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  1. DanP27

    FPS Rate

    You would need to check with you field of choice, however you could use the gun as a DMR up to 450fps at my field. Be aware though that often the gun wont shoot at the FPS advertised and be lower, sometimes significantly.
  2. DanP27

    How do you store you aeg rifles?

    Mine are stored in the garage and never had an issue, only thing is I store my green gas and co2 in the house and bring the gear in 24/36 hours before to come back to temperature during the winter (mainly the mags). I can can dig out a picture to give you some ideas if you like.
  3. DanP27

    fan assisted goggles

    hope they work for you - I'm considerable putting an order in so planning to wait until you have tested them
  4. DanP27

    SSP1, aka Hi-Capa

    Our order arrived (2 SSP1's (1 for me and a mate)) and if anyone is interested the performance was great, much louder than expected compared to my NBB Gas Pistol and other GBBP I've shot. Very consistent, no feeding issues and shot without hop up adjustment 0.32 straight at 8" target from 16 meters (our home airsoft range we use for testing along the side of my house). Will report back on performance if anyone is interested when I go skirmishing soon.
  5. DanP27

    SSP1, aka Hi-Capa

    A thread already exists for this topic here:
  6. DanP27

    Arp9 supressor

    Although I don't own an ARP9 one of my mates who I skirmish with regularly does and uses a B&T tracer unit and BOCCA Suppressor, however had to get a small 14mm ccw thread extender due to the rail guard not allowing the "thicker" suppressors to fit properly. If you are happy with an extension then any will work (assuming 14mm CCW) however other than that you will need to get quite a slim suppressor to fit.
  7. DanP27


    The only reason I can forsee Tracer BB's not being allowed at a site is because they tend to be Non BIO whereby many outside sites now are BIO only. Other than that, no reason I can think of.
  8. DanP27

    Want to get into Airsoft But...

    Sabotage Airsoft often do a Saturday game once per month now we are in the summer months (next Saturday game is 22/09). I'm not sure where in Bedfordshire you are, but I'm based in Leighton Buzzard and its about a 10-15 minute drive from me.
  9. DanP27

    SSP1, aka Hi-Capa

    No fan boy honest, I was expecting it to be around £250 if I'm honest and as the price (in my mind) was reasonable I thought it was worth a punt rather than buying the TM or other variants.
  10. DanP27

    SSP1, aka Hi-Capa

    I've bought two (one for me and a mate) as we were looking at hi capa's anyway and it seemed like a reasonable deal
  11. DanP27

    National Airsoft Event (NAE) 2018

    I'm going with 6 other guys in our team, we're team bravo - our first year there.. looking forward to it.
  12. DanP27

    How many of you store guns with empty mag in?

    Guns are hung up on the wall with all my mags in one of the drawers of my storage cabinet (gas mags left with a short "burst" of gas in them)
  13. DanP27

    Anyone got a Cyma metal 3shot pump action?

    I got myself last month one of these which is great fun (CYMA CM.355LM), tri shot fixed hopper - easily coping with 0.25 probably could do 0.28g as well. Quite heavy though and require shouldering to get the cocking motion to be as fluid as possible (does get easier the more rounds go through it)
  14. DanP27

    ASG CZ Skorpion Evo owners ?

    Glad I didn't wait out for it, I hear the price has gone up too
  15. DanP27


    great cheers have you considered doing bulk order deals as well? Me and the guys I play with tend to order all our ammo at the same time at get 6-10 4000 round bags, a deal on a bulk order would be great and im sure others would agree.