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  1. Welcome back to Airsoft! 👋 Are you renting guns for now or looking to get back into it on a serious gun level 🙂
  2. Considering if it’s worth renewing my site membership/UKARA at the start of next year... It’s been abit of a waste of money this year 😒

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Cr0-Magnon


      Oh wow, I'm in my 5th year of being UKARA registered and only ever paid £10 admin at the start. 

    3. Leonine


      I have found another site that I play at who I am renewing it with for cheaper who I think charge a one off fee for life 🙂 Thanks everyone for your comments I thought it was normal to pay it every year with West Midlands.

    4. Shamal


      15 pounds at ucap. Might go up this year though lol


  3. Leonine

    Buying RIF

    I’m guessing they would still have to buy their guns tho 🧐🙂 The problem you will possibly face @Gorilla316is that some retailers may deny you. Some will accept too, same as here. It’s just based on what they personally accept to cover themselves.... Also for production etc it’s best buying second hand guns than new guns in my opinion as it’s cheaper...
  4. Leonine

    Buying RIF

    It’s like I will only sell to someone who either has a decent profile on the forum (active and who has made comments like yourself in past) or (Has been around for a while who owns guns), A picture or so from a site who they can name and I could contact if needed to.
  5. Leonine

    Buying RIF

    But then unless you are an expert in documents or film etc you wouldn’t know. Anyone can get fake documents and give you a load of realistic “facts” about production etc. The same as someone buying a gun with a “ukara”. unless you know someone who can check the database. U are selling your gun based on trust and what you accept as proof. No matter what information you are given it can be faked in some form. 🧐
  6. Leonine

    Buying RIF

    Yea I know I was just stating that what I learned when I was a student doing film 🙂 it has to be a proper film or series to warrant the use of a realistic firearm etc 🙂
  7. Leonine

    Buying RIF

    Are you buying them new or secondhand? I used to be a film student as far as im aware you can as long as you can prove how they will be used 😄
  8. Hi 👋 welcome to the forum and ask away any question you have regarding Airsoft. Someone will have the answer and feel free to join any conversation and have a laugh!🙂😂
  9. I love the look of it, shame I don’t have that much cash, good luck 🤩
  10. *Checks if received any “careful now” reactions in past few days* Nope, defo gone missing 🤨
  11. I once bought a original box for £12 as I wanted to store my gun so bought the box on eBay as only one I could find. So I can have my gun case available. 😋
  12. Do u reckon people should do Black Friday sales on the the forum marketplace 🧐 If so my gun is £120 collected this weekend that’s a saving of £10!! T&Cs apply* 😝😂

  13. No worries mate. drop me a pm when ya want it 🙂
  14. No worries mate I'm open to sensible offers so let me know if you want it for less Its just to fund my other gun's mags etc. 😂
  15. I have been looking for that twig everywhere I need it to add to my G36 Bundle 😛
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