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  1. Tech Tuesdays have now started live on the Snipermechanics FB page at 8pm. here is the latest video:
  2. Afternoon All,Here's to hoping, but I'm after a Tanaka preban rifle with PCS. Ideally an M40a1, but others would be considered.Failing that I'd be after a decent HPA rifle such as Mancraft (new version regulator) or something equivalent.CheersDan
  3. Wesbite has been updated again. Facebook page has been updated. New YouTube channel is up and running now, latest video is Tokyo Marui M40a5 review:
  4. Make: ASG Gun/Model: CZ Scorpion Evo Accessories: See Below Condition: Used, but good FPS: 320ish Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:N/N/N Price/Payment: £300 Pictures: See Below I'm looking to part with my ASG Scorpion Evo. I've had it about 8 months and it's only been used a few times. It was purchased as a backup to my TM's.It comes with one 11.1v battery4x magsIron sightsSuppressor Adapter GripInternally it's had a new set of upgrade gears and piston, this has made the rifle even snappier than usual. This is the later version with upgraded spring guide.After a quick sale to fund other purchases.
  5. I have a Cybergun/asg version
  6. Make: TM Gun/Model: PSG1 Desired Condition: working or broken, but complete Desired FPS: n/a Swaps/Part Exchange: n/a Budget: depends Afternoon All, Looking for a TM PSG1, working or broken, just needs to be complete.
  7. Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: M4a1 Accessories: 4 x Mags, foregrip Condition: Good, painted FPS: Stock 280-300ish Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £360 all in Pictures: See below So as part of thinning out my collection I'm looking to shift my backup TM Recoil, this gun has probably seen less than 2.5 rounds through it as it's purely a loner rifle/backup to my Upgraded M4 CQB-r. Internally nothing has been touched, with the exception of it being wired to deans, which was done by the retailer (Fire-Support). The rifle was dusted in Khaki Krylon, which the buyer could easily remove. The rifle comes with 4 x mags, which are a mix of TM/Battleaxe. I'm after a quick sale to fund another rifle and the price is lower than other recoil M4's I've seen along the same lines.
  8. I was very confused lol
  9. Awesome stuff! I got you with a nice little straff on the last video
  10. After a cheap TM VSR for a project, doesn't need to be working, just complete. Would also just take a TM VSR receiver
  11. My bunch all said hi and thanks for a great night! Thanks to @Trigger happy for sorting the night out, great to see regular faces and new. My Mrs lost one of her Hi-Capa mags which was unfortunate but otherwise a great catchup
  12. Evening All!! Apologies for the lack of activity and silence on the raffle, had 101 things going on On the plus side, my lot and I cannot wait for tomorrow! Going to be great catching up and having a laugh. Anything I've missed rules/gameplay wise?
  13. SOLD
  14. Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: HK416c Accessories:1 x mag, EoTech with trades, Magpul Style Buis Condition: Excellent FPS: Stock Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/See Below Price/Payment: £450 ovno Pictures: See Below So here we have my TM HK416c, I picked it up new a few months ago and sadly have yet to skirmish it, literally had less than 100 rounds though it. The gun is is excellent condition and has remained untouched, with the exception of deans being added.As I've not used the gun the gun, I've decided to sell it on to fund some other projects.Gun comes with:Deans fittedStandard HK mag which comes with the rifle new (may have 1-2 additional)Stock foregripMagpul Style BUISEotech Scope with tradesImages:http://i.imgur.com/cdGrEF6.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/ILZjqyu.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/kPxxMBF.jpgConsidering the price of these new now (£500+) and the condition, accessories I think this is a fair price.Price included delivery, however collection is preferred and will result in some cash being knocked off.PX wise I could be interested in:TM Scar HUpgraded Tacticool AKG&G SpringfieldPPS K98WW style Sniper rifles/conversionsIf you have low post count or low feedback, please do not contact me.
  15. Cheers Gents