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  1. I got the gun back yesterday. Jon did some great work on it, and it runs like a dream now. Will definitely use these guys for future purchases!
  2. Thanks for the assistance Clumpy, I gave Jon my gun today and will get it back in a short while when he's done giving it a once over. You should get referral points from him!
  3. Thanks for confirming clumpy! I've contacted them and am awaiting a reply. Have you had work done by John?
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. Postage to Reading is not too expensive so if he is interested, I would be too! If my memory serves Wolf Armouries are London based? This would be ideal, since postage would be very cheap. Do you know how I could get in contact with him?
  5. The BB's are held in a subsection of the magazine which is part of the metal. I'll take a crack at the mag tomorrow then, not much I can do but go for it I guess!
  6. Thanks for the reply wo1f. Pushing down on the 2nd BB from the top does sometimes release the stack from being stuck and bring the BB to the top of the channel. However the same problem occurs when the next BB is loaded into the gun. The last 6 or so rounds tend to feed better than when the mag is full. I'll take another look for dirt but I have a feeling it's the third point, channel being too wide. How would I deal with this? Edit: When there are more than 2 BB's in the channel, they suffer from this issue and get stuck fairly consistently. The spring itself is slightly warped but doesn't look like enough to cause such a big issue.
  7. I am having this weird issue where the BB at the top of the mag loads, but the BB's beneath it stay in place, as if they're catching on something inside the magazine! I've disassembled the mag so that the spring popped out and there was no obvious obstruction, although I couldn't see all the way into the compartment that holds the BB's. Any ideas on why this might be happening, or is a complete disassembly of the mag my only option 😭 I've attached some images incase I haven't described it well. I'm really quite confused, since there are around 20 rounds loaded into the mag and the spring is exerting quite a lot of pressure on the BB's.
  8. I'm currently holding an Inokatsu M4 for a friend who left the country. The gun was used on a few occasions a few years ago then put in a box and left for a long time, so I think it needs a good service. I'm based in London, does anyone know a tech who could do this for me? I don't mind shipping it, but ideally this would be handled on their end.

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    As the title suggests, this is an Inokatsu M4A1 SOPMOD for sale. It is the Super version, meaning it has the Inokatsu M4 super bolt which has a removable weight, allowing for the user to have heavier recoil at the cost of higher gas expenditure or lower recoil using less gas, allowing for a full 50rd mag to be depleted on a single gas fill. Below I have copied and pasted the information direct from Redwolfairsoft, where the gun was purchased from for your convenience. I believe this is the correct listing as the name of the product and product code directly matches what is on the box (the invoice was misplaced). Click here to see the original listing on Redwolfairsoft. The gun is in very good condition, with almost no external marks. There are very small scratches which are visible with close inspection, and a few markings from the movement of the bolt and insertion of mag into the gun. The gun is very, very solid, with no give at all around the whole body. The unique serial number for this gun is W233039. The gun will come with a single non-leaking Pro-win mag, however BB's seem to not feed perfectly into the gun, most likely due to the fact that the gun lay in storage for a few years and was not maintained or used frequently. When BB's are filled into the mag, they seem to catch on something inside (this was made clear when I pushed the BB's into the mag, compressing the spring, with a plastic chop-stick). The buyer of this gun used it for filming purposes, so the gun was never used in a skirmish, never brought outside, and had minimal rounds put through. I believe that a complete field strip, a good clean and application of fresh gun grease/silicon oil would solve any problems there might be. The gun was purchased some time in 2014, and the current listing price is over $1000, so I feel that £420 is a right steal for a gun of this calibre. They are no longer in production, so you're unlikely to find one sold new from a retailer, or one in as good nick as this second hand. I believe the price is fair considering that the mag and gun need to be stripped and cleaned. edit: Price dropped to £400, gun will be fully serviced by Jon at WolfArmouries in London. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested, or have any questions you'd like answered about the gun. From the redwolfairsoft page: With this version, INOKATSU has improved upon their previous 2011 version M4 GBB designs with an improved bolt for greater durability and more stable performance. The upper and lower receivers are also more refined with an improved fit and finish (tighter seam lines between the upper and lower receiver) thanks to a brand new mould. This is a direct improvement based on feedback and discussion between customers, Redwolf and Inokatsu. All improvement made are in an effort to maintain Inokatsu's premium dominance over other GBB rifles for realism, quality, performance and durability. The Inokatsu M4 blowback mechanism to designed to deliver an unparalleled gas blowback experience that generates good usable power, while providing customers with a choice of light or heavy recoil through the use of a removal weight in the bolt! The bodywork as usual is top notch, and with their 2014 version. Manufacturing process and coating of the receiver is the same as the real steel version (forged + CNC), making the Inokatsu M4 one of the most realistic looking airsoft guns available today. We showed the Inokatsu M4 to a group of Real Steel Shooters in the USA, and they could not see the difference between the Inokatsu M4 and a real M4! The color and finishing is spot on. Needless to say, each and every bit of its licensed body work had been expertly engraved into the body, the M4 SOPMOD of course has its own unique serial code. Realism even shows on the way the selector lever operates, such as not being able to flip the switch from semi / full auto to SAFE position unless the gun is cocked. This is the same as on the real M4. In the spirit of this being a training weapon, the barrel thread is the same thread and measurement as the REAL M4 for realism, but Inokatsu includes an adapter thread if you want to screw on your 14mm CCW (negative thread) silencer or other aftermarket airsoft flash hiders. The 2014 Version of the INOKATSU M4A1 SOPMOD is built and assembled with exacting precision. The entire gun is solid with no wobbles or shakes making the Inokatsu M4A1 feeling just like the real steel. The Inokatsu M4A1 features a weight adjustable bolt carrier for full control of the shooting experience. At full bolt weight, the Inokatsu M4A1 recoil is similar to a real steel 9mm round with each trigger pull (kick is just as strong as previous version Inokatsu M4). On the semi-automatic firing mode, the INOKATSU M4 SOPMOD is able to completely fire off all 50rds from its magazine. But if you are a skirmisher and want a faster rate of fire rather than recoil, simply remove the weight from the bolt to easily finish 50 rounds in full auto. To maintain a perfect balance between projectile performance hard recoil, Inokatsu had to dial down the power from the originally planned 420fps to approximately 390fps. You may install a precision tight-bore barrel to increase FPS. If you leave the lead weight in the bolt and run it at full auto, you may get less than 50 rounds on one charge of gas but you'll enjoy a much stronger recoil for a more memorable shooting experience (rate of fire will be lower though). Regardless, each and every shot with the INOKATSU M4A1 SOPMOD would more than definitely put a smile on your face! The sound is loud and if you put your face against the gun for automatic fire, your ears will ring! If you intend to skirmish with the M4, then we recommend you remove the lead weight on the rear to lighten up the bolt for faster rate of fire and more efficient use of gas. Includes: 4x RIS Rail Covers (Black) 1x 14mm CCW thread adapter Total Length (Extended): 870mm Total Length (Retracted): 780mm


    London - GB

  10. Hi Everyone, I inherited an RIF (Inokatsu m4) from a friend but I am moving to Sweden in less than a month. As such, I would like to bring the gun with me, but the issue lies with the fact that I have no UKARA defence. I've seen lots of posts on importing RIF's to the UK, but none for exporting them to other countries. My understanding is that RIF laws in Sweden are a lot more relaxed than here, so I don't think I'll have any issues on their end. I'm more concerned on the process for exporting the RIF given I have no defence. The options I've thought of are to: Two tone the gun (god forbid) get around the laws. The only issue with this is that I'm not sure if I can get cheap temporary parts to sacrifice for this purpose. Skirmish at a site where I can get my UKARA defence 3 times within the next month, and hope it comes through in time. This will be expensive since the gun is not really in a skirmish-able condition, so I would have to hire each time. Airsoft sites are not close to London, so transport costs will need to be taken into account as well. I was under the impression that UKARA laws are more concerned with the Import rather than Export of RIF's. Does anyone have further information on this issue? Cheers
  11. Ohh I didn't know those existed, I'll look into them ASAP. The only problem is mags cost around £60 for the M4, which is simply too much especially since they only hold 50 rounds and I couldn't find hi-caps. Thanks for the offer, I may PM you at some point!
  12. Thanks for the really swift replies guys! Great, thanks a lot, that's the main thing I wanted addressed. I wasn't sure if they would have some sort of problem with it but if that's not the case then it seems I'm good to go! I was incredibly lucky to be gifted the M4. The build quality is top notch, the blowback feels like a 9mm and I'm definitely not worthy of such a weapon . It does fire at around 390-410 fps though, which is above the limit of most sites around London I've found, so I may just end up selling it and investing a cheaper, more skirmish-able weapon. I feel like it's not actually as bad as it may seem! I'd rather have some fairly stringent laws in place which make it a better experience for people who intend to use the RIFs for what they should be used for, than make it easier for someone who mess it up for the rest of us.
  13. Hello Everyone! I've been lurking on the internet for a while searching for some information on owning a RIF without a UKARA license, and I have found some small snippets of info that were useful to me. However, I just wanted to run some things by experienced players to make sure my understanding is correct. From what I understand: 1. It is not illegal for me to OWN a RIF; it was gifted to me by a Film producer who was able to purchase his RIFs due to a filming licence he had (not UKARA though). I did not pay anything for the gun since it was a gift. 2. It is possible for me to use my RIF, given that I don't have a UKARA license, at an Airsoft site (fires well within the fps limits of site in mind, and I am over 18 years of age). It looks like this is a regular post in this "UK Law" section, however I mainly wanted to confirm that point 2 is the case! I do intend to get more into airsoft once I've obtained a UKARA licence for myself as I want to shoot people (in the most friendly way possible, you get it, right?). Thanks a lot
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