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  1. Tech Tuesdays have now started live on the Snipermechanics FB page at 8pm. here is the latest video:
  2. Wesbite has been updated again. Facebook page has been updated. New YouTube channel is up and running now, latest video is Tokyo Marui M40a5 review:
  3. I was very confused lol
  4. Awesome stuff! I got you with a nice little straff on the last video
  5. My bunch all said hi and thanks for a great night! Thanks to @Trigger happy for sorting the night out, great to see regular faces and new. My Mrs lost one of her Hi-Capa mags which was unfortunate but otherwise a great catchup
  6. Evening All!! Apologies for the lack of activity and silence on the raffle, had 101 things going on On the plus side, my lot and I cannot wait for tomorrow! Going to be great catching up and having a laugh. Anything I've missed rules/gameplay wise?
  7. Cheers Gents
  8. Afternoon All,I'm potentially thinking of letting my TM 416C go as I've yet to skirmish it and I have other projects on the horizon.The gun is untouched externally or internally with the exception of deans being added. The gun has had less than 100 rounds through it and was bought new about 4 months ago.The gun will come with 1 mag (possibly 2), Magpul style BUIS and an Eotech with trades.Can anyone give me a rough price I can expect to get for this? I had a look online and thanks to Brexit I can see these are now between £500-£550 depending on availability.CheersDanImages:http://i.imgur.com/cdGrEF6.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/ILZjqyu.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/kPxxMBF.jpg Insert other media
  9. I really like the objective based games like activating the box, collecting intel/personalities etc. In regards to the raffle, I'm thinking if we all put in £5 each, then it'll be roughly £150 in the pot, which I can use to get a few items on my trade account. What I need to know is: Are people happy with putting £5 in Happy with it being done a random raffle ( we could do £130 on raffle, then £20 prize for most kills, funniest kill, most awesome tactical move etc) What prizes would people be interested in? One large prize such as an AEG or possibly a few smaller prizes such as a pistol, BFG, pyro, gear etc
  10. My usual lot: Me Mrs legend Jake Lee 1-2 more TBC I got your PM trigger and will sort payments out when everyone confirms. Have we decided on a raffle/prize etc? or shall I put an idea together and post on here?
  11. This is actually this: https://www.airsoft-military-news.com/review-modify-mod24-sniper/ None of the internals are EdGi, I've been speaking to Ed all afternoon lol
  12. Can't find you either :S Here's a link to my profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198094988686
  13. What's your steam I'll find you
  14. Loving terrorist hunt on it
  15. indeed I have I might get it today if there some of you on here who play it