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  1. Looked to book the towers a few weeks ago and there no dates on the website, so I assumed that it had been fully demolished now. Last night I had an email saying that there is a skirmish date coming up for the towers. My question is - How much of the site is left? Is it worth going anymore? Last time I went the main corridor had been demolished, which meant the games were very linear which ruined the reason why I liked The Towers in the first place.
  2. Is there a replacement for the towers? From first and only.

  3. +1 on that, I went collage did Motorsport mechanics couldn't get a job after I finished, thought about going to uni and progressing through that field but while phoning around for temp mechanic jobs for something on the side they said they wanted experience. How can I get experience if no1 will employ someone with minimum experience? So knocked that on the head, started working at an engineering company, worked my way up, now at 23 I program and setting CNC machines and tell people twice my age how to use them. Always try get involved in a job you don't know even if your just watching as you will pick up a lot of things. The people twice my age have never seemed interested in doing that and that's why they now come to me to sort there problems. People have joined from uni with there fancy degrees, but in the real world they don't know nothing, they are good at the job on paper but have no real experience on the machines. Many have come and all have left.
  4. I'm loving these GTA heists

    1. JamesAirsofterAgent


      Same here, takes a while to set up though.

    2. JamesAirsofterAgent


      What do you play on?

    3. Lt Earholes

      Lt Earholes

      Play on ps4 takes ages for people to join :/

  5. Honda, how could you! The best part of the concept for the type r was the rear lights and spoiler. Knew it was to good to be true.

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. joshcowin


      the new rs looks evil 4 wheel awd aswell :)

    3. Lt Earholes

      Lt Earholes

      It's got to be 0-60 in 5.0 seconds or under otherwise it's slower then the rs500, with AWD I'm sure it will be more then capable

    4. PT247



      It does look yummy, I'd imagine 0-60 will be around 5s as the current Fiesta ST with a mild tune to 220bhp will get you around 5.5s

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      it is a VFC / Umarex - we have them over here and numerous peeps have 'em. with or without GBB option. Has the trademarks but myself went for cheaper looking gun without tm's

    3. Lt Earholes

      Lt Earholes

      Is that in the bronze colour ? As I've only seen black on some uk sites I have looked

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      black I'm afraid but there is always a tin of krylon if you want to go with G&G CM18 colour scheme I guess.

      Besides import from US and expect a nice import tax bill

  6. if i was in power, i would find emwazi's family, make a video stating that if he doesnt give up his hostages and hand himself in then we will hang 1 family member per day till he is found.

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    2. Lt Earholes

      Lt Earholes

      Would I publicly announce that I have disowned him yes. Otherwise, people who know he is part of the family, would wonder why you haven't come out and slated him for what he is doing and thus making them believe that you aren't against it. Thus being Isis sympathisers. Isis sympathisers are not innocent people.

    3. TeddyBhoy


      I'd imagine they're doing their best not to believe it, you'd probably find it hard to come to terms with your son ( who you've raised and is considered a reflection of yourself) to be capable of those acts.

    4. Albiscuit


      *just deletes about 3 paragraphs but this gets us nowhere* Im out!!

  7. He must of been really good at hiding what he was doing to last 2 years.
  8. Saying that I remember when I was young I used to go the local market on a Friday before school, buy loads of cheap out of date sweets, drinks, crisps and the like and I used to treble my money, spent a fiver, got 15 quid back by the end of the day.(I can always remember a sour sweet/drink thing called a brain licker was the best seller) Up until the school found out and threatened me and my mate with being expelled if we didn't stop :/
  9. On the back of my house I have a water butt attached to the drain pipe, could use the water from that, makes the buissness eco friendly aswell. But if I was 14 I would just use my mom's water, fill up my pressure sprayer with water and some chemicals go do a round and come back for more if need be. Could even be £3 a month, if you do enough houses you would still get a lot more then a paper round.
  10. Tbh so do I, when I was 14 I did nothing. Now I have a full time job I would still do this if I didn't do so many hours and had some spare time.
  11. great day at the towers. deffinatly need more pistol mags, got 80% of my kills with my pistol.

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    2. Lt Earholes

      Lt Earholes

      Multicam top, bottom, vest, paintball mask and cap backwards to cover the back of my neck, with some tan boots.

      How about you?

    3. joshcowin


      i was on the black team wearing all black with tan boots with a scar h and a mp9

    4. Lt Earholes

      Lt Earholes

      It's a shame they knocked half of it down, as you can no longer flank round the back of the other team. On both floors people just get stuck at bottle necks and the game comes to a standstill.

  12. Need to get some sleep otherwise I'll be a zombie at the towers tomorrow. To excited tho, like a kid at Christmas.

  13. Just had a look and it does look amazing, especially the overnight experience. Just a shame it's 150 miles away for me. Some of the pictures, people have got kitted out guns with sights on, so think they may let you take your own gun but limit your mags or ammo. If you can't find any decent reviews but you really want to go then you may have to bite the bullet and just try it.
  14. Is there some sort of Jedi way of getting the gas into your GBBP mags? Keep getting variation on amount of shots from about 8-30, this is my first GBBP, held the gas nozzle in for about 30 seconds each time but still get 8-30 shots.

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    2. Mr Monkey Nuts

      Mr Monkey Nuts

      a pistol mag shouldn't take any more than 2-3 seconds to fill.

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      Mine take a good 8 or so I'd say.


      Rifle mags can take upwards of 15.

    4. Lt Earholes

      Lt Earholes

      Tried it and held it in for about 4 seconds and got 40 shots and there is still some gas left.


      Would never of guessed.

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