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  1. I live in Lincolnshire. I have an AR tool coming so hopefully shouldn’t be too bad to remove it!
  2. Time Left: 6 days and 9 hours

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    Less than 1 Year old Madbull tightbore barrel ML rubber and Omega nub Hera foregrip PTS stock (plenty of battery space) (new + unused) Mock supressor 2x 7.4V 2600mAh crane batteries 1x Nuprol Mid + 1x High cap. 1x ICS high cap Includes stock flash hider and barrel. Hops a .28 straight and true with~30% hop applied just below site FPS limit. Costs £590 new but I'm selling due to a GBBR build. Offers welcome.


    , Lincolnshire - GB

  3. Looking great! I’m just changing the bucking and the hop arm internally. I’ve done some external visual upgrades with rail covers etc. Green gas modded all 5 mags and I’m getting 278FPS with less than 1FPS variation on .28g bbs
  4. @AlphaBearhttps://www.brownells.co.uk/MP-15-22-BARREL-NUT-WRENCH-TACTICOOL22-100015709 I think I've found it! £40 but better than paying £50 in shipping!
  5. @AlphaBear Seen, looks like I'll await shipping from the states then!
  6. @AlphaBear I'll be installing the ML Autobot 60° 2021 and the Laylax MWS strike hop arm. I do love the look of the DD rail. It's a lovely bit of kit.
  7. I’ve just joined the club! Just awaiting an optic and then I’m all set. I’m running it on green gas and I have an upgraded rubber and hop arm to change out. What’s a good barrel tool to remove the barrel so I can change the parts? The buffer is plastic, any good replacements for when it may break?
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Vortex spitfire 3x prism optic. In excellent condition with brand new lens covers and clear glass. It’s a genuine optic, proof can be provided if required.


  9. It needs to be a bright standout colour. A lot of RIFs have green/tan but they require a valid defence. If you do not have a valid defence then you'll need at least 51% of your airsoft replica to be blue, yellow, red or green. Army green won't cut it but it doesn't look to bad in the two tone green. Definetely rent first and get a defence and then get whatever you want.
  10. Recoil_

    Magpul PDR-C


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    Wanted: Magpul PDR-C in decent condition


  11. You need to order over £140 I believe of which you'll need to pay customs and VAT on entering the UK. They're currently using UPS who are in shambles so if you order something, don't expect to recieve anything within a month. Also TG have suspended shipping again to the UK as UPS cannot cope with demand. If you can, shop in the UK.
  12. Just purchased my SRS A2 16” Covert. It’s a mean bit of kit!
  13. Resolved the issue, the little follower on the mag that pushes the slide catch up had stuck down. Check that yours is fully up possibly?
  14. Sadly, I'm having the same issue on my VFC/Umarex HK45. Brand new, the slide doesn't lock back, regardless of an empty mag that has/hasn't fired BBs
  15. He was pretty quick. Recheck that you sent it to the right email as Facebook reverted it back to his old email address.
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