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  1. I've been using a Blackhawk SERPA P30 holster for my TM HK45 for a year or two now so I'd imagine any similar P30 retention holster will fit yours.
  2. To be honest there's no reason not to just buy an iMax B6 as they are the go to charger and they are cheaper. Knowing Nuprol tat they would probably be able to prove me wrong when I say I've never heard of anyone having LiPos catch fire without physically damaging them.
  3. Not sure about top 5 but I've always rated TM on the basis they shoot well and the only issues I have ever experienced have been fixed with cleaning or been down to user error. I own a Krytac and a G&P LMG and the G&P is so much better in every aspect(fire rate, trigger response and accuracy as well as external build, although the M63 stocks are known to crack) except mag capacity. I don't even think the Krytac is a lemon it just is very disappointing in comparison. On the flip side I know multiple people that have had horrible feeding issues with G&P M4s that they have never been able to fix.
  4. I think they are worth it in terms of range, easily. When I got my first VSR which was upgraded when I bought it I was shocked at how far it could shoot. It wasn't hard at all to find spots that I had solid accuracy but people couldn't hit me lobbing shots. I'd say a bigger thing to consider is whether you can find a style of play you enjoy with a sniper rifle. If I just used my LMG as a suppressive weapon like you keep seeing people talk about I'd have thrown mine in the bin as it barely works in Airsoft.
  5. My choice would be something that shoots well at or below 350 like a TM recoil or Krytac, I've also seen Cyma M14s shoot very very well with only the barrel and hop rubber being changed. The other good thing with the Cyma M14s is they are not only very cheap for what you are getting but there's loads of variants to choose from. It does again depend on if you wanted the option to play at other sites, but DMR rules in the UK suggest a lot of sites don't really want people to use them. I've come across things like 370 FPS but with a MED or a 1 second delay on shots, which is actually slower than I can fire my spring VSR with half decent accuracy.
  6. What about the Cyma SVD? To be honest I'd be surprised if anything other than the Real Sword SVD shoots well enough at 450 FPS to warrant using it over a half decent 350 FPS AEG without any modifications. Personally I wouldn't recommend a DMR or sniper rifle to anyone who just wants a stock gun as it's rare to find ones that shoot at all well out of the box. Also 450 FPS is actually on the more lenient side of DMR rules if you look through the sites in the UK, worth considering if you want to take it to other sites.
  7. I started going on my own after the guy i went with stopped after 2 games... It can be a bit daunting, but it's also a good way to make friends.
  8. M_P

    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Bought some PMAGs off him, nice straightforward sale.
  9. Belt and yoke gets my vote too. Currently it's got 5 pistol mag pouches and my pistol holster attached, it will depend on your gun but VSR mags fit in most pistol pouches quite nicely. I'd recommend getting a yoke with a MOLLE back panel so you can add a hydration pouch, I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives but I use:
  10. It's all very vague to be honest. It's like I could have a UKARA membership that expires on 17th July. So that means I'm legit today and not tomorrow? What about if I start painting a gun this evening but it spills over into the early hours of tomorrow morning? Unless I'm mistaken I have yet to see a clear definition of what does or doesn't constitute a defense in terms of being an airsofter other than most retailers basically treating a UKARA number as a license when it clearly is not, the 3 games thing is a UKARA guideline after all. As above I've had shops that know all my details including UKARA number but won't sell to me if it's expired despite selling to me in the past. I'd hazard a guess there's no UKARA enforcement team that says I'm now not a valid skirmisher. Not to mention most sites will then renew subsequent membership regardless of how many games you have played after initially qualifying. I do understand what people are getting at though, even if the person they are referring to does have a sensible defense. I've witnessed quite a few "loopholes" over the years but don't talk about them publicly because it just encourages people to go about things the wrong way.
  11. It looks like it's 33mm having just got out a tape measure. However the suppressor shouldn't block the sight picture unless you don't have the front and back sights level.
  12. I don't say someone is cheating unless I clearly see BBs bouncing off them, although the same can't be said for everyone. I once had a load of guys shouting at me to take hits saying they could hear it when it was clearly the sound of a sheet of corrugated iron next to me being hit.... I'd agree with Trigger in that openly accusing sites has a whole set of issues which could lead to sites unfairly losing business if the people slating them are wrong. Aside from creating a load of lovely internet drama which is always highly constructive.
  13. Sadly sites that will say "if you don't pack that shit in you are getting banned" are in the minority. Seems very common to go to sites where regulars are known for cheating but nothing gets done about it. I came across a real class act yesterday that not only didn't take hits but gave everyone he shot at a nice 1-2 second "burst" with his HPA gun. My last game of 2016 was at a site where loads of people on my team were saying that the cheaters on the other team were all regulars that everyone tries to avoid. I won't be going there again.
  14. The players I've had issues with the most are ones that are running the most commonly used gear. This is purely because they make up roughly 80% of the playerbase on any given skirmish so are going to contain the biggest number of bellends through sheer volume. It's extremely unlikely for this not to be the case, even if you've decided otherwise. Should we start banning all players running M4s with a cheap chest rig and army surplus gear because they are all dickheads? Personally I've not seen any reason to have an issue with players of a specific group until an individual proves that they are a problem.
  15. For anyone that every gets the whole family member or personal issues line I would always be immediately suspicious. Sure you can trust a stranger at face value if you like but its a recurring theme when people get scammed and the times I've had issues with stuff I have paid for I got fed the same story. Christmas delivery times are another good one, at least in my area they have been flawless this year. If people do genuinely have stuff going on then they should make the buyer aware there are likely going to be delays from the start of the deal.