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    Warrior Multicam 5.56 triple mag pouch. New with tags. Unwanted as I bought it as part of a plate carrier set and a new mag pouch that I wanted arrived in stock so I bought it. Price includes postage.


  2. Hi all, I currently have a rifle with a decent length barrel. It's good for most things except for CQB environments, I'm looking for a decent CQB rifle that accepts M4 mags and is ideally of metal construction or mostly metal. What do people recommend as I'm not too sure as to what's good. Many thanks
  3. Hi all, Yes, you've probably all heard of Negative Airsoft but I just want to add my voice to the chorus. He received my TM Glock 17 and could've charged me for the hop rubber we spoke about changing but he informed me it was shooting great and hopping 0.28s nicely and didn't need it changing so that was that. He only spent 15 mins so far cleaning it etc and said would I like stippling or something else to get my money's worth. I said yes, and I'm really pleased with the result. A nice, digicam style was done. His communication was excellent throughout and h
  4. I'll have a look at the kydex option/possibly getting someone to 3D print a modification
  5. Hi all, I have a 3x double stack m4 molle pouch. I was wondering if there was any way I can get an insert/mould to covert the m4 mag slot into a pistol slot? Probably a long shot but I'm holding out hope!
  6. I'd recommend the Odin speedloader. My Nuprol pistol and Nuprol clone broke during the final 50 bbs. The Odin when set up correctly had no issues filling it almost full initially. As the spring gets bedded in it'll get easier. I found the EPM1s double fed in my ICS for the first couple of mags then stopped
  7. Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my bucking to a Maple leaf 60° and an Omega nub. Will it fit with the stock ICS barrel/gearboc or should I get a new barrel along with the other upgrades?
  8. PTS EPM1 mags are available for pre order again in the UK in either Black or Dark Earth. £27.99 a mag at LWA. https://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/airsoft-magazines-c3
  9. Does anyone have a tech that they can recommend around the East Midlands/Lincolnshire that is good with ICS weapons for upgrades?
  10. The site limit is 1.14J. As the weapon is still in warranty I'll try and upgrade the spring first (it's a quick change one). M100 should do shouldn't it? I'll also have a look at the air seal. Thanks
  11. Hi all, I'm currently running an ICS CXP MARS lim etd AEG. I'm shooting .20g bb's around 320 FPS. I popped in some .25g and I was shooting around 270 FPS. I'd ideally like to get a bit more out of the rifle to shoot .25g bb's. What sort of upgrades are best toget that sort of performance/any good techs around to be able to take it to site limit shooting .25g? Many thanks
  12. Recoil_

    Assortment of gear

    Hello, Does the price include P&P and is the rig still available?
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