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  1. Keldon

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    The only thing you need to know about opinion's is everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how wrong it is. Ha ha
  2. Keldon

    Polycarbonate sheets

    Something else other than lexon is watch makers blue sapphire glass. Just measure the size you want and its nice and round already for you.
  3. Keldon

    Airsoft Youtubers

    Forget the rubber chicken, should be running around with a giant cookie
  4. Sounds like a great site, gutted myself for not able to make it. Had work to console myself with instead😅. It's something I think we could do another AFUK meet up game day.
  5. Though stating your opinion is not a discussion, I would like to know what you disagree about Asomodia's review.
  6. Keldon

    Please help me choose a gun

    As others have said get what you like the look/feel of best. I have the new G&G TR16 MBR 308SR version and it's a cracker. First game with it was at the Mall with this lot, played lovely but didn't show the range of it. Had a game at my local site and it was out ranging most of the other on the field. Pretty much stock from box only change I have made was XT60 connections for lipo battery(11.1v 15c 1300mwh) and some hop adjustments, was using geoffs 0.28's. Its fun and I love it.
  7. Ha ha I saw this earlier today as well, had a little chuckle to myself
  8. Keldon

    G&G TR16 MBR 556WH Opinions?

    I think it's a 15c 11.1v 1300mwh stick. It's a bit of a tight fit but I changed the connectors to XT60's which are better and smaller. What sight did you get by the way, still yet to get one myself looking at the vortex crossfire II.
  9. Keldon


    Sadly not the spicy one as I would prefer that.
  10. Keldon


    Very true I was told by site that my number has been issued/registered and to wait from ukara to confirm this by email. Well still waiting on said email, I just phoned up the retailer I wanted to but my first RIF from explained that I have my number but no confirmation, they checked the data base and low and behold there I was. So I went and spent £600 one kit ha ha. So I would just give it a few days and then just ask retailers if your on the data base or not. And its meat feast/pepperoni/cheese & tomato for the pizzas
  11. Keldon


    No thats Xsite The Outpost.
  12. Keldon


    Sa Same as my local. Paperwork in morning, pizza and ukara number for lunch
  13. Keldon

    G&G TR16 MBR 556WH Opinions?

    I have the SR version and I am loving it. Was playing the other week and was out shooting most other players. Shooting players through window of shelter watching there bb's fall short as I was picking them off. With only adjustments to my hopup on 0.28's. The only real problem with them is the availability of mags. It comes with a 40rnd mag I was able to get a high cap 370 but really want the mid cap 90/110 ones but can't find them anywhere. Though shooting 5rnd auto you will go through that hi cap quicker than you think. But I love it its fun to shoot and end of day that's the most important part.