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  1. I think the story is 60% of retail value if used. Depends how used and stuff. More info would be needed like if has box etc. If I base it off what I see here and I go with working I would say just the gun and Mags. - For P90 = £170 posted maybe someone correct me if I’m off based on retail. - For Ump 45 = £120 posted again someone enlighten me if wrong. - For Kc02 = £170 posted again if wrong correct me someone. - That’s based on a quick google search and 60% and what I see. 🧐 (if you end up on the Airsoft dreamers page, blame me).
  2. I personally always use 11.1v. No matter what gun in the past no issues. Besides everyone needs a flamethrower while on the frontline. 😏
  3. Ordered from them in the past and all good. I found they are fast at replying to emails too. 🙂
  4. Abandon ship we are outrun by bots!! 😂

  5. There has been a few places next to me which me and a few others have been interested in but it’s not just insurance etc you have to sort, it’s asking local people and businesses in area if they mind hearing airsoft guns or having guns nearby and I think you have to tell police don’t quote me on that one tho. Its a lot of money and probably only worth it if you set up your own airsoft site unless you got a ton of cash to burn... 😂
  6. Bought some new mags for my Star Wars Storm Trooper E11 from Bespoke Airsoft! 😎
  7. Bespoke Airsoft have some decent deals on the way up to Christmas... 🤔 https://www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk/special-offers-2020-bf
  8. @ShamalMerry Christmas to u too and hope you have a great new year!😄
  9. “A new wave of pussies” that hurt, I’m telling a Marshall! 😂
  10. Don't bring your vaccine bull here, this was one of the only places I could actually go to without having to hear about COVID or the vaccine 😠
  11. I know it’s strange when the revive area is so far away, you can only hear the pings of bbs off the helmet! 😛😂
  12. Does Airsoft hurt? Based on personal experiences yes and no. I have only been hurt by a BB in CQB when I got shot in finger nail (That’s when proper airsoft gloves come in I learned). & when I got shot in my hat by a sniper giving me an instant headache but that’s why I wear helmets now. So it’s about having the right equipment. If geared up properly the Pain will be fine, you may not even call ya hits it’s that normal! 😛😂
  13. Welcome back to Airsoft! 👋 Are you renting guns for now or looking to get back into it on a serious gun level 🙂
  14. Considering if it’s worth renewing my site membership/UKARA at the start of next year... It’s been abit of a waste of money this year 😒

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    2. Cr0-Magnon


      Oh wow, I'm in my 5th year of being UKARA registered and only ever paid £10 admin at the start. 

    3. Leonine


      I have found another site that I play at who I am renewing it with for cheaper who I think charge a one off fee for life 🙂 Thanks everyone for your comments I thought it was normal to pay it every year with West Midlands.

    4. Shamal


      15 pounds at ucap. Might go up this year though lol


  15. Leonine

    Buying RIF

    I’m guessing they would still have to buy their guns tho 🧐🙂 The problem you will possibly face @Gorilla316is that some retailers may deny you. Some will accept too, same as here. It’s just based on what they personally accept to cover themselves.... Also for production etc it’s best buying second hand guns than new guns in my opinion as it’s cheaper...
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