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  1. Went last year and the weather was horrendous - hate camping at the best of times so called it a day EOD Saturday. Not going this year, if I go next year ill be staying in a nearby hotel.
  2. Seems like its not legit. I've text him for more details and to see if he wants to bypass Paypal (if so i'm out). EDIT: Replied as sold.
  3. Ford Edge 2.0D AWD is my daily and the wife has a Vauxhall Astra 1.6T.
  4. Bought on Friday delivered today. SSX23 with two extra mags, suppressor and some accessories.
  5. Mine arrived today and very pleased so far.
  6. I have bought one, I was after a replacement NBB pistol after mine was damaged beyond repair. For me the price was reasonable and worth it for the pre-upgraded parts as I don’t have the time or knowledge to do those things myself. I own the SSP which has only had 1 issue which was fixed after an email from the Nov team with a video. For me that was really convenient and great service. I know most wont agree but for me I’ve had great experience so far and the product has performed better than expected.
  7. Just ordered a SSX23 from Novritsch 😳 #queuethehate
  8. Thank you both for your advice. Electrics are not something I know much about and so I am going to either leave this to a side to look at another time or maybe take it into a shop that hopefully wont charge much to do an initial assessment. I think I'm going to buy the 1500 box mag though thanks
  9. TG wont ship a gun without the UKARA, a friend of mine ordered a couple of guns from them which were delayed as he forgot to send the UKARA.
  10. in case it helps, I've attached another photo after taking the mag apart a bit more in the hope to find a jam which has not worked out for me.
  11. Hi all, I am hoping someone can help me. I bought an A&K M249 second hand from someone a little while ago (tested it on collection and all worked ok). I then took the gun out to my local field for a game day and half way into the second game the auto winding box mag stopped winding. I assumed at the time it was nothing serious and would investigate when i got home. I have now finally made time to investigate why but I've never done this kind of thing before. I have changed the batteries (AA's) and checked none of the wiring is loose, however it is still not working so i am stuck. Can anyone offer up any solutions/advice? Thanks Dan
  12. DanP27

    FPS Rate

    You would need to check with you field of choice, however you could use the gun as a DMR up to 450fps at my field. Be aware though that often the gun wont shoot at the FPS advertised and be lower, sometimes significantly.
  13. Mine are stored in the garage and never had an issue, only thing is I store my green gas and co2 in the house and bring the gear in 24/36 hours before to come back to temperature during the winter (mainly the mags). I can can dig out a picture to give you some ideas if you like.
  14. hope they work for you - I'm considerable putting an order in so planning to wait until you have tested them
  15. Our order arrived (2 SSP1's (1 for me and a mate)) and if anyone is interested the performance was great, much louder than expected compared to my NBB Gas Pistol and other GBBP I've shot. Very consistent, no feeding issues and shot without hop up adjustment 0.32 straight at 8" target from 16 meters (our home airsoft range we use for testing along the side of my house). Will report back on performance if anyone is interested when I go skirmishing soon.
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