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  1. You also have reforger just off j20 of M25 near Watford and a little further north you have Sentinel the Outpost which will be on the edge for distance.
  2. Check out the English kiwi on FB/YouTube he is making a A3 conversion kit can't remember if it will fit the Ares but he is making it for different brands
  3. You also have reforger just off junction 20 of the M25 so only about 30-40 min drive from Windsor or a little further you have Sentinel the Outpost near Dunstable.
  4. If hot glue doesn't work look up liquid tape on Amazon it's liquid version of electricians tape.
  5. Want to visit Driver Wood, but how cool to have a site the size of a football pitch just full of trenches. Would be so much fun.
  6. Oh I haven't been on arrse for awhile will have to say hi
  7. You know what I would like to see as a site is a full on trench warfare site. A maze of trenches all interconnected from one side to the other. You can either play the trenches or try your luck going over the top I think that would be a blast.
  8. You have reforger on tomorrow at bottom of A41 just outside Watford
  9. I don't know what you mean, sometime you just have to roll with the snow or is it @SnowRoll
  10. @Robert James I would love to pop in for a game, maybe I'll drive and pick you up save you driving out then back on yourself. For the price 20/5 for 4 hours sounds reasonable. So for me unless for special occasions I think 40 and no lunch is a little to much. My local site I play most at is Sentinel airsoft(was xsite) as @Asomodai knows its cost 37 for a full day with pizza for lunch though they do have a smaller place than you so rate will most likely be less to. And it only hold 40 players max. But I will be at least once what ever the cost is.
  11. It's been said by Mr hibert that if something is really bad they just won't print it. So yes always good rewiews because they don't print bad. So if not seen in AA then it could be bad.
  12. Let me know when you're going and I might tag along if you gentlemen don't mind.
  13. @hitman2victor if you take @Asmodias advice, I'm off to the outpost on the 16th so if you change your mind you can have a fellow AFUK player to see
  14. Keldon

    RS T97 is home :-)

    Woo hoo at long last
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