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  1. Matt!

    What are you driving?

    A nice collection, is that Japfest you are at by any chance or castle combe?
  2. Matt!

    What are you driving?

    is that seriously your r32? if so thats a fucking monster! heres mine,
  3. Matt!

    The Beginners Guide to Airsoft

    have you used an m16 in cqb? I loved it when I had mine, well worth the extra challenge if you get the chance.
  4. Matt!

    The angry thread!

  5. Matt!

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    We thought white would be a disadvantage in the field we only ran with the blue one because it follows the forums colour theme although I believe they are our best seller *Dev can confirm? We have a ton left so wont be making any new ones until they have gone (maybe camo designs etc?), but i did do a quick mock up of the design if you want a peek
  6. Matt!

    battlefield 3

    I didnt buy the game for PC, but my brother bought it for xbox so weve been having a few games together, i tend to stick to engineer and him support, ive got the say support is bloody lethal! type 88 with IR scope and bipod seems to be a bit overpowered haha. I preferred rush in badcompany 2 but i have to say it for bf3 conquest seems a lot more action packed whoever hasnt tried it yet do it, its really good.
  7. Matt!

    battlefield 3

    doubt it, as its on the same engine i would imagine they took the same aspects through into BF3. with on core it doesnt take 5 shots . As the sequel to BF2. it looks like a console game. prob wont end up buying this..
  8. Matt!

    Forum Patches?

    good to hear mate, they spread the word of AF-UK over (hopefully) all sites on the UK
  9. Matt!

    Airsoft Photography?

    I did it, and it was very enjoyable, you certainly notice people trying to force good shots on themselves however and I tended to ignore those people. wear a bright jacket and dont sit behind foliage (so people can see the jacket) and just stick to the sidelines, you should have enough zoom and focus to make it look like you were right in the action! Some tips get a feel for it in the first rounds. Take spare batteries / memory cards dont go crazy focusing on 1 team or certain team members try and get everyone go with mates Upload the pictures go regularly if you can Enjoy it.
  10. Matt!

    Transporting RIF's

    Props to Finius for this.
  11. Matt!

    Gun picture thread

    thought you just got an AK? you change your mind with guns so often i cant keep up Pics of my beast soon.
  12. Matt!

    Can I get other people with UKARA to give me a RIF?

    doesn't this only apply to IF's?
  13. Matt!

    battlefield 3

    Waiting for skyrim myself Looks likes its gonna be a mix between BC, cod and the MOH and nothing like bf2 so prob a no go from me!
  14. Matt!

    The Beginners Guide to Airsoft

    Added a link in support mate.
  15. Matt!

    Gun picture thread

    That 1911 looks awesome As do all of them