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  1. Time Left: 3 days and 18 hours

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    Classic Army MP5 combination QD Flash hider and trilug suppressor adapter with 14mm CCW thread. This is new and unused, still covered in original factory oil! I bought two by accident (long story) so this is surplus to requirements. These things are like hens teeth so I'm looking to recover costs from buying this. Note that this will fit the Classic Army/TM type RIFs but WILL NOT fit Cyma type RIFs. Attachment to the front site post is unthreaded and requires a small grub screw to secure. Price includes postage and fees.


  2. I agree that the value of someones time to upgrade their own gun is irrelevant once the time comes to sell it on. However, assuming that a DCS Tier 3 upgrade is great because it changes everything in the gun is folly. There is a reason why every time someone comes on this forum and says "I've just bought this what upgrades does it need" the response is almost always "use it first and see what it needs". Changing everything just for the sake of saying it's an upgrade is NOT the same as blueprinting an engine, regardless of what the person trying to charge £1000 to upgrade a £200 gun might tell you. As fr the TL:DR, I present option 3 - buy the gun off the shelf and do the upgrades yourself.
  3. Cash or bank transfer only. Not with a bargepole.
  4. The Macaron rubber is 90% of the performance of flat hop with about 5% of the effort so unless you plan on trying to lift very heavy ammo (ie more than the .28/.3 you mention) then it not really worth the hassle. The 50o or 60o Macaron should be fine for you.
  5. They've been around for a long while, you don't tend to hear about them so much these days because they just OEM for other brands but they did an absolutely awful M249 years ago!
  6. The Omega nub is designed to work with the Maple Leaf range of rubbers. Personally I usually go for the tan coloured Macaron rubber.
  7. I was referring to the information you found regarding the size of wire needed for 30A being 2.5mm, not the cable you had already tried.
  8. You've already found out that 0.75mm cable is too small, why buy something you know is too small?
  9. As the owner of an SA-A03 I'd take the B02 every day. E&C are still the OEM for the One series, personally I wouldn't say the potential for issues from the Edge series is worth the bonus of a quick change spring and maybe an Aster mosfet.
  10. They won't handle the current. @emit I do wonder why you want a coiled cable in the first place to be honest. I'd go for a silicone insulated normal cable (they're more flexible than PVC) and maybe consider sheathing it in some mesh cable tidy braided tube. As you've discovered, 30 Amp coiled cable is expensive (and heavy on account of the sheer amount of cable involved).
  11. For the avoidance of doubt, that hider set is for sale. It'll go up in the classifieds shortly.
  12. Legit Ops Core lids cost a crapping fortune! Hope you're ready for a bit of spending!
  13. I have the same side head! My FMA Wendy fits well but the bump version is a little bit flexible. It's really not an issue though, if it is then you need to be looking at a real helmet as pretty much ALL airsoft replica ones flex to a degree. The FMA Maritime is NOT big enough for a 62cm head. The PJ ventilated bump is big enough but isn't a high cut. Might also be worth considering the FMA Airframe as they seem to fit big heads. Emerson lids are almost universally shite.
  14. Ordered them direct from Classic Army. Check your inbox!
  15. @parramoom found them! It's a set of the tracer adapter and the qd flash hider, made by Classic Army.
  16. I ordered two by mistake! Let me dig them out and I'll drop you a PM!
  17. These ones are pretty decent https://essr.co.uk/collections/holographic-sights/products/holographic-red-dot-sight-nv-green-dot-xps3-558-airsoft-scope-qr-desert
  18. Thing is, it's such a tricky question to answer that a crystal ball is pretty much your best bet. What with Brexit, the pandemic and assorted other excuses the supply chain is well and truly fucked and most likely will be for at least the next 3-6 months. I'm already being quoted 17-20 week lead times on stuff for work that used to be next working day. Maybe if you could be a bit more specific with what you're waiting for then you'd get a better answer.
  19. Just because you can, doesn't mean you have to. If you spend the money on consistency and accuracy instead of chasing the FPS then you don't need to be shooting half bricks to get the range.
  20. I drive a Mazda because it starts when I want it to start and it's comfortable. Plus it has a cavernous boot that I can fit as many airsoft pews into as I could ever want! I've had shit, old cars and it's not "character", that's just a thing we say to make up for it being shit.
  21. Given the cost of it I would tend to agree but that's for the OP to take up with Roman.
  22. I agree, he should have at least sent a picture of the available material but if that's all he can get then it's probably what he assumes everything on the market is like. Might be worth the OP posting in the Lindnerhof group on Facebook to see if anyone else has the same issue https://www.facebook.com/groups/807151342686715 Probably, but where does Roman source his materials? Probably not AliExpress.
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