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  1. I just use NUPROL STANAG 30/140rnd Adjustable Mid-Caps, they are cheap, cheerful and yet to give me any problems. I did get a lemon where the outer shell was slightly oversized but at less then a tenner each I'm not gonna kick up a stink. I'd recommend getting one more then you need however, just in case.
  2. Perhaps I can share my experience. I have a G&G l85 Afv variant as my primary. I've found the maximum size it can accommodate is a 11.1V 2600mAh LiPO Battery Cranestock from Vapex. Its a bit puzzle getting it together (2cells under the barrel one over) and I'd not want to be forced to change it in a rush or in the dark but because its such a large battery I've not had too change it during even multiple day milsim. As for removing the blowback it's simple and easy, there is a sliding catch thing on the upper gearbox, remove one screw and it slides right
  3. What sight is that?
  4. Zigey

    Sionyx aurora sport

    You can buy a brand new one of these for £450 fyi.
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