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  1. All genuine concerns and I couldn't agree more. I will try the borrowing option, it's also another way of making contacts at our regular site. Fingers crossed on the job front! Thanks anyway. Son has a full face mask and I've got some british army goggles but I am thinking about swapping them for the sunglasses type. Are they any good?
  2. Hi, Yeah I suppose it is a bit desperate for a first post!😆 But desperate times, desperate methods I guess. My boy is 13 and we both have basic camo gear and gloves. I've ordered a plate carrier from China for £17. It looks OK, but I'm aware that it'll probably be average at best when it eventually arrives. In terms of guns, in an ideal world 2 of each yes, but even if I could just get one working primary and secondary for him that would be a start. I'd be guided by your experience when it comes to mags, batteries etc but at the moment we have nothing so any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Hi fellow airsofters! My son and I are just getting into airsoft and are gagging to play again after this lockdown. The only problem is that I lost my job in the middle of March due to the pandeminc and I was hoping to get my son both a primary and secondary for his birthday because he doesn't want to use rentals anymore. Sadly, like a lot of people, money is now very tight and I can't justify spending it on guns (as much we'd like to!). I see people with massive collections of guns and always wonder how they can afford to do it. Anyhow, this is the embarrassing bit and I know this is cheeky, but if any of you lads and lasses have a spare gun you would be willing to donate to us for free, you would make two noobs very, very happy. Naturally I'm more than happy to pay for postage or even collect it if not too far. Many, many thanks.
  4. Thanks buddy that's very helpful.
  5. I am new to airsoft and have been introduced to it by my son. To get me going I bought a cheap tactical vest as in the picture, but after wearing it a couple of times, I don't think it looks as good as many of the loadouts other guys are rocking. I don't see the need to be carrying around tons of unnecessary kit for the sake of looking "warry" at this stage, enough space to hold a few mags and grenades, but at the same time I want to look good. So, do I go for a chest rig or a plate carrier? And what ones would you recommend? Ideally something that will go with the MTP camo, British DPM and also for the US contractor look in the summer. Cheers.
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