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  1. Added some fans to my helmet. Beep boop. Will see how it goes.
  2. Afaik the seller wont sell the 3D files directly - you can only buy the physical item from him to ship from South Korea. Need to watch out for shipping and exchange rate, especially its in USD and rates hasn't been favourable the last few months (Etsy updates rates at midnight). I've also brought the 40mm speed loader from there to quickly reload to field if necessary. Hah, when I saw first it reminded me of this scene from "Who am I ?" (another one of those cringy Jackie Chan films), with a camera gun. I thought about doing a CIA field agent load out, but then dressing up as one is just wearing plain clothes anyway
  3. Giving war photojournalists a bad rep starter kit. Just a camera strap, blue helmet cover and a press vest away, then I'm ready to abuse journalist immunity one 40mm at a time. 🤫
  4. Got the M203 (S&T) through the post today. Despite having a 40mm shell Infront of me and ordered a mini version, I was still blown away (pun not intended) by the size of it when i pulled it out the box. One question though - is the safety supposed to be a cosmetic feature or should it be functional ? It fired regardless of the setting it was on.
  5. It does appear that is exactly what Ussli said.
  6. A few lens protector from Red Dot Engineering. Unfortunately the flip up reflex had to be custom made which costed quite a bit, but happy with the process and the result. Itching for a field test now with this set up. Wonder how wierd that would look in the field.
  7. On top of the pain side, I would also / still consider about bruising, swelling and even BB's potentially breaking skin. Assuming none of your friends played airsoft before, if one them shot at you point blank just for a laugh, that feeling certainly wont be reciprocate by you. Not to mention if it hit one of your more delicate body parts. Also got me thinking ... don't know if it is just me, but in my experience getting shot in the ass is one of the more painful areas to hit, despite the amount of fat in that area. Maybe I just have a sensitive bum. 🤔
  8. Brought a part (mock silencer) from Evike late last year, didn't have UKARA then and got hit by the exact same form by UPS. I think the word Airsoft in the shipping content triggers the flag for this process. For me (completely glossing over the shambles of their communications), I fill in what I could to support my claim (i.e No velocity, its a part, not a RIF, playing with an organization, no UKARA as not importing RIF etc.) They released it fairly quickly after I sent the form back to the right person. Not that I would guarantee its the same for you, given import orders are risky and next person could be completely different, but hope that helps.
  9. I've been eyeing on their P90 170 rd mag for a while now to replace my high cap. I remember they were at the £45 - 46 pound mark, and now its £51.38. That was just between Aug 21 to now. Not sure why I still look at their site given they are no where near restarting deliveries last I heard. Probably the cheaper price compared to anywhere still makes a good case for a window shopping fogging.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome, I have a P90 AEG, MP7 GBB (which I am planning to run in warmer months), and a G18c GBB. Trying to get a prism optic / red dot to go on the RIFs and crucially a few mid-caps to replace the dreaded P90 hi-cap at the moment. Should have also mentioned I am a university staff currently playing with the student ran airsoft club, which thanks to them, have massively helped me get into the sport. Somewhat aware if / once I leave my job Ill probably be end up be going solo, hence trying to open up the network. The local site is mostly Ambush activities or South Coast CQB, but I've also played at Z-mart, UCAP Greenops, Ironsight, and RIFT Bomb dump which is my favourite so far. Not been to Ground Zero which I think failed the requirements for a sign off from the student union, but would be interested to go there on my own some day. @Khyber Too busy stroking RIFs to take pictures and upload 😅, they are plain rifles anyway, but here's a picture of the kit (with thanks to the organisers) I ran last Saturday at the bomb dump to give an idea. Also badly twisted my ankle (twice) on that day, still have a swollen feet and a bruise line need to heal up before the next game .
  11. Fairly new guy to airsoft - Started playing the sport since last October to help reduce screen time + get the legs moving, and I've pretty much dived straight in since then. Got my UKARA the other month and now a RIF hugger owner of 2 rifles and a pistol. At the moment I'm trying to get a few accessories to go with the RIFs to make it a bit more effective in games. So far been to a few sites around the area, certainly interesting to see and experience different settings, and starting to build a list of favourites to go back repeatedly. As for the forums, I've been lurking around for a while now, but thought its actually time I should really drop in, say Hi, get to know more players and if any luck local ones too. 👋
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