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  1. I have magnum strike force 8.0 side zip boots. I wear them for work every day. I go through differing temperatures, terrains run, walk, crawl. I walk on average 5 miles in them over the course of a day. I have found them very comfortable, breathable and they are pretty good at keeping my feet dry. They have plenty of grip and offer excellent ankle support. I think they are excellent boots and have stood up to heavy daily use for about 2 years requiring only a weekly clean and polish. I recommend loosening the top half of the laces off before taking them off but this recommendation applies to any pair of side zip boots. If if you don’t need toe reinforcements then you can find cheaper options than above. But if that is the case I would recommend hiking boots as I personally find these more comfortable and they are often cheaper.
  2. One of my mates is a dwarf, he’s a bit shy with women and a virgin. For his 25th Birthday his twin brother decided they’d go to Amsterdam. After a few drinks they decided it was time for Dave to finally get his end away so headed for a brothel. Dave found a lovely blonde girl, paid the fee and headed to the room. His brother did the same except picked a lovely red head. Dave and the girl sat on the bed but unfortunately he suffered a bit of stage fright and spent the whole time trying to get his limp dick to work. The whole time all he could hear was his brother in the next room grunting loudly and the occasional shout of “1, 2, 3”. After his failure Dave and his brother met up for a ‘celebratory’ beer to trade war stories. Dave came clean and admitted that he had been unable to get an erection. “You sounded like you were enjoying yourself though, you seemed to go on forever” said Dave. ”Fuck off, you had a better night than me.” Said his brother. “I couldn’t even get on the fucking bed.”
  3. Can’t go wrong with a G&G combat machine as a first RIF. I am biased but I think they’re really good value for money. Fairly good out of the box for their price and quite reliable too.
  4. Bloody Guildford. I lived in Guildford for 4 years. It wasn’t memorable 😂.
  5. Not impossible though - worth checking..
  6. I’m not ex forces but I can see where you guys come from. I worked fucking hard for my qualifications for several years. If your going to tell me a FAW cert or 3 day HSE entitles you to wear a Red Cross/ other medic patch it boils my piss. Or you can claim relevant experience. Completely unreasonable maybe but when you’ve never done the job or seen the shit that comes with it you have no right. It’s misrepresentation. Bloody hell I did some training with the saturdays and Sunday’s once - doesn’t make me a ‘Blade’. I rode in the front seat of a police car once - that didn’t give me a warrant. Sorry I’m done sticking my oar in. Rant mode deactivated.
  7. To be fair like most who post these things I just posted this as a deterrrent to anyone trying to sell on. Just to let them know we check the classifieds and know what we are looking for. Agreed the best way to prevent theft is target hardening but for someone who has targeted a specific item/site then this is only likely to slow them down. In any case this would now be shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. Non-domestic burglaries are not a priority and are unlikely to become so for the foreseeable future.
  8. I knew that was Airsoft Direct! Looks cool.
  9. Well I’ve persevered and tried all the suggestions above. Removing the follower they don’t feed at all. I’ve bedded them in and I’ve tried filing down the nub as suggested nothing has improved the problem so far. Nuprol midcaps feed well. Holding out until payday and I’ll be trying out some PTS EPM mags. (using a stock G&G CM18 mod 0)
  10. I have copied this message directly from the site’s Facebook page. a break in & theft has been reported at HQ Airsoft in Driffield, East Yorkshire I’m very sorry to have to say that HQ has been broken Into. A group have come onto the site with heavy metal cutting equipment deliberately to steal Airsoft equipment. They have left behind other valuable items and targeted the Airsoft RIFS We can not get in until scene of crime has been to obtain a full list however this is what we know of so far. 1 brand new stihl chainsaw. Various ICS rifles brand new Cm16 Firehawk x2 Cm16 wildhog A cm16 firehawk with custom paint job Various cm16 combat machines as hire weapons Black and Tan crane stock and full stock x30 5x G&G cm16 collapsible stock non tailed version in boxes G36 rifles x8 Magazines SRC rifles various black and two tone. Pyrotechnics ! Chocolate. And probably other items can’t get in properly until scene of crimes have been. If you find anything for sale that looks suspicious please let us know as soon as possible or call humberside police quoting log number 249 of 26/01/2019 I will update if more information emerges.
  11. If the mags are brand new I had a similar issue. Loading them up and unloading them a few times helped.
  12. I like it, have a CM18 I have shared the picture before but here you are: I like the black & tan look I think it just makes it a bit more interesting.
  13. Well she’s not expensive, she’s not got a custom paint job and she doesn’t shoot 1km with laser accuracy but here is Vikki, named after a woman who broke my heart so badly I have a permenant arrhythmia. My first RIF, with every attachment I want for now. (Thinking of getting a weapon light for CQB)
  14. Were you on the banded team? Are you talking about the capture the bouy game? (They were actually fenders but ahh well) Really annoyed me when we were pinned in that spawn building with only 1 exit and one way to shoot out. They tried some new games last time that they didn’t do the two times I went before. I’m not going on the 11th, parading for Remembrance Day. Hopefully will be a good day for you though.
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