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  1. OK anyone want to fess up about throwing @MiK @GenuineGerman @Skarainto the airsoft black hole? And on a side note...What kit would you throw in to one?? I'll kick it of with P90>> ⚫ Regards
  2. Did you buy it new?if so then take it back.Could be motor connections.
  3. I think you had better stop with the diet now fella! Get a good meal down your Gregory and that waist strap will be a bit tighter👍 😉 Regards
  4. GAh yes the good old days of citizens band radio. I was heavily into it and had many rigs over the years base station and mobile and portable. My favourite was a ham International jumbo base station connected to a forty foot high motorised beam aerial. Had contacts across Europe and when the 'skip' was running had qsl with America. I had a bit of help though by way of a 50watt burner lol. Still got all my qsl cards in albums. From my car rig I regularly had contact with a chap in Firenze (italy) as clear as a mobile phone. We became good friends. But yes in later years the hobby degenerated into one big wind up. Wish I hadn't sold my jumbo though. They are getting rare now and are fetching a fair old wedge! Regards
  5. Yeah I did put that on list lol It would be good for you to try it at least once. I mean,the smell, the noise the water dripping through the chalk,the thrill of getting lost in dark,cold,narrow tunnels. What's not to like lol. Open every Wednesday evening £15 and fortnightly on a Sunday£30 See ya there 🙂 Regards
  6. @shadowfacex Also near to me is Badlands airsoft in Emsworth. Not been yet but the reviews and promo material make it seem worth a try. Camouflage airsoft and paintball near Hurn Airport Bournemouth is another one on my list. Regards
  7. Hope these pics help.

    They are from the Baofeng software disc. 




    1. EDcase


      In the bottom pic you see the Beat Shift column.  Channel 1 has it on so if you can listen to channel 1 on another 888s which has it off or a different model of Baofeng you should hear the effect.


      I read that High/Low power doesn't make much difference but I set mine to Low just in case.

      I also read the W/N should be set to Narrow 


      According to this (analogue) those aren't the right frequencies for PMR channels.

    2. Shamal


      I don't know a lot about the specifications or operating parameters and those were the frequencies already loaded in. They work on the same frequencies as the squad leaders at the nae and for team chat.channels for this year's event were channel 2 squad leader and channel 3 for team chat and I think it was 7 for marshals and emergency.


      I think the beat shift function make the chat scrambled to any radio other than your team.

    3. EDcase


      Hmm that's interesting it worked on the channels.  I guess they all use the Baofeng defaults.

      Yes, BeatShift has to be enabled on sender and receiver to communicate.  Unfortunately if BS is ON it will try to unscramble a normal signal so it will heard distorted.

  8. Yes vendetta is the gloustershire prison. Valiant is the Dorchester prison.and we did have redemption which was the victorian prison in Portsmouth but we lost that. They were all ucap. Regards
  9. Hi @shadowfacex🖐 Have you got green ops. A smallish woodland site run by ucap(up close and personal).located in Liphook. A good site with lots of props such as downed light aircraft a helicopter front half,military vehicles and more being added. Good game scenarios. Site can be challenging but not too much walking back to respawn. Large carpark at the end of a half mile rough track. Large covered safe zone. Great down to earth and experienced marshalls who aim to keep the games flowing and fair. Also run by ucap is the ww2 d-day tunnels under portsdown hill portsmouth. Something a little different and a challenge. Cqb at its most brutal lol but great,atmospheric play. Again plenty of authentic props and a few surprises! A little difficult to find as you would expect for a secret bunker. 2.5 miles of bunker to explore.niiice! Regards
  10. Yes I have the USB cable and the software minidisc. I'm not sure if.they have beat shift though. I can look tomorrow night though. Hi @EDcase Some of my last post got tacked on the end of your post lol regards
  11. I run the 888's. Got ten of them. Never had a prob with them from a legal or durability aspect. I have the higher capacity batteries in them(2300mah) which gives them more weight and a nicer feel. Never had prob with water ingress but never really used them in very heavy rain.
  12. Yeah I agree with that last statement. The world would be a great place if it wasn't for the people! 😉
  13. And very distinguished it looks to. The years have looked favourably upon you. 😉
  14. Haha. First year at nae in ringwood. I got there early to set up camp.Stepson arrived with mate about 8pm. Upon getting gear out of car he discovered he had left his gats at home!! Two hours later and round trip of 100miles he was back and ready for a drink. Feckin knobber lol.
  15. Come on admit it,you were baiting him a wee bit? Lol
  16. Night Evolution weapon light is my toy for night games and bunker games. It has a great throw,good spread but still a coherent beam with a very bright centre. Activated by pressure pads or can be on solid and has two small nav lights activated by small thumb push. Not sure of lumens but is very bright.
  17. I got home from work tonight and wife had left a note on fridge door. "It's not working" "I can't take it anymore" I'm going to my sisters". I opened fridge. LIght came on,beer was cold.....what the fuck is she on about?? 😉 regards
  18. My son is interested but reluctant to start as he tends to go the whole hog into all his hobbies and he know it would cost him plenty lol. His main hobby is astrophotography and he has spent thousands on kit. Even nasa has asked to borrow it lol. My targets are 30 to 50mtrs his targets are 30 to 50 light years! It's a shame but next best thing is my grandson. I've got him and his mate hooked and we have played a few games together now🙂
  19. Hi @seventysevenand welcome to the playground 👍 Three strokes! Well that beats my one stroke and angina lol. Well done for getting on top of it 👏. As @EDcasesays maybe you could have a game at a nearby site and see how you get on. It's a bit more interesting than garden target shooting and you just take it at your own pace. I've got a tm mk23 for pigeon and squirrel annoying in back garden. It's virtually silent and it helps keep my eye in lol. Keep well and have fun🙂 Regards
  20. Have a look online.ebay is a good place to start. Good luck 👍
  21. I'm liking it already even with a picture taken with the lens cap on! 🙂
  22. Hi @tommo thompson How long have you had it? I have the same charger.Ive had it four years now and to be honest if/when it gives up I will get another one. They are very good. If you do go for something else just read buyer reviews to get an idea of how good it is. Regards
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