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  1. I don't say someone is cheating unless I clearly see BBs bouncing off them, although the same can't be said for everyone. I once had a load of guys shouting at me to take hits saying they could hear it when it was clearly the sound of a sheet of corrugated iron next to me being hit.... I'd agree with Trigger in that openly accusing sites has a whole set of issues which could lead to sites unfairly losing business if the people slating them are wrong. Aside from creating a load of lovely internet drama which is always highly constructive.
  2. Sadly sites that will say "if you don't pack that shit in you are getting banned" are in the minority. Seems very common to go to sites where regulars are known for cheating but nothing gets done about it. I came across a real class act yesterday that not only didn't take hits but gave everyone he shot at a nice 1-2 second "burst" with his HPA gun. My last game of 2016 was at a site where loads of people on my team were saying that the cheaters on the other team were all regulars that everyone tries to avoid. I won't be going there again.
  3. The players I've had issues with the most are ones that are running the most commonly used gear. This is purely because they make up roughly 80% of the playerbase on any given skirmish so are going to contain the biggest number of bellends through sheer volume. It's extremely unlikely for this not to be the case, even if you've decided otherwise. Should we start banning all players running M4s with a cheap chest rig and army surplus gear because they are all dickheads? Personally I've not seen any reason to have an issue with players of a specific group until an individual proves that they are a problem.
  4. For anyone that every gets the whole family member or personal issues line I would always be immediately suspicious. Sure you can trust a stranger at face value if you like but its a recurring theme when people get scammed and the times I've had issues with stuff I have paid for I got fed the same story. Christmas delivery times are another good one, at least in my area they have been flawless this year. If people do genuinely have stuff going on then they should make the buyer aware there are likely going to be delays from the start of the deal.
  5. That's a bit pricey or I'm lucky, my Civic Type R costs roughly £550 with half the no claims you have.
  6. I've always been happy with Fire Support and Airsoft Zone. However if I order from Airsoft Zone again I will ask them to use a different courier or take my business elsewhere as the last gun I bought from them was thrown over my gate by the local jobsworth from UK Mail.
  7. I've come across quite a few sites that have rules that basically make DMRs a waste of time, it put me off building one when I was considering it. It does make me wonder why they don't just straight up say you can't use any semi or full auto rifle over 350 FPS. I guess it could be fear of losing a few players to it.
  8. Most people won't care what kit you use, or at least if they do they don't say anything about it outside of the internet.
  9. I get on really well with German Para boots but it's going to largely depend on your foot shape as to what's comfortable for you. They can be picked up surplus with very minor wear which is a plus. The ones I use look like this: As there seems to be a few variants, no idea if the other versions are better or worse. Salamon(as above) and Lowa boots always come recommended but I have no experience with either and they tend to start around the £120 mark.
  10. Stealing from the MOD is ok to some people as long as you steal less than originally stated apparently.
  11. Glad they are getting done for it and perplexed that some Airsofters were defending them.
  12. I found the cloths that come with the ESS eyepro works pretty well for stopping fogging. Fogging is pretty much the most subjective thing in Airsoft though.
  13. I pretty much always shoot them, to the point where I've only gone for a knife kill once and the chap got shot as I was running up to him. For me if I know someone hasn't noticed me it's a case of just not rushing my shot rather than risking getting within arms reach for the chance of a knife kill. The time I did go for a knife kill was because the chap was making a lot of noise and I knew the layout of the site well to flank him quickly.
  14. Seems like a big deal is being made over being shot a couple of times which I'd imagine is done in good humour on the day. However you always get people hanging back and they are quite often the ones telling everyone else to push up. Some people, for whatever reason want to pay good money to stand around all day doing nothing. I've always liked it when sites start the day with a warm up game that's structured in a way that's almost guaranteed to get everyone shot at least once. You will quite often hear new players saying how getting shot wasn't nearly as bad as they thought afterwards.
  15. To be fair I have said what I would like which is better quality control but given the WE link it seems unlikely to happen. As I said it's kinda bullshit just rebranding rather than bothering to up your quality control processes.