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  1. One of my mates got one recently and is really pleased with it, aesthetically not my cup of tea but the build quality is decent. Supposedly they are on par with the TM M870 in terms of performance, but I have no idea if this is correct. It's a shame Airsoft gun reviews tend to either be affiliated with a shop or consist of "I got a gun and a box and it fires BBs, would give a 10/10 without bothering to use in a few games" Gas shotguns are pretty fun but functionally they don't do anything that a 40 quid springer wouldn't, other than I guess be easier to cock and some have a 6 shot option which I always thought did nothing other than waste ammo when I had a breacher. In terms of playstyle I find shotguns benefit most from popping in an out of cover between shots as the fire rate and magazine capacity are limiting factors. There's a chap who is a regular at Combat South that does an upgrade service which is meant to give these guns really good range and that's where my mates currently is. As we should be heading to Rift COM 3 next weekend I am hoping to see what the effective range is like as they have a measured shooting range.
  2. This seems contrary to what is commonly recommended on both the VSR owners facebook group and Airsoft sniper forums, which is to use a 430mm barrel even in a G Spec when using weights around 0.40g
  3. No and there's evidently a reason i've never come across any sites that have allowed anything past a MK5 or 9mm blank. As Trigger said MK5s can be dodgy enough, especially as the majority of sites I've played at allow them to be thrown overarm increasing the chance for them to land on you or go off near your head. Between this and hard case pyro being able to ruin your day/life if they hit you in the face I think the use of pyro is already enough of a calculated risk.
  4. Look like the spacers that sit between the receiver and the gearbox shell, should be one on either side where the receiver has a bulge running along it.
  5. Isn't this a CQBR, not SOPMOD M4?
  6. I suggested this a few years ago and got told it was a sh*t idea lol.
  7. Not really a fan of lasers as I've come across some real class acts deliberately shining them in players eyes. I've never heard of anyone suffering eye damage in airsoft from lasers, but I certainly had a sense of humour failure seeing players give it a damn good go. However, like most things it only takes a few people to ruin it for everyone, which is why I would imagine most sites don't allow full auto at close range. It doesn't help that you can get stupidly cheap lasers online that are definitely not safe. I can certainly see why green lasers are categorically banned at sites I play at as a chap at work picked one up for around £15 and in a bright office briefly looking at the dot(not laser) on the floor left an after image when you blinked for a few minutes....
  8. Battle Lakes is a really good site, only been once but the atmosphere, standard of play and marshaling were all excellent. The terrain is nicely varied too from open wooded areas where you need to work from tree to tree to move up through to areas packed with dense foliage that's ideal for players to ambush you from. My only criticism was I hid in a spot that blocked a big chunk of the enemy team moving up and a photographer then stood in a spot which meant the other team could use them as cover whilst they pushed up. However I very much doubt they knew I was there as I kept hearing players on the other team saying there's someone there but he's too well camouflaged to spot
  9. The review details feed and accuracy issues out of the box?
  10. My standard setup is 6 x 120BB mags in my TM recoils and 3 pistol mags for my HK45. When I started I think I used to go with 9 mags for the rifle and 3 for the pistol which was just too much. The current setup tends to easily cover me until the point its a half day game with really heavy firefights like you'd sometimes get at the sandpit.
  11. The only time I've ever had an issue with TM pistols is firing around 10 shots rapid fire when it's subzero and at that point you/I need to learn to aim better. CO2 is blanket banned at some sites and whilst people say it's more reliable I've not had a need for more reliable than green gas when I don't basically force the gun to vent.
  12. I'd suggest you watch this:
  13. It was I think around a month ago there was a post from them on facebook with loads of people going berserk as they were sayng that the full 500 piece order had to be completed before any were being produced. This seems to have since changed but that does mean for all intents and purposes they were asking for more money. This is the primary reason I don't back concepts and instead buy tangible products. Anyone who is a PC gamer I would imagine is all too aware of all the times creators are seen to massively take the piss, then lo and behold never make a final product.
  14. I've been using a Blackhawk SERPA P30 holster for my TM HK45 for a year or two now so I'd imagine any similar P30 retention holster will fit yours.
  15. To be honest there's no reason not to just buy an iMax B6 as they are the go to charger and they are cheaper. Knowing Nuprol tat they would probably be able to prove me wrong when I say I've never heard of anyone having LiPos catch fire without physically damaging them.