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  1. I've got a bit of Clooney going on... so yeah still a div... 🤣 I've just googled that I5... Damn it's not cheap but a small price to pay for full pearly white protection... I've a custom-made carbon fibre face mask... It's bit scary looking but hell it will stop almost anything... So going back to the op, definitely invest in a proper face mask until you're confident to roll in shooting glasses and a shemagh....
  2. Ohhhhhhh like like like... I want one! Seriously when I first started playing I was told to get a paintball mask similar to the above design... I wore it a few times and then I realised what a right div I looked like and also how easy it was for people to shoot you as for one you couldn't hear Jack and secondly my head size increased like 2 fold lol But still for newbies, a lower mesh face protection is recommended. A viper mask will do for about £15 if that....
  3. As a rental you'll be given a full face mesh mask I guess and look like a robot... going forward get a lower face protection too so that if you do get hit in the lower face or cheeks it won't hurt. Trust me a bb in the cheek f'in hurts! A good eye pro is essential. The question is which brand? I use ESS and Bolle X800i googles. Yeah you look as though you're skiing or snow boarding but so what...:)
  4. Also, mosfetts seem to be the rage these days if I'm not mistaken... it's all down to trigger response and active braking and all sorts of jargon that I think wtf does that mean and do....and then you think do you really need that in a aeg... But then I think of my Systema with it's hairline trigger response and 3 round burst and it all makes sense..... now I want to Titan the living daylights out of my guns..... well just two maybe three of them... I remember buying a whole shed load of Prommy parts from hobbyasia (or whatever it was called at the time) and paying nigh on $200 USD. I thought I was bonkers at the time but I just had this thing in my head of wanting to achieve 350fps with my Marui. Now I look at the price of the same parts and can't believe the prices..... I mean £30 odd quid for an air nozzle!!!
  5. Erm.... about 7 years for me.... at the time when I was playing there were no HK variants around and until recently when I got back into the scene all I saw were these HK variants and of course compounded by Seal Team on Sky didn't help matters. So what did I do? I got my grubby mitts on a HK417. I honestly didn't need it... Just wanted it... Incidentally back in the old days (lol) when LIPOS were first coming onto the scene, barely, I bought an eagle6 limited edition 7.4v 3200mah Lipo for my SOPMOD.... only cost me £119.99!!!! I kid you not! Lipo's back in them days were stupidly stupidly expensive!
  6. Thanks guys.... at least this will allow me to adapt my game style during the day... Now onto the next crucial step which will be changing out the stock spring..... however, the buffer tube nut is bigger than a M4/AR15 variant nut and I'll need a new spanner.... And can I get hold of one? Hell no!... out of stock everywhere!
  7. Fcuk me! This thing is huge. Look at the size of it fellas! On top is the Recoil SOCOM just to give perspective. The 417 is solid... It weighs about 4.5kg according to the front of the box... I fcukin love it!!!
  8. Being the new guy on the block I apolitically apologise most reservedly for taking this thread off-topic and making you 'all talk like sensible airsofters' 😎 But ODIN > I never knew. the sidewinder existed until recently and to get a legit one seems like damn impossible. Sadly in the Far East patents aren't worth Jack unless its Lego aka the Lepin debate. It's always gonna be difficult for a small business owner to go up against the bigger machine as their great ideas will get pinched by the corporate giants who have the capacity to quickly produce knock-offs cheaply and hence corner the market.
  9. I thought Donald Trump was the only one with a knock-off tan? 🤣
  10. Based on your logic and using that example as an example it's actually a fair price for the whole package.. ideally you'd be looking at no more than 60% value for a used AEG (dependant on age/use) I hazard to guess. Oh and I expect upgrades are only worth something if you as the buyer want them and deem them worthy... If you spend £600 kitting out your new AEG with superpower type upgrades and then expect a 2nd hand buyer to pay say £400 for them I think your expectation will be ill founded. It's just coincidence that advert turned up in the classified lol
  11. Why are used TM recoils so expensive... more so the HK variants? For example a used Delta say 1 one year old which has had say 40 mags through it with a mozzie still commands around £500'ish. I mean the gun is new for around £565 and granted a mozzie could set you back £120 -150 if you go for a titan advanced that is.... What gives?
  12. Update: I've gone 417... now to stick a M95 in when I get it...but that's all... gonna be the first gun I don't go bonkers with upgrades I think..
  13. Hi folks, Ok, I took apart a recoil PTS EPM mag to clean it as the bb's kept getting jammed... And when I popped out the spring and separated both halves of the inner mag a square nut fell out! I can't figure out where the damn thing goes... Any ideas? Update: Erm total blonde moment... it was the nut into which the base plate screw screws into lol.... I thought I was screwed earlier 😂
  14. Yeah, it's probably a block of flats now... but damn it was a great place for CQB. That basement was well scary and I swear it was rat infested lol
  15. That's the one.... what ever happened to it?
  16. I used to play at an indoor site in Leicester years ago. It was a three story site with a dark basement, a ground floor which was the size of a football pitch and the 1st floor which were offices. I remember once running out of the basement up some stairs shooting in the direction I was facing but running backwards... then wallop. I turned snd smacked straight into a wooden wall/barrier. I went flying in that I bounced off the wall... however I didn't drop my gun lol... A Marshall came running over to see if I was ok and then asked if I had signed the waiver form lol... It was one of the best CQB sites I've ever played at... and the basement.... yikes... dark, wet, a few light bulbs pure heart thumping game play...
  17. Get a dremmel with a sanding stone and finish it off. The some JB weld and paint it.. Best thing is to use some magpul xtm covers though if you can...
  18. Oh crikey that threesome brings back memories! I seriously had all three at one point 😂
  19. Oh I can write a whole essay on those.... Get the one you really really fancy... you don't want to be going out onto the field with a ford fiesta do you? Mind you I'm one to talk as I can't make my mind up with another brand lol
  20. That's valid point. I'm the same height and I don't mind heavy guns. My systema weighs a bloody tonne and I don't mind karting that around, but it's a small form factor so easy to use and sling around. I guess it's different when the weight is distributed up front so it will get a tad tiring to run around I expect. Solution bipod and dry ground to lay on! And no I'm not getting down in the wet.... Re the cylinder the 417 will use a type D vented cylinder on a 300mm inner barrel. A longer barrel at 407mm will need a type B. I do have a spare unvented pommy type A laying around somewhere though...
  21. Which one do you prefer? I'm kinda swaying towards the 417 too... I think... just need a good shove to make my mind up I think...
  22. To be honest I really had no plans to make DMR... I like the look of both as they both ally to different styles of play. I already own 2 CQBR and the SOCOM. Hell I've even got a sniper springer laying around which I've totally forgotten about. If I stick a longer barrel, and shove a m100 into it and a firefly hop setup then I should get a better effective range I expect.. No other upgrades.
  23. They don't make them like they used to that's for sure! I have quite a few of the old early 80's Hasbro ones... there's a falcon still boxed and the electronic X-Wing with all the sounds... it's priceless, well to me it is... Let's not even start talking about Lego or Hot Toys.....
  24. I've just seen this video of some french chap using one... he's is standard from what I can tell... and the range! it seems pretty good for a 290fps stock Marui?
  25. Oh I'm a how can I put it a big/real StarWars fan... mind you many people are I expect. I strictly OT though.. you can't beat Ep4,5 and 6 period... oh Rouge 1 too... those are by far the better movies..
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