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    TM 416 DELTA Custom
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    Issued CS95 / MTP or Black and PLCE Webbing either green, MTP or DPM with a windproof smock, Marpat
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    Urban Assault (RAF Upwood), Free Fire Zone (Bulby), Commando Elite (Abbots Ripton) and Gunman Airsoft (Tuddenham)
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    Airsoft and Motorbikes

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  1. mogaly674

    FRV Tailoring not responding to messages

    Hi, That makes 2 of us. Like you I haven't heard from him and I emailed them via the contact us on their website. Mo
  2. mogaly674

    Tokyo marui hk416 battery upgrade issue

    Just take a look at the routing of the cables and gently remove the plastic from the back cover.
  3. mogaly674

    Take a quiet moment to think .

    I like many on here before me also served and many days I think about 2 events that happened to me during my service 1st was having to stand on the airfield in Iraq and be part of the honour guard to see one of the lads from the Engr Group on his final voyage home very moving and sobering but nowhere near as sobering as going to Royal Wotton Bassett and lining the street when 5 members of the Rifles were brought home and to see the publics response and respect for the fallen in that small town was something else. Now in the next 10 days I am partaking in a motorcycling event called Ride to the Wall and I will be thinking of many friends who are no longer with us and gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can play at soldiers. Every day is Remembrance Day for me. In memory of Spr R Thomson RE Died on Operations in Iraq 31st January 2004 Lest we Forget
  4. Location would be nice for collection
  5. mogaly674

    THE TM MWS thread

    I've got to say I like it and it's giving me ideas for my MWS
  6. mogaly674

    Want to get into Airsoft But...

    Hi, Urban Assault former RAF Upwood near Peterborough does alternate Saturday games next game is Saturday 1st September
  7. mogaly674

    Case for multiple pistols

    For those that asked here are some pictures of my setup of the https://www.diy.com/departments/magnusson-site-system-13-tool-chest/1511738_BQ.prd/gallery Yes I know it needs finessing.
  8. mogaly674

    Case for multiple pistols

    Hi, This is what I have for carrying 4 pistols and accessories https://www.diy.com/departments/magnusson-site-system-13-tool-chest/1511738_BQ.prd I have 2 Glocks, Hi Capa, MK23 with magazines as I have made trays for it that I can lift out one for each pistol and magazines and I still have the tool tray to use for other items such as eye pro, speedloaders gas etc If you want pictures let me know. Mo
  9. mogaly674

    What do you consider 2nd hand

    So If you consider new as in never been taken out of the box or fired then some weapons that you buy from a retailer could be classed as used/2nd hand as they chrono / test fire all guns before leaving the premises to ensure that they preform as should. Also if you were to buy a new gun from a reputable retailer and have it up/down graded would you consider that 2nd hand or still new as they have opened the gearbox. Just food for thought. I however consider anything advertised here as used as I don't know the history nor do I know the individual personally.
  10. mogaly674

    Tokyo Mauri Mp5 Aeg

    Hi, Are the magazines mid cap or High cap. Thanks
  11. mogaly674

    Genuine Gas Masks for Airsoft Face Protection

    Hi, As it has been said before the S10 is not practical for airsoft and in reality it wasn't practical for soldiers to use to carry out their day to day jobs without adding the extra complications of engaging and destroying the enemy. I had the unfortunate pleasure of building a bridge in full cbrn kit on exercise in Germany all because the bridge commander had never seen it done needless to say we got it done but never again. Also most infantry soldiers and engineers like myself never carried the S10 as part of their fighting order (battle belt) as the purpose of the fighting order was bombs and bullets with some minor admin kit water rations and that's about it as you want to be as light as possible when engaging the enemy. As an under 18 I strongly recommend that you read the comments posted on here and digest as we have a wealth of experience and knowledge both in the airsoft world and the military as I myself served 13 years 1999 - 2012 in the Royal Engineers and I don't profess to being the font of all knowledge but if I could avoid getting the S10 out I would. Hope this helps Mo
  12. mogaly674

    New Bike soon....

    Well as nice as they look together I would prefer the harley any day but I guess that's my biased opinion as I own a sportster and a Dyna. Also something seems so wrong to me seeing and American made bike in nato green next to a German machine.
  13. mogaly674

    TM G18c holster advice

    Hi Markuz, I run my TM G18C's in the warrior assault systems holster and it fits perfectly as the holster is fully adjustable so I can change it to suit any of my pistols either the G18c, hi capa or the mk 23 all by tm and as a lefty it's great for me and if I decide to run 2 pistols on my battle belt I can put both the left and right handed holsters on the belt. Hope this helps. Mo
  14. mogaly674


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Great Comms, Fast Delivery and very well packaged. Very easy to deal with and would trade with this user again. Thanks Mo
  15. mogaly674

    New Job, but there is a catch.....

    Hi there, First and only airsoft run events on a Saturday at Anzio in Leek Staffordshire and other sites around the west Midlands and Manchester area. Check out their website. Mo