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    Brand new, only removed from box for pictures. Includes everything pictured other then the blue blanket, obviously. Price includes uk postage and PayPal fees. Discount if you'd like to collect from Dover.


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  2. That was my regular site and where I had my first game. They have been shut down to the public for a little while now as the land owner died (I believe) and his son wants to do other things with the land. So that's that. The guys that ran the place are now running milsims at imperium last I heard.
  3. Wow, that's a really interesting and cool product. Before my time of course but I can clearly see how It would have revolutionised paintball. For my own use I'm looking at one of these pouches from onetigris but stock seems to be non existent.
  4. After reading Tommikkas very good post I think that's exactly what I'm going to, at least for a while. I have a spare cartridge so I'll just pick up some kind of bulb carrier and just refill as required. Thanks lads.
  5. Hi Guys, let me pick your brains. I have just bought myself a tippmann Omega PV with the co2 stock, For anyone unfamiliar with these Rifs they are powered using a canister that holds 2x12g co2 bulbs that is fitted into the stock, giving you a kind of self contained hpa setup without the need for a bulky tank and/or hose. Now, my only issue with these is the canisters, 24g of co2 seems low given the potential capacity. My understanding of co2 is that at room temp and over 850psi any gas will condense into a liquid and when the pressure drops the liquid vaporizes bringing the psi back up. So, as I understand it it should be possible to fill one of these right up for twice or three times the rounds before refilling. My question for the forum is how can this best be achieved? Dry ice? Tapping the tank? Back filling the valve? Any suggestions welcome, Thanks.
  6. Zigey

    Gate Warfet Mosfet

    Does this come with the necessary programming card? Thanks
  7. We went in the height of summer in the pre disease times when ground was dry however everyone got covered in these stubborn spikey seed balls that infest the place. Still finding them in my gear... Ps, Most got heat stroke aswell as there is almost no shade. Still love the place however.
  8. Myself and my team are going to be at imperium, the guys are very eager to get back into it. Even if it is going to be a mudbath!
  9. Thanks for your wisdom Duck, I highly doubt my spring idea will work (otherwise it would have been done already) but I can't leave well enough alone. 😂 The sorbo pad topped with neoprene sounds like a winner, ill pick up some for when I come to my senses and drop the spring idea. 👍
  10. I've seen those and I don't know how effective they are but I like the idea behind the tech, my cylinder head is asymmetric so these "airbrake" heads won't work. As for a silicone pad I think they could behave strangely with the uneven loading. I have a spare gearbox so I think I will have a bit of an experiment.
  11. I agree with both of you, however I think the issues you have listed can be overcome. As to the "but why?..." I can only really say science. I started thinking about this because the piston slap I'm dealing with is exceptionally violent and I want to spread out some of the forces with the aim of longevity. Any conical spring would have to be compressed flat by the resting force of the main spring (sp100 is about 25 N/mm)to avoid AOE problems, this could potentially mean that any brakeing force provided would be so negligible as to be pointless.
  12. The way I imagine affixing it is to remove the rubber pad on the inside of the cylinder head and have the OD of the base of the spring sized so it gives a nice pressure fit with a few drops of hot glue just to be secure. It's only ever going to be pushed back into the cylinder head so if installed correctly I don't see it coming loose, however if it did the worst that could happen as I imagine it is the piston not resetting correctly causing the teeth being chewed up and possibly a scratched up cylinder. It is the kind of simple idea that someone must have come up with before but Im not seeing anything on Google.
  13. Right, I'm well aware I'm opening myself up for ridicule for this but has anyone heard of useing a conical spring in the inside of an aeg cylinder head in an effort to slow the piston down and reduce the smacking sound? The springs themselves come in just about any configuration you like and some can be compressed flat. I welcome any experiences/ideas/insults.
  14. I have installed a Maxx Pro hopunit with tracer in my g&g l85 Afv, as Trixxeo pointed out the standard nozzle is the wrong length for reliable feeding so I bought one of Maxx's adjustable nozzles. Other then the nozzle mismatch I had no issues with installation and shes both beauty & beast now. 👍
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