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  1. Ha! Me too 🙂 So far done one Sunday session at the Invasion CQB site and loved it. Nice bunch of people and that old mill building is great as a venue. Probably heading down there this Sunday...
  2. Thanks Dave. That's ideal, as I plan to stick with the standard TM hop rubber. Unrelated… and a question for anyone here… but what’s the deal with the reinforced nozzles? I see them cropping up in people’s “look at all this stuff I’m going to install!” photos. But they don’t seem to get a mention anywhere in the discussion. Are they a worthwhile upgrade, maybe for running red gas? Or are people just installing them for ‘completeness’? Speaking of which, here’s how I plan to modify the internals of my own MWS. I’m going to be running it on green gas (with modded mags) and want a good balance between performance and durability. If any of these parts seem redundant / not worth installing - or if any useful parts are missing from the list (?) - then please let me know. Thanks guys 👍 Angry Gun Super Recoil Buffer kit (High Speed) DP Aluminium Lightweight Bolt Carrier Angry Gun Steel Bolt Stop Plate DP Enhanced Nozzle Spring Set UAC Enhanced Sealing Buffer UAC Match Trigger WIITECH Hardened Steel Trigger Disconnector SixG Super Nub (with standard TM hop-up rubber)
  3. ^ Thanks Dave, that’s a very clear and useful explanation 👍 So the best option, in terms of overall durability/longevity, would be to stick with the standard Tokyo Marui bucking in the MWS. I assume your brass Super Nub also works fine with the TM rubber?
  4. Hmm, thanks... that fits with some similar experiences I’d read about elsewhere (early failure of this particular rubber). Out of interest, what weight of BB were you using and what type of gas? Wow, that’s more frequent than I’d expected! When I first ran a GBB (few years ago) I don’t think I ever changed the hop rubber once... which may explain why my aim was so bad 🙂 Definitely need to improve on my maintenance regime, it seems...
  5. Question: how durable is the often-recommended Modify (Tan) Hop Up Bucking? Reason I ask is because I'm reading mixed reports about them in various reviews and on forums (including some mentions in this thread of them failing much earlier than expected). So does the Modify Tan suffer from QA issues that make it prone to failure? Those of you use this bucking: how often are you having to replace it on average? (perhaps you've never had to replace it...). Interested to hear some first-hand experience from folks here. Partly because I trust you guys! (I'm a fool, I know). And also because I'm aware that problems tend to get over-reported in online product reviews, so those I've read might not be giving the most balanced picture. Cheers for any input on this 🍺
  6. Used to own a few vintage Triumphs and other decaying money-pits-on-wheels (loved 'em though). Then had kids and bought a more sensible KIA Ceed which never seems to require any work doing to it. Phenomenally reliable car. Although I have undoubtedly just jinxed it and will probably arrive home to find it in flames on the driveway. For my daily commute I cycle... 20 mile round trip each day, all weathers... which helps to keep the pies and pints off my waistline. A bit.
  7. Ah. Yes indeed, cheers for the correction... Patrol Base are in Huddersfield (which is more local to me). Both starting with an 'H' and it's been a long week! 😁
  8. Just realised that Skunk Works Airsoft are local to me (based in Oldham) and seem to have a very good rep. I'm going to contact them for an initial recce.
  9. ^ That's useful to know, thanks for the heads-up 👍 I'll do some digging on those reviews... UPDATE: found this thread, which doesn't fill me with confidence!
  10. Anyone know a good Tokyo Marui-savvy tech in the North West (ideally driving distance from Manchester)? Required for fitting upgraded parts to a MWS M4 GBBR. Options I’ve found are: Airsoft Engenuity (at least he sounds local from his YouTube vids! Seems to do great work but not sure if still trading). Airsoft Repair Atherton (looks legit but can’t find any reviews...). Patrolbase (big name store based nearby in Hull and apparently do repairs/tech work). I’m veering towards Patrolbase as they seem like a safe pair of hands, but would always rather hand over my money to a ‘conscientious’ small business if possible (being one myself 🙂). Recommendations welcome. Thanks. - Paul -
  11. I have no military experience but grew up in Hereford and know some guys there who are currently serving (pretty much everyone in the villages knows someone in the SF). General consensus from talking down the pub about media success of ex-SF is that they're not bothered / wish them well, etc... providing there's no bull**** involved. What really winds up the SF guys I know is people who exaggerate their experiences for the sake of selling books, or whatever. To clarify: this relates to conversations I've had long before Ant Middleton and co., so I can't comment on opinions of him and the recent 'crop' of ex-forces celebrities. That said, I think disdain of bull*****ers extends to all corners of life, to be fair, and isn't unique to this topic by any stretch. Like I said, this is all second-hand opinion but it's what I've heard. I can also verify that they like to take the p*** out of Bear Grylls, but that's another topic 🙂
  12. Interesting thread. I have some experience with real firearms - shotgun shooting in the UK - but that’s a completely different ball game to airsoft. Or rifle game. Whatever. Not really comparable. For anyone familiar with martial arts, I think this discussion a bit like asking: “Can katas translate to real fighting skills?” Katas being sequences of attack/defence moves performed in sequence. In that context, sure there is some cross-over and benefit in practicising a kata. It can greatly improve your posture, technique, flow/movement, etc. In the same way, I imagine that skirmishing and weapon drills practised using airsoft would hone some of the skills needed for real firearms use (emphasis on the "some"). That said, during my time in martial arts (20+ years), I've noticed that being great at kata doesn't by default make someone great at sparring/fighting. In fact, some of the best kata guys I've known really suck when it comes to a fight. So I think we need to define the context here. Are we comparing airsoft target shooting to real steel target shooting? In which case, I think the airsofter's skillset could prove quite useful, sufficient to give them a head start over a total non-shooter. The YouTube links in the first post here prove that. If we're comparing airsoft skirmishing to real steel combat then hell no! I have no experience of the latter myself, but I imagine that just like comparing kata to sparring there are a lot more variables involved than just 'practicing the drills' (not least the raw mental ability to keep one's s*** together under pressure). And I'd wager that the majority of airsoft shooters / kata experts are likely to crumble if real live rounds / fists & feet were ever thrown at them in anger.
  13. Thanks folks. I'll print and also keep a spare blank copy 👍
  14. Yeah stupid question, I know! But here goes... I’ve just downloaded the UKARA form in preparation for my registration and I’ve noticed that at the top of the document is stated: “Please make sure all details have been written clearly and are legible”…noting that the word ‘written’ is underlined, as shown below: Now my handwriting definitely isn’t clear and legible, so I was planning to fill-in the PDF copy of the form on my computer (i.e. typing the text rather than writing it) and then add my signature and completion date by hand when the time comes. Is this legit? Or is there some reason why all of the form must be hand written? - Paul -
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