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    Issued CS95 / MTP or Black and PLCE Webbing either green, MTP or DPM with a windproof smock, Marpat
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  1. mogaly674

    SRS Silverback

    Hi, I would ask why you want the left handed version as I'm left handed but my SRS is a standard right hand version. Plus if you decide sniping / SRS isn't your thing then it may sell easier. Mo
  2. mogaly674

    What's your mag / rounds count?

    This is quiet interesting to see what each player carries on the field for a game. Assault Gunner - TM 416D custom or Scar L CQC 8 mags 6 x 120 PTS mags on Plate Carrier / Chest Rig, 2 x 82 Stanag mags on Belt. 3 + 1 31 Pistol mags for Secondary. Sniper - SRS 3 x 30 round standard mags 3 + 1 31 Round pistol mags (Hi Capa) or 3 +1 28 Round pistol mags (MK23) Sniper - SSG 1 Mag Pistols as above Support Gunner - CA MK46 1 x 1500 box mag. Pistols as above Having said all of this I have played a standard Skirmish day at Anzio and only fired appropriately 200 rounds all day. With my standard load out of Assault Gunner I tend to only use 1 or 2 mags per game and only reload at lunch the pistol I tend to have to reload each game but I have a habit of grabbing it for a death charge.
  3. mogaly674

    Left hand hk45 holster in the UK

    Hi, You won't be disappointed and the added bonus is if you get a smaller side arm you can adjust the holster and away you go without the hassle of changing the holster. Mo
  4. mogaly674

    Left hand hk45 holster in the UK

    As a left handed player I struggle to find holsters but have invested my money in the warrior assault systems universal holster and I can't fault it. Alternatively if you want to spend a little more on a kydex there is https://hwholsters.com/ for a variety of holsters for both left and right handed players plus they can make it fit with a torch.
  5. Sometimes we are all a cause of some retailers problems if you have a 1 man band who is good at tech work that also sells parts and rifs how does he scale the staff.? Does the said tech get someone to manage the shop / comms etc to allow them to do tech work. Which inevitably has its advantages and disadvantages ie someone to answer calls emails etc deal with customers but then the owner has to now spend time sorting out their legal obligations as an employer so again the work on rifs has to take a back seat also the said tech now needs to train the staff member to try and cover most of the common airsoft related issues and questions otherwise they may as well to the comms and retail work themselves and not employ someone. If they employ a person then they need to ensure that they get value for money like you and me would from the retailer. As for stocking parts it's not that simple as these smaller companies are trying to remain competitive in the market and if they contact the supplier every day to order a small number parts to replace used parts the cost to you and me would have to increase as the tech would be paying more for shipping and not using the most cost efficient method and this along with the time taken to make the order would again mean the tech isn't working on rifs. What we have to remember if you want a specialist part from the likes of laylax, prometheus etc there factories are in the far East and as such It takes time to get the items in stock so the tech could look at stock and decide to do an order that's good for him knowing that they have sold only 10 of x in 3 months and think I will be OK as it will take a month to arrive but the following week he sells out. Then the next week someone is bad mouthing the tech on a forum like this as the part they want is not in stock. Maybe we need to try and understand the difference between the big names and the smaller companies. Because why do you use these smaller companies 1, is it a cost probably not as they tend to be more expensive 2, is it the fact that the part you want they have and no one else does probably 3, is it convenient for you as they are local possibly So for what it's worth that's my view and before anyone asks no I don't work in the airsoft environment I do work for a company doing online sales and I see stock issues all the time.
  6. mogaly674

    UKARA Number

    I'm intrigued to know what weapon are you wanting.
  7. @Jimbodini42Anyone know if you can get non TM Mags for the Sopmod? I personally suggest that you look at the PTS mags for the following reasons 1, Still enables the bolt stop function 2, Polymer casing so reduces the weight slightly 3, 120 round capacity so nearly 50% more than the standard TM Mags and only slightly more money available in Black or Tan https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/pts-epm-marui-recoil-m4scar-magazines-black120-rnd https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/pts-epm-marui-recoil-m4scar-magazines-dark-earth120-rnd Hope this helps Mo
  8. mogaly674

    Tokyo Mauri MK23

    + 1 for the DTD holster as for mags I would try Taiwangun the Stti mags are normally in stock at a reasonable price.
  9. Hi, I don't own a Sopmod but I do have a 416 delta custom and a scar l cqc. Like all TM's recoils the out of the box performance is better than most guns on the market. I do know players who swear by keeping their Recoils standard and the difference in performance is barely noticeable unless you have invested a lot of time and money into the gun. Mine shoots very well and I would strongly recommend any recoil as a first recoil. Mine are both upgraded now and I have never used either standard. But I hope this helps. Mo
  10. mogaly674

    FRV Tailoring not responding to messages

    Just thought I should update fellow AFUK members as I received an email from frv tailoring telling me my order is on its way with a tracking number. Hope this helps.
  11. mogaly674

    FRV Tailoring not responding to messages

    Hi, That makes 2 of us. Like you I haven't heard from him and I emailed them via the contact us on their website. Mo
  12. mogaly674

    Tokyo marui hk416 battery upgrade issue

    Just take a look at the routing of the cables and gently remove the plastic from the back cover.
  13. mogaly674

    Take a quiet moment to think .

    I like many on here before me also served and many days I think about 2 events that happened to me during my service 1st was having to stand on the airfield in Iraq and be part of the honour guard to see one of the lads from the Engr Group on his final voyage home very moving and sobering but nowhere near as sobering as going to Royal Wotton Bassett and lining the street when 5 members of the Rifles were brought home and to see the publics response and respect for the fallen in that small town was something else. Now in the next 10 days I am partaking in a motorcycling event called Ride to the Wall and I will be thinking of many friends who are no longer with us and gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can play at soldiers. Every day is Remembrance Day for me. In memory of Spr R Thomson RE Died on Operations in Iraq 31st January 2004 Lest we Forget
  14. Location would be nice for collection