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  1. Hi Dave. UKARA is matched to postcode but i'm not sure if its checked. I would suggest that buying a gun to use in the UK is easier then importing your one from Germany - that is of course assuming you have a UKARA number. Yes you can use your girlfriends address - my UKARA is registered at my parents place as they are basically retired so are always around for the courier! For what its worth I helped a french airsofter who had moved to the UK for work and wanted to get his airsoft stuff over. I imported it using my UKARA number, it was all above board and there were zero issues. I'm more then happy to do the same again -do let me know if i can help.
  2. Great write up. Played a few games at longmoor and it is a cracking place. But i wish event organisers wouldnt have people spawning at the tank near the carpark - as far as i can tell it just sets them up for a loss. One team behind the train track and another directly on the other side of the playing area makes for much better balance. As for people dropping out that is quite shocking though hardly unprecedented... I'm gonna 'throw shade' here... me and a mate went to a legion battlesim game in november. As there were two of us i asked a team of guys just before kick off if we could tag along. Nicely rebuffed - fair enough. A few hours later its pissing it down and significant numbers had called it a day.. including the team who were too good for us!!! (Don't worry im over it...now). Just sat in the car park twiddling thier thumbs. Nothing against fair weather airsofters - you do you. But an all day game in november might not be for you and to be frank it was a bit lame. 'Everybody wants to be an operator untill its time to do (literally the bare minimum) of operator shit' haha Edit: @Asomodai -did playing at night inspire you to get nvg? Would you do it again? Thanks!
  3. 5.11 looks a bit more ventilated, on that basis i'd go with that, seeing as they basically the same price.
  4. - All sorts of things. Find out for yourself - i mean strictly theoretically exactly the same - an airsoft version of simunition wouldnt exist. Simunition also has shit range you'd be better off with airsoft for everything except tight cqb.
  5. There's something to cater for everyone, its all a spectrum and lets face it's not even that wide. Got open days to do what you want, then milsims, battlesims, gas only games bla bla - they all happen, you just might have to travel. If there was a system whereby you had guns that had (lethality aside!) the exact same function as real guns that would indeed be cool as shit and would probably replace airsoft. But that's not gonna happen anytime soon. Things which are trying to emulate this function is stuff like MILES and of course simunition. But not are there obvious practical barriers to using both those things to "skirmish" with, they have their downsides too. So rather then looking at what airsoft is bad at you should look at what it is good at - which is actually quite a lot. But you have to make the most of that too, whether as a skirmisher or a event organiser or whatever.
  6. Hi Adam, With regards to UKARA sites will generally ask you attend 3 times in no less then 2 months. Retailers will generally ask for a number, classfieds is a bit of a free for all. Leciester is a great place to be for an airsofter. The Gaol is great, and whilst i've not been you've got the department cqb in croft and Project X in Leciester proper. My advice is to pick a site, rent a gun and explain your situation to the owner. They might grant you UKARA - they might not.
  7. You need to be lucky every time but only unlucky once. He can do what he wants - but i think leading by example is good for many things, including running airsoft events. I'm not angry, just dissapointed!
  8. I dont know if it does tbh but in any case not to a significant degree as far as i can tell.
  9. Probably - and no its just a standard TM clone. Gonna have the usual mosfet and deans done to it so will see what the tech says. TIA!!
  10. Straight dope is there's no best. Airsoft is great but lowering your expectations will help mitigate future frustration! Eg: i got a jg g36,popular gun often used as a rental bla bla... shoots 230fps with a .2! Oh well! TIA - this is airsoft I'd advise you get this: it's an LCT who make good AK's, so its very solid, it's compact, and it has a RAS so you can fit grips optics lights lasers all that fun stuff: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/lct-tx-74un-with-m4-sliding-stock-airsoft-gun-aeg .. now i quite want one myself! What ever you decide, I would advise you start saving ASAP for another AEG. You really need to have 2 as a gun going down for the most part is a matter of when, not if.
  11. Putting a solid stock on an AKMS would require a new reciever, so you arent really replacing the stock, you're replacing a fair % of the gun itself. The AKMS reciever has a hole on each side where the folding stock is fitted, with the rear of the reciever being flat. The AKM reciever doesn't have those holes,and the rear of the receiver has 'tangs' which the stock fits to. With an AKM you could fit a real stock fairly easily with a bit of modification to the stock. You could also get a stock adapter which would allow you fit m4 style stocks should you ever wish to tacticool it up.
  12. Having the same issue - only effects users who are supporters. Not the end of the world so no fuss! Cheers
  13. Was about 15 when i sacked it in, mostly to spend time with your mum. I smashed her so hard she saved my number as 'warhammer' 😝
  14. Yeah I did, hours and hours of entertainment. Do you have thousands of posts on a forum about toy guns?
  15. The skirmish site is a games workshop, the card game is airsofting and this is the website you talk about it on. Stones and glass houses and all that!
  16. Try LC's Engineering Outpost on facebook, or pop Rob at Lee's Precision Engineering a line.
  17. I'd advise a SERPA replica as they can be had quite easily. Would need a molle adaptor though - but not hard to find nor expensive. https://www.amazon.co.uk/AIRSOFT-SERPA-PISTOL-Holster-COMPACT/dp/B00PWFNXWK?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-samsung-uk-21&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B00PWFNXWK https://www.amazon.co.uk/AIRSOFT-SERPA-PISTOL-PLATFORM-HOLSTER/dp/B00IRWFKTE?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-samsung-uk-21&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B00IRWFKTE HWHolsters can do one for the USPc, a bit pricier though https://hwholsters.com/fold-over-holster/
  18. Best one is NPO. Its also the most expensive!!! LCT is fine but its not as good as it could be - its off spec for one and the stock is only attached via the grip - think the VAL would be more sturdy in this regard. All 2nd hand info btw. Edit you can get NPO here: https://russianarmyshop.eu/
  19. Visionking short dot - looks good, is good,not too expensive & not too cheap.
  20. I think all of us here have admitted to deliberately targetting the face with the proviso that its the only thing that's exposed? And likewise alot of times it doesnt matter where you aim, you can still end up hitting them in the face - thats my point. Rest of your post tbh you've lost me completely and i cba to say anymore.
  21. As i said before i would rather be shot in face then my arse cause my face is protected my bum is not! Said all that i can say,so take care and rest assured im not going around trying to get headshots 👍
  22. My point is that its not gentlemanly but it has very little to do with safety, and that you can aim where you want but your bbs might not go there. So yeah its not good but imo behaviour wise its not as bad as cheating or getting aggro,or youtube-style hosing, all of which are far more common as far as i can tell.
  23. Intentional headshots isnt the problem - it might be part of it, but choice of PPE is 99%. Wear full face. Ive lost half a tooth so people have my sympathy but otoh.. i lost mine biting into a sponge cake! Edit: what is the difference in safety between intentionally shooting someone in the face when you could easily go for (well,try for!) a hit elsewhere vs an intentional shot to the face when its the only body part showing? Edit again: ive seen a bunch of teeth lost in my time. Wear full face,simple as that.
  24. Guys i think you are being a bit OTT here. No such thing as perfect safety but lets be real.
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