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  1. Thanks for the feedback (Read Ribbing - I feel right back at home already) Gents! 😆
  2. I've missed you and your p*ss taking ways 😂 How has the place been? To give some background - as I'm aware you're currently in stitches about my desire to be fit for toy guns inna woods. I recently did one of the Break-Point events and whilst I managed to get through it, I'd of enjoyed it a hell of a lot more if I had been fitter. In other words I don't want to be gasping for air when I'm there - and I don't want to be struggling to walk for the 2 days afterwards. Also, by supplements I don't mean steroids or dopamine... I was thinking something more like a pre-workout or BCAA, if they're worth the faff or if they don't do FA.
  3. Hi Guys, Some of you may remember me - I used to be quite active on the forum. I'm recently returning from a bit of a hiatus and as such my fitness levels aren't quite what they used to be, shall we say! Not only has the world of Airsoft not stood still for me... Neither has the world of fitness. There's a lot of new and conflicting opinions on what methods of training are best and whether supplements are needed - I used to just take a multivitamin & a Fish oil but it seems there is a lot more on offer these days and I'm wondering if any of it lives up to the hype! To put a Brief forward: I'm looking to get back into the sport with a view in particular to Milsim/Weekend events. So being the little Gear Gremlin I am, I'll need to work on my endurance, strength and stamina so I can carry it all weekend.. I'm thinking of Blitzing some HIIT cardio combined with rounded strength training from compound lifts. What training plans are you guys doing and what are you taking to help, if anything? I'd also appreciate any advice on my own plan from guys who are doing similar extended events 👍 Teddy
  4. Anyone at Ace combat Brenchley tomorow ? Weighing up whether to give it a go

  5. Anyone make an off the shelf GBBR M16a2? Had a quick google and all I can find is custom builds or a Viper tech carbine mislabeled as an M16a2...

  6. Working down in Brighton for the next 3 weeks... anything worth checking out here airsoft or surplus wise?

    1. Dentonboy


      Crawley Surplus is 40 mins up the A23; well worth a visit.

      Surplus is thin on the ground, sadly.

  7. Gents, who's the go to man for a bit of custom work these days? Looking at having a high standard .22 HDMS made so will require a lot of fabrication lol

  8. Gents, having some trouble sourcing parts for my CA 249. Need a lower front rail and Heat guard but nowhere has them in stock. Any suggestions on stores that will special order/source them? Zero one have said they don't work with CA and RDX tactical have had no luck so far ...

    1. Dechande


      G&P, A&K and TOP external parts will fit also. The G&P parts tend to be a bit nicer.

    2. Lozart


      Teddy, You have a PM

  9. anyone know which battery fits in a CA249 para handguard?

    1. TomC
    2. TeddyBhoy


      Thanks mate, couldn't find anything on my phone!

  10. Just ordered a CA m249 para as a birthday present for myself next week
  11. Just tried to access the Ukara website and it says it no longer exists... Is UKARA now defunct or something ???

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TeddyBhoy


      Strange. Their homepage comes up with an advertisement for their host "parallels" and says I'm seeing this page because the page I was looking for no longer exists

    3. TeddyBhoy


      Any other page just says "Not Found, the requested url was not found on this server "

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      http://www.ukara.org.uk/ might be your browser - try a new one or another laptop/phone/tablet - looks ok to moi on my crappy laptop
  12. Funnily enough that thought must of been had by the Rangers and delta in Mogadishu
  13. Are there any reputable brands of "Lipo bag" ? First time buying one, would rather buy something I know is going to work instead of a knock off that will just add fuel to the fire
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