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    M4 and G36C AEGs from makes I forget, far too many GBB pistols, and my pride and joy a Magpul FPG
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    Second hand bits and pieces, so I can spend more money on GBB pisols!
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    Having laser tag / nerf wars with my stepkids so I can drag them airsofting asap! :-D

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    Hi folks, I've a big hankering for a PDR. Does anyone have one they'd like to move on? I'm happy with any condition really, from one that's just a box of bits (although I would want all the external parts) all the way through to one packed with upgrades, priced accordingly in either case. Happy to collect if you're anywhere around the South West. Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂 Tom


    Frome / Chippenham - GB

  2. Thanks folks! Sounds like I have some experimenting to do! My current thinking is to get the cheapest pair of fan-ventilated goggles I can find, then pull the fan out and stick it in a pair with quality lenses and anti-fog spray/wipes, and see how those work for me. But yeah, next time I find a wad of cash down the back of the sofa I might just look at a WarQ. I'm keen to have as few straps/pads on my head as possible. 🙂 Thanks again, everyone! 🙂 Tom
  3. Hi folks, In the past I've used mesh goggles, but I've heard horror stories about poor quality BBs shattering into pieces small enough to get through, and I suspect that mesh is quite a lot weaker in general. So I figure I'll have a look at solid lens ones. I'm a touch concerned about fogging though. I appreciate there are sprays and things, but I'd like to keep the chances of it to a minimum. My feeling is that the goggles that seal against your face like ski goggles are likely to be less susceptible to it, since your breath doesn't get up inside them as much, but coul
  4. Absolutely! Can't wait to get back in the saddle... particularly while it's not too hot - I'm a run-around-like-a-mentalist-getting-shot-a-lot kind of player, so often overheat under a plate carrier etc! I didn't get rid of any of my gear so that shouldn't stand in my way. Not that that will stop me getting some more though, of course! 🤑 And thanks for the tip about Gamble. I've only looked at his eye pro video so far but that's been a great start - I'm still using mesh for fear of fogging, but it sounds like I'm behind the times! Thank you! 🙂
  5. Hi folks! It's been a while since I've played properly, but I'm really looking forward to getting back into it. In the meantime, I thought I'd join on here and have a little look around. Nice to meet you all! 🙂 Tom
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