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  1. If your looking for a pouch for the Dynatex timed BFG, the Viper V-pouch is pretty handy. I tend to dislike there gear but the grenade fits the front pocket that has a Velcro and quick release buckle, the rear zip pocket is good for the arming pin and reloads
  2. made a few alterations to my Krytac PDW, extended handguard covering a tracer unit and a 9" grenade launcher. My OCD is kicking in now, not liking the gap between the launcher and magwell
  3. Bit of a crazy spending spree after months of being good 10" octarms handguard to fit on a Krytak trident PDW tracer unit to fit inside octarms handguard 9" havoc style launcher to go on the same 20 pack of revision anti fog wipes parts for wifes new custom gun G&P widowmaker CRT style stock buffer tube, bolt catch, charging handle and mag catch and a multishot base for the wife's TRMR just waiting for the line of delivery vans turning up over the next few days!!
  4. had the same worry with the 9mm blanks for the dynatex grenade, picked up a EDC pill box from amazon for a few quid, made of aluminium and holds around 10 9mm blanks.
  5. not used the viper pouches but they look ok for the smaller 40mm shells (100 bb types). I went with the pouches from warrior assault systems as they can also hold a trmr or larger moscart shells
  6. Got a little prezzy from the wife for our anniversary
  7. just saw this and thought of you
  8. no worries, had her gun engraved by a trophy engraver. got some engraving gear i use for making wargames terrain but not brave enough to try it on my airsoft gear
  9. last game i caught someone in the head with my dynatex. posted it into a room past some water barrels and it caught the lip of the barrel springing up into his face, thankfully with little force and on a timer but felt awfull about it. fortunately he saw the funny side
  10. one other thing I have found is the aftermarket service varies greatly. my first gun was from a well known store which didnt seem to have a bad rep. being new to the scene i bought from them and got them to downgrade the fps, first game using 7.4v lipo and the handle got very warm after a few shots and stopped working. took it back to get fixed and worked fine. after i got to know my local site and their tech guy, i asked him to take a look and it turns out they had cut the spring down to reduce the fps and im guessing had buggered the ar latch or something. i paid around £60 for parts and labour for this also. now I tend to research the gun and buy at the lowest price, then either do the maintenance myself or take it to my local site guy if im not sure i can handle it.
  11. thanks all for the help, i forgot to update this thread to say it all seems to be working now. pistol lower is WE knighthawk custom 1911 upper gunsmith brothers tricut slide with hi capa parts from tm issues slide fit - had to sand the back slide lips on the lower to fit, front slide lips needed a little sanding too slide lock not working - this was caused by a little wear on the original slide lock forming into a small dent where the pin from the safety touches, also the slide seemed to be moving quite well but believe that the little extra sanding freed the movement up helping the lock debris - from the sanding, got a little in the mag release jamming up the mags. solved by a good clean have had the gun engraved for her by a trophy shop and she loves it, chrono has it firing around 290 fps on stock TM parts.
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