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  1. Yup agree as piman said, it was predictable and most other couriers and services have continued with very little delays or interruptions. UPS it seems to have had their heads in the sand and did not prepare for it well at all.
  2. Time Left: 1 day and 6 hours

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    Airsoft Chronograph, any chrono not specifically the one pictured.


  3. Cheers, I was thinking either a perun ab or a merf 3.2 originally. Or I may just go simple and put a gate nano in for now.
  4. Thanks a lot for that advice as I was actually looking for one with active braking. Will just go basic.
  5. Cheers, yea the nozzle currently fitted seems pretty worn and doesn’t have any seals so I’m thinking to replace with a aluminium nozzle either single or double o ring. The ROF is ok for now, I think I’d rather put the budget into a nice mosfet and chrono for now. Maybe a few games down the line I will look at further upgrades to improve the rof, 13:1 gears etc, but for now I’m just aiming for good consistency and reliability.
  6. So having done some more research and studying I decided to go back into the box today before I jump the gun and order bits I don’t need. Went further and pulled the trigger assembly apart also. so I wouldn’t say the cut off is worn, I also replaced the seals on the piston and cylinder and air seal is now good except with the nozzle, measured it up and shall be replacing the nozzle. I was also a bit less sure that the previous shimming was as good as I thought and it seems like it was shimmed too tight as after I had shimmed it the gears seemed to be able to freely spin a l
  7. Yea it’s definitely had some history but I do like it and it’s turning into a little first project for me. I’m excited to see what I can do with it. Already learnt a lot from it so it will be good to see what I can get out of it.
  8. Cheers, yea I had put ptfe behind the piston seal which sorted the air seal and to be honest the seal was fairly good with the nozzle so I should probably leave that alone I just wanted to replace it so i'm not relying on the ptfe for a good seal. Yea I am planning on fitting a ML macaron 60 and the spring guide is so that it is a bearing type. The spring i was going to replace as it seems very short and has a very rough cut job. The cut off is completely rounded so I am presuming it is causing the over cycle however the mosfet addition should also help with this.
  9. No not everything is that worn, piston seal is poor and old so id like to upgrade that to have a metal rack, the cut off lever is worn and does need to be replaced, and id like to add a basic mosfet as with the worn cut off it is over cycling. the barrel and bucking are just upgrades id like to do rather than are absolutely necessary.
  10. Cybergun AK74Us - So after stripping down and seeing that a few things in my gearbox need upgrading, I am debating either just replacing/upgrading the worn parts or aiming for an increased ROF. Current basket/upgrades; Piston & Head Spring & Guide Inner Barrel Bucking/Nub Nozzle Cut off lever all Springs Mosfet Current gears and motor seem fine however I am contemplating fitting a 13:1 gear set, bearings and new motor. Has anyone done similar and recommend any other things to consider or parts? I currently have a basket on
  11. Thank you. Yea I’m keeping an eye on the classifieds. Going to buy most of the replacement parts and upgrades on payday and hopefully be happy with it all once that is done. Then onto a nice little gbb side piece.
  12. Will do cheers, I don’t mind a bit of tinkering to get them to fit. put a new a battery in the rds this evening and found out the sight is kaput. On closer inspection the emitter had been all scratched up as if it had been attacked with a small screw driver in the past. Can’t help but start to feel slightly ripped off now but hey that’s the risk with buying second hand.
  13. cool, I look forward to watching it.
  14. Yea I was thinking to move the torch to a front side rail along a grip below. The rail is very chunky and can’t be removed from the mount.
  15. True, I’d much rather a nice clean look.
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