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  1. My Cyma MP5 & My R28 Kimber Warrior hiding there. Both a project of repair lol
  2. My advice would be to contact the site direct. advise that you purchased as a two tone gun... They may have just got a purchase but no mention of two toning the gun. This would clear up your issue with them. Personally I wouldn't put a fake number as this may reflect on you for future purchases on the site looking like you tried to falsify a UKARA license. I can't recall my UKARA but im sure they are a set amount of digits and if you were to put wrong it would be noticed.
  3. Stripped it back and re-assembled it.... dont want to let it go to the boneyard just yet lol. Threw out old batteries as they were dead.. so dont have anything to test it with ha.
  4. I am based on the west coast of Scotland mate
  5. haha! funnily I was watching negative and thought well reckon my gun could make that! don't know how id get in contact though lol
  6. Tell me about it least i can continue to tease my self with videos and pictures of lovely guns.
  7. Love and hate Tarkov played MANY hours on this game. Got to like level 45 before a wipe playing on and off.. lost endless amount of loot due to bugs the most broken aim bot scavs and rat camper pistoleer's Came off it and started playing BF4 again.
  8. Hello, My names Rosco.. From Scotland used to do indoor down ayrshire way and did outdoor at fenwick way. Keep watching videos and get suckered back toward doing it agian.. when its possible. cheers
  9. cool little mac.. would get fed up reloading constant tho.
  10. When the gun worked for the brief moment it did... it was really good and felt good. So if I get it working again then ill be happy.. the m4 build idea is very appealing a lot of project build parts for sale which does peak my interest.
  11. Hello, This will be my first post as I am looking for a bit of assistance.. So I used to airsoft about 6 years ago.. I had a G&G M4.. long story short I ended up swapping someone who I feel shafted me and ultimately stopped. So.. I swapped for a full metal mp5 blow back AEG. I presume its a CYMA as I cant recall the box it got delivered in as it was pretty trash anyway... I have long lost the forum I used to go and refer to. I have a few issues, one was a gearbox cycling issue where the gearbox motor wasn't connecting to the actual gearbox... this was s
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