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  1. Don't worry about camo, jeans and long-sleeved t-shirt will be fine wear your lowa's and some good eye pro and a pair of gloves. . If you have your old issued eye pro it will be fine. Then that's all the kit you need to start as you can hire a RIF for your first few games. Being ex mil myself I have yet to come across any walts as yet but only been playing a year so still time. But just get out there and enjoy.
  2. That's okay I missed out too forgot it was on Saturday and not Sunday. At least I realised before I left the house this morning
  3. @Jamie @bully78 are you still going to reforger this weekend, as I might be going too
  4. I live just outside Watford so if you ever want to go reforger, High Wycombe or The outpost and I'm free let me know. You can get a cheap ride on the tube to Watford Station and I could pick up from there.
  5. I got mine from Outdoor and tactical using 0.28's myself work really nice
  6. Sundays as busy on Saturdays with the family, though I have been known to par take in the odd weekday evening game too.
  7. As @rocketdogbert say if money isn't a problem then sig sauer or vortex for the warranty and piece of mind. Myself I have a vortex crossfire II 2-7x35 and its looks and feels great on my AEG. Very clear picture.
  8. Being ex-forces I think you can wear what ever you want. If you have done the course to so called earn that patch, what you really have earned is the right to wear that patch with pride. This is airsoft, dress up of grown ups. I understand where people can get pissed because they earned the right to be proud of their patch and someone who hasn't is just flaunting it in their face(in their opinion) but as long as people don't claim that false pride then I'm happy with it. The only thing that I hate to see people wear that they haven't earned are medals be that civilian or military. As these are not earned by doing a course but by doing a deed. Remember copying you is a form of flattery
  9. I would say as being ex forces myself, anything that is earned is best not to wear (though I don't care apart from medals) so certain insignia like para jump badge marine dagger, same goes for both berets too both are earned. Though I will point out also everyone who has worn a maroon beret has not so called earned the right to wear it. Some have just been attached to the paras and been giving the right to wear it. The main thing to remember is that wear what you like just don't start to claim you have earned the right to wear something that you haven't.
  10. Its so hard to resist they is so much I have seen and so much that I want! 😂
  11. What don't stop being a underachiever or don't stop buying more? 😄
  12. You make me feel like an underachiever I only been playing for less than a year and only have an AEG and pistol, think I need to start buying more ha ha
  13. I would like to thank you all for a amusing lunch break for today. Though I do live by "everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how wrong it is" my self and has done me well so far.
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