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  1. YorkieT17

    Do g&G gr16 mags no work with g&G wild hog???

    If the mags are brand new I had a similar issue. Loading them up and unloading them a few times helped.
  2. YorkieT17

    How many of you prefer tan/fde rifles?

    I like it, have a CM18 I have shared the picture before but here you are: I like the black & tan look I think it just makes it a bit more interesting.
  3. YorkieT17

    Re-spraying my gun now I have my UKARA?

    !Sig Green! or black (and boring)
  4. YorkieT17

    Gun picture thread

    Well she’s not expensive, she’s not got a custom paint job and she doesn’t shoot 1km with laser accuracy but here is Vikki, named after a woman who broke my heart so badly I have a permenant arrhythmia. My first RIF, with every attachment I want for now. (Thinking of getting a weapon light for CQB)
  5. Were you on the banded team? Are you talking about the capture the bouy game? (They were actually fenders but ahh well) Really annoyed me when we were pinned in that spawn building with only 1 exit and one way to shoot out. They tried some new games last time that they didn’t do the two times I went before. I’m not going on the 11th, parading for Remembrance Day. Hopefully will be a good day for you though.
  6. I think it runs well, they are still getting the hang of the site but the games ran well. I have no problem recommending it. I was there on the 28th unfortunately never saw your post.
  7. YorkieT17

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    Have you tried dating? 😂
  8. YorkieT17

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    Seconded. May I suggest the city of Hull instead? Solves my problem with lack of game sites and your problem and go big or go home right?
  9. Welcome from Urope 😘
  10. YorkieT17

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    Real Working toilets. Retailers with easy to use websites which act like other online retailers. More sites (where I live at least).
  11. YorkieT17

    Bad Weather - yay or nay

    Would there be any advantage in sealing an AEG with electrical tape in wet weather? Along the seal between the receiver etc. I mean. Thinking of doing just this for tomorrow’s pew pew day
  12. YorkieT17

    Bad Weather - yay or nay

    Quite honestly so far I’ve only ever used a hiking jacket I got in a closing down sale. Will probably invest in a softshell in a less conspicuous colour when I get round to it but I’m happy enough for now and it’s very breathable so I don’t overheat too much.
  13. YorkieT17

    New member East Yorkshire

    Welcome mate, where abouts? I’m not far from you myself. I play at HQ at Driffield and Humber Airsoft on the other side of the Humber sewer.
  14. YorkieT17

    L85A3 Release publicity.

    Do you even lift bro? 💪💪🤣
  15. YorkieT17

    L85A3 Release publicity.

    Shame you didn’t use an L85 to fire them, you might have hit the mark... 😂😘