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  1. That’s reassuring to know, thanks! Thanks Dave. Good tip about the gun oil. Going to bag myself a can of Huile. Cheers Wo1f, will do 👍
  2. That would be sensible... but it’s been through a good few skirmishes with me and I’d hate to part with it on sentimental grounds 😉 And it works flawlessly. Thanks Dave. Silicone lube ok for metal-on-metal moving parts? And I assume the vac-bagging is to control humidity/moisture?
  3. Cheers guys! @Wo1f ...can you point me in the direction of where the seals are that need lubing? (my knowledge of MWS internals is limited to basic field strip and clean). Anywhere other than as shown in my original post above? Thanks. PS: off topic but I picked up an Optirod from Charles in Wigan quite recently; got chatting and it seems we’re all quite local (I’m in Manchester). Hoping to arrange a game day with him sometime; will let you know 🙂
  4. Cheers! 🍺 Two questions in follow-up: Do you know where other rubbers parts are located on the MWS - i.e. other than the nozzle as per above (which I assume has an O-ring)? Perhaps the sealing buffer? Otherwise I think the rest is all metal, but I could be wrong. I’ve read that silicone spray can cause problems with metal-on-metal parts and was planning to give the internal a good going over with a Teflon (PTFE) spray instead. Is that pretty much the same thing?
  5. What's the correct way to store a TM MWS plus magazines (or any GBB rifle) over the long-term - i.e. a few years? I’m lucky to own two Marui MWS rifles, one of which needs to go into long-term storage away from home. Now there’s lots of advice on storing GBBRs here and elsewhere, but it nearly always assumes that the RIF and mags will be in storage for a few seasons - e.g. during winter - and not a few years as will be in my case (for the record: I’m not doing a prison stretch! It’s a work thang 🙂). So I thought it’d be useful to collate the correct advice into a single thread for easy reference in future. Mods: happy for this to be merged with the MWS mega-thread, but I thought it might get lost over time (“like tears in rain…”) and may be best kept separate. So here’s what I think is the right method. Grateful to hear from anyone who can confirm yay or nay: 1) Give the RIF a good clean and lube, as per usual. 2) Give the mags a 5-second blast with Abbey Maintenance Gas (to partially fill them). 3) Squirt a little bit of silicone oil into the mags here… ..and also squirt some into the nozzle here: 4) Put the RIF in gun bag and store at ‘normal-ish’ temperature and humidity (10-20 Celsius). I thought perhaps not in the loft or garage as the changes in humidity may mess up the metalwork? Dunno. Would that be sufficient to keep the RIF and magazines in good nick over a 2-3 year stretch? Or would some things need more frequent maintenance - e.g. do the external mag and nozzle O-rings need lubing more often? Thanks for any input 👍
  6. Very nice L11 build! 👏 Out of interest, what gas are you using? Just wondering whether the spring breakage might be due to running it 'hot'; or perhaps just general wear and tear.
  7. Realised I've been chiming in here without any show and tell, so here's my MWS... ("there are many like it, but this one is mine"). Internals: Angry Gun Super Recoil buffer kit (high speed version) DP enhanced nozzle spring set SixG Super Nub (obligatory!) UAC enhanced sealing buffer DP aluminium lightweight bolt carrier (I highly recommend this; noticeably improves gas efficiency and cycle rate) Angry Gun ambi charging handle Angry Gun steel bolt stop plate (combines well with the aluminium bolt carrier) Angry Gun Mil-Spec aluminium buffer tube UAC Match trigger ...all fitted and tested by John at Fire Support (top bloke). Also tried to fit a WIITECH hardened steel disconnector, but it played havoc with the trigger set up, so it got taken out. Just a word of caution if you're considering one yourself. Externals: Mapul foregrip and rail covers 'Blagpul' stock Vortex Spark red dot I run it on Abbey Predator Ultra Gas using .28 indoor and .32 outdoor. Snappy as hell and shoots like a laser. Lurv it ❤️
  8. UPDATE: so I contacted JD Airsoft that they're awaiting a batch of TRMR multi-shot bases... and so I assume that the TRMR 'nades are also due back in stock sometime.
  9. Online. Bought and delivered just last week.
  10. I must’ve literally bought the last one (or close to it) from JD Airsoft! 😳 Been looking for a multi-shot base but no sign of them anywhere. Will now count myself lucky.
  11. Haha! You'd hate me... I love spamming claymores, especially on Domination and Headquarters matches 😜 (those pop-up landmines are pretty evil too). Yeah will try the MP5. Also tempted by the double-barrel shotgun, which seems like a lot of fun on the more CQB maps.
  12. ^ Cheers for clarifying. I notice that the AG sealing buffer is in 'tactical grey'... much more ninja than my lurid green DP one 😉 Glad you got it all sorted. I've had a similar experience with installing 'upgrade' parts that turn out to be quite the opposite. In my case it was a Wiitech 'hardened steel disconnector' that just wouldn't play nicely, so it got swapped out for the original Marui part (which of course worked perfectly...).
  13. Didn't want to start a new thread... so thought I'd ask here whether anyone is playing CoD now it's had the full release? I've been enjoying it, although it's proving hard to use anything apart from the M4 (which seems to be the most invincible weapon on offer). Currently running the SCAR, which is sluggish but a fun change of pace. I thought the campaign was very good, especially the two missions wearing NODs (Clean House and Going Dark).
  14. I wasn't aware that Angry Gun made a sealing buffer for the MWS... I can't find any mention of it by Googling. Stupid question, but do you mean the Angry Gun buffer kit? I’m running a Dynamic Precision sealing buffer (the green one) and AG high-speed buffer kit in my MWS and so far no problems 🤞
  15. Plate carrier/rig and BDU trousers: dry thoroughly in airing cupboard and then brush down Shirt/hoodie/other clothing: standard machine wash Eye/face pro and gloves: never wash RIF: full strip, clean and lube after every game day (it’s a GBBR so I like to give it some TLC ❤️) PS: really important to dry your kit out thoroughly. Wet kit attracts mildew which a) stinks and b) will eventually rot your threads and webbing. I've learned this lesson myself from time spent hill-walking in the crappiest of weather.
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