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  1. Keldon

    How many guns ?

    Its so hard to resist they is so much I have seen and so much that I want! 😂
  2. Keldon

    How many guns ?

    What don't stop being a underachiever or don't stop buying more? 😄
  3. Keldon

    How many guns ?

    You make me feel like an underachiever I only been playing for less than a year and only have an AEG and pistol, think I need to start buying more ha ha
  4. Keldon

    Be careful emoji

    I would like to thank you all for a amusing lunch break for today. Though I do live by "everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how wrong it is" my self and has done me well so far.
  5. Keldon

    Changing Guns, opinions required

    Another option is a bullpup design whilst not always lighter the weight is at the rear in the shoulder, so can feel lights to use.
  6. Keldon

    Woman in need of apparel advice!

    As others have said femme fatale did some reviews and could check out p90girl she has done a couple of podcasts with the chairsofter show. Which she talks about woman's clothes and if I remember rightly I think 5.11 do a woman's range.
  7. Keldon

    G&G MBR 308 DMR build advice.

    If you check out the G&G owners group on fb I know a few people have the 308 and have dmr'd them so should be of some help
  8. What sites are you playing? Might be better to find some other players in your area and just get to know each other first before making a team. I know you have reforger just down the road(which hopefully I'll be there this weekend) and the Xsite The Outpost is a good little site. Not sure what else is close.
  9. Keldon

    The "Post Your Pet" Thread

    Here is my two Monty the English Spinger the old boy of 13 finally started to slow down at 11 still thinks he is younger. Then we have penny our little romainian rescue mut who is as young as Monty thinks he is.
  10. Keldon

    Where do you hold your sidearm??

    I'm a true southpaw but due to my many years in cadets and army I learnt to shoot a rifle right handed and find it alot more difficult to shoot left. But give me a pistol it's left handed again and can't shoot right handed at all just feels so wrong for me. But to answer the question drop leg on left side.
  11. Keldon

    @Sitting Duck.

    Only TM I have is a pistol 👍
  12. Keldon

    @Sitting Duck.

    Should of brought TM 😁😋
  13. Keldon

    What's your mag / rounds count?

    AEG 5 x mags (3 x 110 mid, 1 x 40 mid, 1 x 370 high) Though the 110's are new and not used yet. Pistol 2 x 24mags
  14. Keldon

    Perfect weather for a game

    I don't mind most weather just hate being cold and wet either or is fine just not both. So for me I would really like a summers day that has a bit of warm rain to help with cooling down with that lovely rainbow in the sky as I shoot you 🌈😊