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  1. Firstly, welcome! 👋 Main thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself! The airsoft community is one of the friendliest i've ever been a part of and people will be more than happy to help you get started. 😃 I started renting for a few months until i got my UKARA license, which is required to be able to purchase any RIF. If you do know anyone with a spare or a friend who has another gun free, i'd suggest using that. The prices for renting a gun/kit on-top of the site fees can make it quite costly. I would highly suggest you start by purchasing some good quality eye protection and boots if you haven't already. I'm currently using Bolle Contour Safety Glasses as they're more comfortable for my odd-shaped head and nose 😅. You can use whatever suits you as long as it covers your eyes completely and is going to withstand a potential barrage of BBs at close range. Don't cheap out on eye protection, it only takes one BB to take an eye out! Check out the UK airsoft retailers and they normally supply tried and tested eyepro. I also have some Magnum branded boots which have ankle support (this is, and has been, a total ankle-saver for me!). I've witnessed a guy in trainers break his ankle after getting his foot jammed in a rabbit hole... not pretty! Also, if you don't like getting shot in the face, or would prefer to not lose any teeth, pick up a mesh lower face protector. It's unlikely that you'll lose a tooth but you can never be too careful... Hope this helps!
  2. Looks suspiciously like the ARMY ARMAMENT R36K which you can buy on... bbguns4less.co.uk 👏👏 Naughty naughty...
  3. Oh damn that saves some time for sure! Thanks for the link
  4. Thanks for the info - i'll look into Ant-Supplies. Looks like they're closed until March though, so i'm probably going to try cutting my own out in the meantime. I'll update you all on the final outcome (if you're at all interested 😅)
  5. Cheers for the help guys. I was hoping to get something that actually fitted to the end of the scope instead of having something in front of it (like a normal protector). Was just curious to know if there was one on the market that did this. I might try @clumpyedge's suggestion and see how i get on. Cheers again everyone!
  6. Hi Everyone! I recently got a flip to side magnifier and i was wondering if any of you knew if i could get a protector for the front of it? I was preferably looking for something that would sit over the end of it, but if people have other ideas/DIY methods i'm all ears! I'd rather not have it smashed after my first game! Any help would be great Cheers!
  7. Exactly how i started. I only rented a few times then my friend let me borrow his spare gun. Before i knew it i had my UKARA and was able to buy my own. Much better in my opinion to rent and hold off buying a lime green eyesore, as you're going to be putting a decent amount of money into a gun which you will want to change as soon as you get your UKARA. It may feel like forever but it is definitely worth waiting until you get your UKARA. 😊
  8. @Shriven If you don't find one, let me know. I'm up for starting a little project to make one myself. :)

  9. @MrWilson If you need any help with the website give me a shout. Also very hyped for this! Got a group of people interested now and we're all waiting for the big day!
  10. Never even thought of that! I'll let them know. Maybe they could get in touch with the council and get a permit to use it instead of just having it sitting there doing nothing. Yeah i would have loved to play at Fort Amherst. I've been there a few times for their halloween events or escape rooms. As much as i love my local sites, they are all woodland ones and i'd love to not have to deep clean all of my gear after each session! I've always wanted to play on a site that's got a good mix of urban and woodland but there's not many sites in Kent, that i'm aware of, that do it...
  11. Hey everyone! Not sure if this has been seen before (i couldn't find any topics on it) but i recently saw that 'The Citadel' in Dover was up for sale. It's been a target of a lot of debate between Dover council and property developers, which has meant it is now up for private sale. https://search.savills.com/property-detail/45e2b354-e5c4-4cc7-858a-a493cf458cc9 I would LOVE to play here, not only is it a mix of urban, CQB, and more open combat, but there's an entire tunnel system underneath it too! 😍 On the site there's also: - Prison Buildings - Barracks Buildings - Dry Moat surrounding the entire site - Plenty of Parking I can only dream though... unless a mega-rich airsofter wants to make my dreams a reality 🤑 Here are some pictures: ]]
  12. If this did happen i can see the media kicking up a storm... people will probably freak out and before we know it Airsoft is banned and i have a £1000 paper-weight 😭😭
  13. Hey Daniel! Nice to meet another member from Kent! I started Airsoft a little less than a year ago and initially was looking at that exact G&G gun to start off with. It's definitely a great starter gun, and i would personally pick that over the Specna Arms one. One thing to note if you do decide to go with the G&G gun, is that it looks like you'll have to buy 11.1v batteries for it due to the mosfet installed (see bottom of description on the website). This isn't an issue though as the 11.1v batteries will make the gun a whole lot more responsive. Just worth keeping in mind before you accidentally buy the wrong type! If you haven't already, pop down to Invicta Battlefield or Ace Combat (both are based between Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells). These sites are where i started, everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful and there's an on-site shop ran by PlatoonStores if you ever have any issues or questions! Luke
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