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  1. I think all of us here have admitted to deliberately targetting the face with the proviso that its the only thing that's exposed? And likewise alot of times it doesnt matter where you aim, you can still end up hitting them in the face - thats my point. Rest of your post tbh you've lost me completely and i cba to say anymore.
  2. As i said before i would rather be shot in face then my arse cause my face is protected my bum is not! Said all that i can say,so take care and rest assured im not going around trying to get headshots 👍
  3. My point is that its not gentlemanly but it has very little to do with safety, and that you can aim where you want but your bbs might not go there. So yeah its not good but imo behaviour wise its not as bad as cheating or getting aggro,or youtube-style hosing, all of which are far more common as far as i can tell.
  4. Intentional headshots isnt the problem - it might be part of it, but choice of PPE is 99%. Wear full face. Ive lost half a tooth so people have my sympathy but otoh.. i lost mine biting into a sponge cake! Edit: what is the difference in safety between intentionally shooting someone in the face when you could easily go for (well,try for!) a hit elsewhere vs an intentional shot to the face when its the only body part showing? Edit again: ive seen a bunch of teeth lost in my time. Wear full face,simple as that.
  5. Guys i think you are being a bit OTT here. No such thing as perfect safety but lets be real.
  6. I really liked this! Mud + blind fire + full auto = great footage!
  7. Out of stock but they are out there: http://www.zib-militaria.de/epages/61431412.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61431412/Products/90121&ViewAction=ViewProduct
  8. One of the joys of airsoft is you can play it how you like. Buttt dont get upset if you find yourself getting rekt by people who are faster fitter and more often then not, younger! 100% fine, i keep shooting till the hit is called, to paraphrase andy from ucap you arent as good as shooting as you think you are and your gun isnt as good as you think it is... Edit: re face shots - its not very gentlemanly to deliberately aim for the face but thats it really - if you are worried about getting shot in the face you need to reassess your PPE. If it was a matter of safety skirmishing would not be viable H&S wise. Again, airsoft guns and airsoft players are not that accurate!
  9. Think you might be confused, KWC don't make a full size uzi, they make the mini. Maruzen make the micro. So yes it should fit. Cheers
  10. I may be wrong (as I often am) but as far as I am aware the "defence" is not in the act of parliament (VCRA), but in the regulations to the act: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2007/2606/pdfs/uksi_20072606_en.pdf Again, as far as I know parliament can't amend an SI. I think in this case it is up to the Home Sec. But I'm not certain. FWIW UKAPU say as much: https://www.ukapu.org.uk/about/frequently-asked-questions/ This is not a hill I am willing to die on, and would legit liked to be proved wrong on this one haha
  11. It was in response, to a response, to a post made by andydynamic on page 1. Yea technically a bit offtopic but so it goes! And im not paranoid, just cautious Cheers
  12. Here's the factual basis: You know full well that it is illegal(!) to manufacture/import/sell RIFs and that the defence can be invoked when someone is charged with that offense. Furthermore, the defence is a statutory instrument that can be scrapped with a tick of the home secretary's pen. So saying that airsoft is on a knife's edge is a perfectly reasonable opinion to have - there is no need for you to be so patronising and to be frank it reeks of insecurity. Cheers
  13. Utterly stupid behaviour from UAR. Cba to chat about Begum that's been done to death but i give lots of shits about airsoft. Ultimately it's a niche and probably misunderstood hobby - we need bad, 'racially charged' PR like a hole in the head. I might be taking this too seriously but pre VCRA days are still very fresh in my mind and i remember all the bad press we had at that time. I hope that isn't repeated. Edit: can we please consider that you can view this forum without an account & what is funny in the safezone with your mates might not as funny to a journalist looking for an ez story! Cf VICE and arrse. Cheers Cheers
  14. Having read this thread i think when it comes to putting airsoft in a bad light youtube is the least of our problems!
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