’s a little video I put together from last winter. Ultimately if you keep your magazines warm, they should be alright.

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  6. Bada Bing

    THE TM MWS thread

    A hack saw would do it. Although, like some people have done, I’ve been looking at using shortened tubes to gain a little more gas storage without having to worry about overfilling the magazines.
  7. You’re welcome. It wasn’t for sale for very long, I decided to list it at a cheap price. I sold it for £500 and that included 3 magazines and a bunch of parts/accessories. If you don’t get a interest from the Airsoft community, try selling it as a collectors piece. There’s a market for quality replicas. The GHK AR-15 mags all give equal performance, of course the CO2 version will give you a lot more ooompff. Their GMAG’s are probably the best as they are the lightest out of all their GBB M4 mags. Their G5 mags are still great and you may be able to find them cheaper. Downside is they’re a lot heavier than GMAG’s.
  8. I’m not sure how far you could take the INO. Whether it can be made to be a reliable GBBR. But I can definitely say that the odds are stacked dangerously against you. The valve striker is horribly designed and because of the heavy weight BCG you need gas as powerful as CO2 to drive the action reliably. Green gas is not recommended. So if you use gas like CO2, and if your magazines could actually withstand CO2 (which they can’t), you might need a stronger hammer spring to punch those magazine valves. When a high pressure gas like that is kept in those magazines it makes the valves increasingly difficult to activate, thus the stronger hammer spring. ‘The side effect is that INO’s valve striker will remain protruding into the magwell if the hammer is not cocked. On a GBBR made by TM, Viper Tech or GHK, their Valve strikers hinge upwards if a magazine is inserted when the hammer is not primed. The INO’s do not feature this design and instead they have a linear travel/retractable striker which is kept out of the magwell with a spring. A spring which is just strong enough to push back up against the hammer and stops it from being forced back in harms way. A stronger hammer spring will override that small spring and this could be damaged if a magazine is forced into the receiver. You would only be able to insert a magazine if it’s been charged. Furthermore the hop up chamber is poorly designed and require a complete barrel disassembly to adjust. G&P WA hops were a common upgrade, and this enabled quicker adjustment via the hole under the lower rail panel. As as I mentioned earlier the nozzle guides were prone to breaking and finding the spare parts was very difficult at the time. This and many other reasons which contributed to the Inokatsu’s downfall. It was just too expensive for a fancy replica with no skirmishability. You could pour money into it but it is better that you don’t. Around 2013, I saw that GHK were to be releasing an M4 and as soon as I saw that on the horizon I put my INO up for sale. Now I own their Version 2 M4 and I couldn’t be happier. It’s not as well comstructed/finished as the Inokatsu but it has the feel and realistic features that it had, but it works. And it works very very well. Check out the review I made of the GHK:
  9. Do you have the weight installed in the back of the bolt carrier? Those older type WA pattern magazines aren’t known for their efficiency and any added weight to the BC is going to negatively effect the gas efficiency. Towards the end of the magazine it’s running low on gas and cannot drive the working parts back far enough for the nozzle spring to return the nozzle back to the bolt. That maybe why it’s shooting but not returning the nozzle. The bb ejecting from the chamber is probably due to the damage to the rubber that you spoke of earlier. At the end of the day, the Inokatsu M4’s are not very reliable, I’m sorry to say. While they have near perfect externals and build quality, they are replicas that just happen to fire bbs. I owned one for a couple of years and it only managed half a day on the field in all that time. They don’t produce them anymore, as far as I know. Viper Tech was somewhat related to them and they are still going. Perhaps it can share parts like the Bolt Carrier if you require it, although you’d have to email them to double check. Viper Tech now use a dual o ring nozzle which greatly helps it cycle the heavy bolt more than the single o ring design. It might be worth sending an email to them asking about the compatibility. GHK magazines would be better than the G&P ones purely for the better gas system, however the INO’s were always a bit fussy with what mags they took. They might not be compatible.
  10. I leave my gas at the safe zone. Even on extended milsim games, I’ll leave that stuff at a base and I usually carry 4 or 5 rifle mags with me, plus 4 pistol mags.
  11. Thanks for the upload. General operation looks okay to me, no bolt bounce at all and it looks very positive. The nozzle staying in the chamber a couple of moments longer is normal. What bbs are using? And what magazine? The last shot on the second video, was that the last bb from the magazine attempting to be chambered, or was that bb ejected from the chamber?
  12. Before you buy new parts you need to find out why it’s failing. If you are getting bb jams and gas venting it might be due to bolt bounce. If you film the shooting action in slow motion you can see what it’s doing as it’s firing. Like this: https://youtu.be/p9Xx6bmSdBI Bolt bounce induced double feeds and then jammed up, the following shot vents the gas.
  13. The Inokatsu nozzles weren’t that great. They had tendency to rip the base off, despite them being aluminium. The nozzle guide was another weak point. You can find that on the left side of the bolt carrier. If that’s broken, your nozzle can be off centre and cause problems you describe.
  14. You’re very welcome. I wish there was more info I could pass on but you are very limited with what you can do with it. I modified the stock plate to accept the TM K-PDW stock and used it as a backup, folding the stock over my PC cummerbund..lol. Such fun! I’ve always wanted another gas MP5k, the WE Apache K is calling to me. Their gbb MP5’s are great.
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