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  1. I would also recommend Spartan Airsoft The Outpost about halfway between Tring and Whipsnade zoo near dunstable
  2. Red are allowed at my local green are not for the same reason above. No reflex blink and no idea of true power as most have cheap nock offs.
  3. Ha ha I use to work for L3 different department though wish I picked up a few more things from them before I left.
  4. A couple more sites not to far are reforger just 5 mins drive from j20 of m25 and Spartan airsoft the outpost just outside dunstable very good if you like cqb.
  5. Keldon

    UKARA Requirements

    Just to clarify one point it has to be 3 games at the same site in 56 days
  6. When giving your description just remember your A-H. 😜😊
  7. Well considering hero shark uses sheet steel with holes punched through it I would say that. Also like anything woven like that type of mesh has natural flex/movement same type of weave with tennis rackets and green wire fencing.
  8. Well the 5.11 has more molle, better ventilation but the bit that screams out the most on the other one it says one size fits all(we all know how true that is) while the 5.11 has different sizes so would go for that one too.
  9. Don't worry about camo, jeans and long-sleeved t-shirt will be fine wear your lowa's and some good eye pro and a pair of gloves. . If you have your old issued eye pro it will be fine. Then that's all the kit you need to start as you can hire a RIF for your first few games. Being ex mil myself I have yet to come across any walts as yet but only been playing a year so still time. But just get out there and enjoy.
  10. That's okay I missed out too forgot it was on Saturday and not Sunday. At least I realised before I left the house this morning
  11. @Jamie @bully78 are you still going to reforger this weekend, as I might be going too
  12. I live just outside Watford so if you ever want to go reforger, High Wycombe or The outpost and I'm free let me know. You can get a cheap ride on the tube to Watford Station and I could pick up from there.
  13. I got mine from Outdoor and tactical using 0.28's myself work really nice
  14. Sundays as busy on Saturdays with the family, though I have been known to par take in the odd weekday evening game too.
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