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Escape from Tarkov

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So who's been jumping on this? I got it during the new year sale. Will definately be upgrading the the EOD version at some point. Not because the stash size is bigger, that's coming in an update soon for those with a small stash. But because the game is just frikkin awesome.


The basics: Military simulation FPS with RPG elements. Massive weapon modification system with risks. Take your chosen gear in, if you die it's all gone, if not you keep what you carry.


The game is still in closed beta right now,  and it is currently plagued with bugs. Sure it can be a hot mess at times however this is to be expected with early access. The Devs seem to be responsive enough and listen to the community via the forums. 


Anyone on this or looking for something new to play I definately recommend checking this out.



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I’ll be playing when my pc is fixed 

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