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  1. GemsHD

    UKARA and Northern Ireland

    Out of date thread but as an NI Airsofter I get asked this a lot. Posting to NI is the same as posting in England, Scotland and Wales. The biggest difference is couriers like UPS and DHL like to extract the urine and charge a "Air/Sea Fee" which won't be any less than £15 for anything... Royal Mail/ParcelForce are best for posting to us here... or MyHermes if you're willing to risk handing it to them...
  2. GemsHD

    HPA refills in Northern Ireland

    I think Escarmouche have their own refill gear, they double as a paintball site and from what I can tell the tanks refill the same way? Probnably best to give the owner Mark a message on Facebook.
  3. GemsHD

    HPA Advice

    Thank this will be a great help.
  4. GemsHD

    HPA Advice

    So I just bought a very nice AR Upper and Lower receiver and I was planning on just building my own AEG however I'm looking for a change of scenery... I've done the checks and the site I play at doubles as a paintball site and has their own compressor for tanks so I have access to as much compressed air as it takes, so I'm looking for advice and a list of items that I'll need to create a successful HPA RIF. If anyone can give me a checklist and general advice on what is good and what is trash when it comes to HPA I'd really appreicate it.
  5. Sorry if the title is a little clickbait... I have seen a few videos on this from shot show 2018 in January that all said, "There would be news on the release of this in the coming year". It is now November and I cannot find anything on it since then... I was wondering if anyone has any information on it? All I want is a 1:1 AEG MP7 😭
  6. GemsHD

    WE MP5 / Apache semi issue

    I second this, would be perfect for @war22air's thread when the answer is so obviously the piston has been stripped... smh (I want to take this moment to point out that War22air is a good friend of mine and I know absolutely nothing about GBBR repair)
  7. GemsHD

    WE MP5 / Apache semi issue

    Lol it's obviously a gear box and motor mismatch issue, change the bevel gear and use a lower V battery. Damn scrub doesn't know anything.
  8. GemsHD

    Galaxy MP5k

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Make: Galaxy Model: G.5 (MP5k) FPS: 300 Accessories: 2x 8.4NiMh Batteries, 1x Hi-Cap, 7xMid Cap, 1x Low Cap and 2x Molle Pouches


  9. GemsHD

    TM M40A5

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    Brand: Tokyo Marui Model: M40A5 Accessories: 2x Mags, 1x 4x32 Scope and Mock Suppressor FPS: 400FPS God awful paint job, purchased as a project, got all the internals cleaned and working however I never finished off the stripping of the previous owner's paint job... Sold as seen.


  10. GemsHD

    KWA G36c

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    KWA G36C AEG w/M4 Stock and professionally printed ironsights from Shapeways. Internally upgraded with SHS 18:1 gears, element nozzle, tappet plate, selector plate, piston & super high-torque motor. Wired to deans in stock tube with easy to access battery compartment. Has a MOSFET and runs amazing on an 11.1v LiPo battery. Solid build and lightweight. £170 all inc.


  11. GemsHD

    Wrapping your RIF

    That looks bloody amazing! It's the body of a TM M40A5. I asked a local business about the cost and they're charging me £150-200 so that's a no no
  12. GemsHD

    WE MP7A1 (Small Rice) Upgrades

    I'll break you
  13. GemsHD

    Wrapping your RIF

    Hola amigos, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with wrapping their RIF like a car would be wrapped? I've taken on a project that I would like to finish with a nice carbon fibre wrap. Any advice would be great.
  14. GemsHD

    KWA MP9

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    Brand: KWA Model: MP9A1 Accessories: 2x Mags FPS: 360 ASG Ultraair, 330 WE Green Gas l, 310 144a Price includes P&P


  15. GemsHD

    CYMA CM.703

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    CYMA CM.703 for sale, bought and used mostly as a back garden plinker.