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  1. Got some, only my 2nd set of m4 mags, but they are built much more solid than anything else ive seen, and they've always fed well, with my cm18 and l85, needed to file the plastic down a tad on the l85, but other than that they are perfect tbh
  2. By the sounds of it, to use either prs stock , you'd have to replace your buffer tube, which buffer tube you need and how easy it is to replace i honestly have no idea, though i am following with interest as i'd like to fit the ics to a non ics rifle in the near future As to why the stock hates you so much, its quite simple, its different therefore is stupidly difficult to get hold of or fit
  3. If its more the look than anything, then a good krylon paint job can sort that, if cash isnt an issue as pts247 said, then go real, though at a third of the cost even after import, duties and possible custom charges, and the spraypaint, i'd probably go for the ics. That being said this is your build, so do what you want with it, just thought i'd share that potential saving with you
  4. Just to save you a heap of cash, i came across a prs replica ish, by ics
  5. Thanks kiwi, i feared as much, ah well
  6. Hi guys, After a tad of advice if anyone would like to indulge me I own a WE gbb scar H, and was researching possible pmag options. Now there are not any airsoft manufacturers that make 7.62/308. Pmags in the first place, which is obstacle no. 1 , there are however real steel pmags available, i have seen a few real steel stanag conversions done. Obstacle no.2 is the different shape of the mags, traditional scar h mags are straight, the 7.62 pmags ive seen have a curve to them a little more like a stanag mag (pic attached) If anyone has a better idea of the We scar h mag internals would be able to hazard a guess at how easy conversion would be? I understand it would involve quite a bit of hack sawing, filing, and the like, Last couple of questions, if it is considered a bit behond my skill level (which is not that extensive to be perfetly honest) would anyone know the name of a company, or individual who does that kind of work?(sorry if thats a slightly stupid question) Lastly if it would be something such as a complete custom mag build, would it be as easy to use the larger size 30rd mag cases? Thanks, for any help given, and apologies for so many questions at once.
  7. I think what everyone may be missing, is that the gun is a cheap springer pistol, with no hop up
  8. Absolutely nothing wrong with you owning it, just dont take it out in public or anything like that, as that is illegal no matter the colour
  9. Agree with trig , survey needs to be structured, maybe a survey for each sport, rather than each page having 2 for each, replies as well, written better, and at least attempt to make it relevant to where your posting it? A lot of people wouldnt even bother with that survey, and how would those vague questions lead to improvements in equipment? I didnt answer anything about any gear or anything. Maybe you should head back to the drawing board with this survey?
  10. Had 1 as my starter gun, from the start of 2015 still going reliably, while it is plastic, it is a nice plastic so to speak, and you don't really notice the difference, i did replace the standard rail with a cheapo metal keymod rail, which fit easily enough, it takes a special tool to get the barrel nut off though. Ive had no issues as of the moment, range could be better, but being a combat machine, its t be expected. Hope that helps as a amateur view (Oops missed a year out i mean 2014, lost track a bit)
  11. By the looks of it, on the website if your undermounting or side mounting you'll need to buy keymod rail sections, if you haven't already, unless the torch is keymod, also from the description, it looks like that gun doesnt come with extra keymod sections, don't know if you know as much, but i do see no one else has mentioned that part
  12. Youve split the reciever first before attempting install right? If not do that, and them fit the adapter piece, before attaching the rail, the rail should come with a small instruction set explaining? Not in the country atm otherwise id give you some pictures, apologies if that makes no sense
  13. Its good to know they have actually been used to some effect, Fair enough, and yeah i've seen the discussions, and tbh i agree with not using on standard skirmish sites, far too close range to even bother, i was thinking more the milsim side, i might just get a standalone launcher, at least until i can find myself a 320
  14. True, never seen one used in a skirmish yet, partially why i held off so long before looking, and the tm concept is definitely a good one, as you said it is expensive, and not much good for the tag rounds, which I'm far too excited about to not get my hands on some
  15. Sounds about right tbf, not many people would want the increased weight on top of an already heavy rifle, saved my wallet a little bit of stress though, i'll have to keep my eyes peeled