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  1. I believe the Strataim NOVA EPSILON BB gas grenade has had some decent reviews, though Neve used or seen one used and also a bit more pricey
  2. The golden rule is get what you like the look of, just don't start thinking you are what you're dressing up as. (Don't be a Walt) Some may question insignia and badges but as long as you're not claiming you earned them that should appease most but not all.
  3. G&G have a new small tracer. Link here for a UK mini review from shot show
  4. Your man from airsoftology has done a first look review. Airsoftology
  5. @Krismc4 hey sentinel Airsoft have just said they will open on the 18 and 19 (sat/sun) if you fancy going.
  6. I was playing reforger for the first time didn't know the lay out or anything. Playing capture the flag at the village section. Started from the previous section me and a few others did a flanking move. Which ended up being shot in the back by a sniper on the woods. So tried going in through the front where we were being pinned down the last 30 second count down started I just though sod this dropped my rifle pulled my pistol out and just dashed shooting as I dashed, just made it into the first building taking out the nearest enemy through the window as I entered. 5 seconds left someone shouts out the flag is in the building behind me(I had no idea it was in there) as I bend and turn to grab it, a BB just missies me shooting where I had just been standing in window. The last second grab the flag running out happy as Larry as we win the proceed to catch it in top of door frame and snapped flag in half. Happy and oops at the same time.
  7. X-ray machines don't work like, they don't tell between cheap and expensive metals
  8. As you said you don't mind tinkering, I wouldn't worry about what connector it comes with, you can easily change that yourself. On mine the first thing I did was change my battery and rif to xt60's and just brought a xt60 to deans cable to work with my charger.
  9. Wouldn't you just be gifting each other a rif, which would be no problem.
  10. I tend to go on my own as I don't get the chance to goes as much as I would like. I just run a G&G MBR 308 as my rifle and a TM p266 pistol. I usually wear some old british army gear and a simple chest rig. So don't worry about going on own you will find we are a good bunch.
  11. Well once everything reopens let me know when you plan on going and I'll try and go then.
  12. Yeah not much in difference in price for a full day at both sites, but the Outpost includes lunch (pizza) and as much hot drinks as you want , where reforger has a burger stand which you pay extra for. For the Outpost you have 4 routes in at the main entrance and there is a few choke points but all are beatable with some good aim or a grenade.
  13. I'm also not a fan of that stippling, but what has he had glued to that front guard you can see the residue and shape.
  14. I live in Herts just half hour from Dunstable across the downs. The Outpost is my regular haunt, love the mix of outdoor play and cqb. It's a little site but great fun. You also have reforger just off junction 20 of m25.
  15. There is a UK youtuber Airsoft camman who has started to use 360 cameras, so may be worth punting him a message. Airsoftcamman
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