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  1. Hey guys, I'm in the market for a new airsoft rifle and I think I've managed to narrow it down to the 2 guns stated in the title. I know both will perform similarly on the field. But I'm just wondering if anyone who owns either one or both could indicate any quirks or advantages of one over the other. Other than cost at the moment I'm struggling. I currently have a Krytac CRB mk2 so a standard M4 platform is what I'm familiar with but something about the SCAR keeps turning my head. Any help with this 1st world problem would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Pxdjackerzzz

    Krytac magazine compatibility

    Yeah I’ve heard a lot of good things about PTS EPM’s! Think I’ll go with them
  3. Just wondering if anyone has used Nuprol N mag mid caps with there Krytac? If so any feedback on them? Aswell as anyone got any other suggestions for mid caps for a Krytac crb?
  4. Pxdjackerzzz

    Batteries for a Krytac

    Alright mate cheers for the help!
  5. Pxdjackerzzz

    Batteries for a Krytac

    Hey guys I’m just wondering if this battery would fit in a Krytac crb stock? Any help would be appreciated
  6. Pretty much what it says in the title. Looking for some new airsoft sites that are UKARA registered based in the West Midlands. Anyone got any recommendations?
  7. Pxdjackerzzz

    Some questions about milsim events

    I've been playing airsoft for about 6 months now and I want to break into the milsim scene and see what it's all about. So after a few google searches and a few YouTube videos I understand that I need to bring a certain amount of kit food, water, sleeping gear etc to sustain myself for that period of time. However im not sure what do I do with all the kit I bring to these events. Do I have to carry it with me throughout the event or do i leave it in an area and come back to it etc. Seems pretty obvious but I don't want to bring everything but the kitchen sink and have to carry it all. Aswell as this what are the best milsim games to go to and who runs the best events. Don't want to go to my first milsim game and go to a right stinker and be put off. Lastly is it normal for players to turn up on their own? I'm not part of a team and most lads I've played with aren't too interested in the milsim scene. Just some clarity on these points would be helpful cheers.