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  1. 149 micron mesh strainer https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401618782376?var=671363138447&chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=671363138447_401618782376&targetid=1140163972729&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=1007321&poi=&campaignid=12126090633&mkgroupid=117623829555&rlsatarget=aud-381667280803:pla-1140163972729&abcId=9300481&merchantid=9460704&gclid=Cj0KCQiAyoeCBhCTARIsAOfpKxjLFMm1Fu3QW8YAkcP0OTnRUSw12165zxHrVeCFzljECWwQ22eh8psaAmNIEALw_wcB
  2. ahhh cheers for heads up been a few years since i used it!
  3. luckily this one is the exact same measurments as the cyma one rechecked with calipers calibrated this time when it arrived yesterday so should have no issues emphasise on the should with how haunted that gun is you never know lol
  4. no wobble not to tight it fit pretty much bang on like the original 21.5 for the cyma blue ones and this is bang on 21.5 so perfect length aswell yeah man id measured then messaged ak about it before i ordered asked about a longer nozzle and he swapped it for the blue one that he sent which is this one https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/internal-parts/nozzles/aols-m4-aluminium-nozzle-double-oring
  5. scratch that its bang on same length as the cyma blue one i hadnt zero'd the calipers before i took measurment last time!
  6. compression kit from ak2m4 has arrived now to wait on the perun mosfets to arrive @Sitting Duck spoke with mr ak2m4 and hes sorted me out with a nozzle as close to the cyma length one as he had and it fits perfect in the tappet plate
  7. you dont have to tell me that twice lol
  8. yeah bud as i have to do the same with my perun mosfet
  9. haha mate i ordered brake pads for my wee 125 had to order em from itally july last year eventualy received them november had to take my bike off the road till i got em so know your pain brother lol
  10. haha know feeling im looking at a 2 week minimum from poland going by the tracking on my stuff from perun lol
  11. looks to me the trigger is slightly out of line the back of the trigger block is slightly angled could just be my eyesit
  12. probobly stupid but have bought the m4 compression upgrade kit off ak2m4 for my cyma 621 build
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