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    Issued CS95 / MTP or Black and PLCE Webbing either green, MTP or DPM with a windproof smock, Marpat
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    Urban Assault (RAF Upwood), Free Fire Zone (Bulby), Commando Elite (Abbots Ripton) and Gunman Airsoft (Tuddenham)
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  1. Do you have the original handguard and stock still.
  2. There's a few close to Peterborough Free Fire Zone at Bulby just north of Bourne, East Midlands Airsoft at Ancaster Mad Dog Airsoft near Brampton Hut Services. Hunting Grounds Airsoft at Revesby Lincolnshire There's a few slightly more than an hour Gunman Airsoft at Tuddenham Battlegrounds Airsoft at Necton Battlestations Airsoft at Snetterton Circuit Combat Thetford Most of these are woodland sites I have played at most with only Combat Thetford and Ancaster yet to try. All have pros and cons. Others will offer their advice also and possibly other sites Mo
  3. Yes mate, myself and a group of friends are going on the Taliban team.
  4. Is the Ranger Green Placard still available Thanks
  5. I don't have any kind of proof but as they do custom builds and post worldwide, without any other information I can only assume that the companies would build and ship a rif above the UK limits. I have also looked at some other Eagle 6 video's and they also show multiple videos of weapons that they have shipped abroad so why now has it been raised as an issue.
  6. I am interested in knowing what the issue is as most of the larger retailers like Firesupport, Zero one etc will post worldwide and I am sure if they were asked to upgrade a weapon to the customers countries limits they would but because Eagle 6 has posted a video on YouTube its seen as a cardinal sin, or am I missing the point. Thanks
  7. Hi, Just purchased my first HPA rifle and having used it for the first time in a game have found that my mini map back panel isn't quite cutting it as the regulator is exposed and the zips come apart when im moving around. So I am after advice as to what back panels/ backpacks do other users find suitable for putting the tank in. For reference I'm running the 48ci tank with a Wolverine MTW. Additionally would I benefit from changing my tank set up to the 13ci tank either a dual or single tank set up. Thanks Mo
  8. Hi Mate, Yes they are compatible as i currently run a Warrior plate carrier with a TMC mirco flight rig my mahe has the spiritus on his and again fits with no issues.
  9. Where abouts in the UK are you. Thanks
  10. What do you guys think about this listing https://prefired.co.uk/ads/mk-23/
  11. Hi, I've started to notice a few used two tone replicas appear on the classifieds here and other sites listed as two tones but if I understand the vcra correctly the weapon needs to be 51% of a bright colour and these are clearly not. As seen below If this was purchased from a reputable company when new I would question should we name and shame the companies or at least inform ukara as the ukara is set up to protect the seller, surely we need to protect airsoft and the reputation of the sport. Just to note this is not a dig or gripe against the poster of the attached add. Mo
  12. As I own both I would say go for the one you like the look off the most. However if you were going to make a DMR in the future then the 417 would be a better base gun.
  13. My advice would be for your first time go on the non Nato team as they tend to be more relaxed and that way you can get the feel for the organisers way of running events and you get a good idea if milsims are for you.
  14. Personally I would advise you to look at getting a open type pouch like this Tbest Fast Mag Pouch 5.56 Double Magazine Pouch, ABS Fast Mag Pouch Set Magazine Pouch Molle Strike System For 5.56 Mags(Army Green) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07FVH4D8L/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_80cqEb2YGW7C7 And belt mount it. That way you have a mag that's easily accessible and because of the style replacing the empty mag is easier. I have a mag like that and only use the mag on my belt in extreme pressure condition ls but as soon as possible I replace it with another full mag for the next time I need it otherwise I just take a mag from my chest rig (spiritus clone elastic inserts see picture) Also if you go down this route I would suggest that you practice your mag changes at home and you will soon become proficient at it and it can be just as quick as dumpling your mag. Whatever route you take practice can help you on the field
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