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  1. It’s about time someone decided to produce full sized GBB Uzi’s. It’ll give those MP7 and MP9 users something to look up to. 😂
  2. TM M4 GBBR, no substitutes. Although the WE G36..what an amazing system that is. It’s almost 10 years old and it continues to rock. It’s also super affordable and magazines (while chonky) are widely available...unlike the TM.
  3. Still having nightmares about Airsoft Dynamics. 🥺 Firefight Woodland site (in Reading iirc) was wonderful. Apart from the ascent up the hill in the morning. Good times.
  4. Michael Scott is my spirit animal 😆 And your video has taken me to a place I’ve never been before. Glad you’re loving the MTR-16!
  5. Sorry mate, it’s gone. Although I have their latest A5 that I may end up selling at some point.... Well, maybe. I’ll see how I get on with it 😂
  6. Spot-on description. There’s not much to go wrong, I weigh my cans before and after so I know how much I’ve filled. Nowadays I think the hardest thing is to find cans which allow you to refill the gas. Coleman and many other brands don’t allow them to be replenished anymore.
  7. Looks like the nozzle return spring has dislodged and got mangled. I’m not sure if it has dual springs or not. Looks like it is if you’re holding the nozzle down, it might run on just one spring until you pick up a spare....or send it back to complain....although that might be not be possible as Strykerles says.
  8. It goes behind the buffer spring at the back of the buffer tube and creates extra spring tension for quicker semi auto shots, all while not eliminating any travel of the working parts themselves. The buffer can still pass through it. This newer design is said to further improve the plastic buffers longevity. I have been very fortunate and one is being sent to me courtesy of Dave from SixG. I received the previous version makes it a little more snappier, it was no slouch to begin with lol!
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi all,This is the 2019 VFC MP5 SD3 GBB SMG and it is their improved version 2 model. I bought this to review on my YouTube channel, and it has only been used at home and in the garden. This is the Asia Edition and to this day Version 2 MP5’s from VFC are NOT commercially available in this part of the world yet, so it stands as one of the few that have made it over here.Their V2 system is highly gassed and to combat the high output of this SMG I’ve installed the FG airsoft restrictor disc into the nozzle. This pulls back the reins to a gentle CQB friendly FPS of 320-330.Even with the downgraded/restricted gas system it hasn’t killed off the incredible performance and can empty multiple magazines to a single charge (gas/temperature/intensity dependent)It comes boxed with:2x 30rd V2 magazines (gas tight)ManualHop up toolI’m only selling it due to needing room for new projects.I’d like to keep it but I cannot afford to. Shooting video: https://youtu.be/n5adj7ybTlg Detailed flyover: https://imgur.com/a/iPK0zhJ I’m looking for £350 posted to your door.No swaps or splits.Thanks for looking


  10. I disassembled the MP5 late last night and the rubber plug has disappeared into oblivion. It must be somewhere on my desk among my tools etc... When I get time I’ll check the FPS and see how she runs. Yes, forgot to mention it’s the 2019 Version 2.
  11. I might be tempted to offload my SD3, just FYI 😉
  12. I’m surprised they got back to you. To be fair to them they got their V2 system tuned to perfection. It’s sooo good.
  13. Righto I removed mine just to see and it works like normal. Although I haven’t tested the FPS.
  14. Hmmm. Do you have the V1 or V2 SD?
  15. I read somewhere that on the older gen VFC it worked as a gas cutoff lever. The V2 disabled this feature and it saved gas. Aside from that I never put much thought into it.
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