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  1. I picked up one of them from patrol base last month. Not skirmished it yet but fired a fair few rounds out of it. The quality fit and finish is really nice and without the mag it is a light rifle. The mags are heavy (compared to mws for example) and add alot of weight. Firing is snappy and the efficiency seems good at room temp but cold weather performance remains to be seen. I am shooting at 10m so cant speak to the hop but it is a bit of a pain to change, not the worst but you need a tool inserted though the ejection port. All the takedown pins are retained which is nice and you can remove them without a tool (the rear benifits from a bit of a nudge as it is flush). The trigger feel is a bit better than an MWS with a faily clean break. One flaw is the tool does not fit into any of the storage areas in the pistol grip or the stock for storage. Overall seems good and is very satisfying to mess about with BUT parts avalibility is very worrying and the main reason I will keep it as a bit of a wall hanger. Ive looked about and it seems that if something breaks it will likely be impossible to find replacements. I would consider either the vfc 416 (parts including full bolts) are readily avalivale form WGCshop or an MWS which are both roughly the same price and are very well supported.
  2. Tis a sad day all.... My 416a5 had a critical mission failure today. The "wings" on the spring guide failed... (see the pic). It looks like a simple fid and I dont need to even remove and dismantle the gearbox. HOWEVER... I can only find one of the two wings...
  3. Definately return it! Patrol Base are pretty good when it comes to this stuff.
  4. That sucks big time. Looked closely over the rifle seems good externally. The hop wheel is a toothed semi circle where tiny adjustments make a big difference.
  5. A new PTS Masada GBBR (patrol base clearly did a clear out of the back of the store house). Could either be the a great purchase or a nightmare if something breaks as im sure they are no longer being made....
  6. Most AEGs are pretty good overall but after buying a fair few rifles and pistols I have found that the tokyo maruis have a level of quality control and finesse (even the package is nice) that the others dont. The NGRS also has the bolt stop and "recoil" which I find adds a bit of fun factor. Many guns right from the box are shooting similar to the marui anyway (300ish) ie VFC, krytac (although the newish nautilus 2 gearboxes are more like 345ish), ASG scorpion etc. So it pretty much depends on what extra features you want.
  7. I am going to be a little contrary here but.... I have the ICS L85 and reading fourm posts got a G&G Susat from fire support (ignored the warning on their page that it does not fit the ICS) and when it arrived it did not fit. The G&G L85 rail is 1mm wider than standard so the susat was wobbly and could not be tightened further to fit. Even fully tightened it still moved about. I believe that there may be variants to of the G&G Susat as many people say they fit but just beware! The ICS is a millitary spec rail and will fit a real Susat. Also most of the £70 reproduction susats floating about are the same fitting. I got a random one of ebay and it was a ok.
  8. No, we were at our usual outdoor site (don't want to name them as they are great and this seems to be a bit of an unusual situation). I do think ammo needs to be checked as personally at multiple sites I have never actually seen a proper off the cuff chrono taking place.
  9. Now that is nicceeeeee. I suspect you are the only person in the county to run an AK Storm like that!
  10. It is an interesting one. My friends and I were at a site in Scotland the other weekend and all of us have reports of being hit harder than anything we have felt before. Its all somewhat unsubstantiated and conjecture but honestly I got hit in the chops (wearing a facemask luckily) and it was not like a normal hit I have experienced before. To add to my comment tho, as long as the Joules output is within site limits I suspect that it just carries more momentum and so feels harder at longer ranges. It does raise an interesting debate regarding minimum engagement distances as they are currently set up for standard ammo.
  11. It was an airsofter with a youtube channel who bought this crazy monstrosity. Goes by PewPew_Paladin and does good videos on various rifs. https://youtu.be/YdWcZ3H1mUc
  12. Hi, this is the battery I currently have, https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/nuprol-7-4v-1200mah-lipo-stock-peq-battery its a perfect fit in terms of width and height and the titan power looks to be only 0.05m wider which looks like nothing but the current battery is right on the limit with no wiggle room width wise. I have found crane stock batteries do not fit even though the dimensions quoted on patrol base show it should (https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/asg-7-4v-1300mah-25c-lipo-crane-stock-battery). This was because they only measure the cell length and did not account for the wires and heat shrink at the top of the battery which then prevent the butt plate from going on properly. I think I will take the plunge and see as I am almost certain the cell size standardised similar to normal batteries and from the photos they looks match for the mini NiMh tokyo marui use.
  13. Hey guys, I have been thinking about trying the Titan Batteries (Lithium Ion) and was wondering if anyone knows if they fit in the TM SCAR NGRS? https://www.titanpower.eu/collections/7-4v-airsoft-packs/products/3000mah-7-4v-brick-tamiya From the pics the individual cell size looks like it is the same as the TM Mini S NiMh battery cells (shorter overall size on the titan). Cheers!
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