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  1. Were the pictures from Battlestations event at Longmoor on Bank Holiday weekend.
  2. I'm interested to know how you decided on the price as a brand new Devgru from FireSupport is only £565 https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/marui-recoil-416-devgru-aeg-airsoft-rifle-ebb Thanks
  3. Elite Shooting Centre the gents name is Mike Cripps
  4. So what my gripe is player Marshalls and Marshalls in general at a site who either fail to get chrono'd or are blatantly ignoring the site rules using a hot weapon and not chronoing properly. As I tend not to post negative comments about a site but I'm think this is appropriate to the thread and educational for all. I will refrain from naming the site. So I arrived at the site nice and early on the day and got my gear sorted. When they opened chrono I proceeded to start getting my arsenal chrono'd. When I went up with my final weapon the player Marshall chronoing was struggling to hold the chrono and test his personal weapon so I offered to hold the chrono while he fired. He proceeded to put some 0.2g Bb's in his mag and started firing over the site limit approx 360 fps. As I'm standing there he informs me that his gun always fires hot on the first few shots so steps to the side and fires a few bursts of full auto then returns to fire through the chrono and amazingly it's under. What he failed to realise is that I had noticed that he must have fired all the 0.2g Bb's before he stepped back to the chrono so of course it was under as he was using heavier ammo. But as he was chronoing no one at the site checked his weapon not even another Marshall on the day. Which again can lead to abuse of the rules and if the Marshall is prepared to cheat the chrono what else will not be done properly.
  5. I have attended a couple of milsims and their medic rule is straight forward and involes taking on water. 1st hit apply medic tag by dedicated medic, 2nd hit drink a bottle of water (carried by yourself) at least 300ml in presence of medic (if no water carried back to respawn), 3rd hit dead and respawn refill or resupply water and back in the game. The only time these rules don't apply is grenade and silent kills. You also have the option to not take on water and just respawn so if you feel you would be more use to your team by respawning then you can, also if your a bb magnet you don't need to drink water every time as what goes in must come out. 😆
  6. As I own both the SRS (16inch covert) and the SSG I can say that they both preform similar to me, that being said I prefer the SSG for woodland games and the SRS for urban games. I also have a DMR 417 recoil and at 400 fps and the only piece of advice I would give you if you are undecided about sniping or going down the DMR route is they both have advantages and disadvantages but I think the best route for you is to decide on your play style as that might help you decide what you want sniper or DMR.
  7. So my main pistol atm is my TM Hi Capa Gold Match (stock) cracking gun out of the box no need to tinker with it yet brought to upgrade myself but have yet to do anything as its just awesome stock. But I also have TM MK23 with maple leaf hop rubber and crazy jet barrel TM Glock 18c x 2 one stock one slightly upgraded TM Glock 26 Stock
  8. mogaly674

    Warrior RPC

    I know you have it listed as swaps only but Would you be interested in selling the RPC. Thanks Mo
  9. Hi, Pictures and full spec would be nice to be able to advise you more. Thanks Mo
  10. Hi all, I'm after recommendations for a good Sniper Rifle Scope. I have both the SRS and SSG so would like to be able to zero the sight without the need for aiming off as I currently have to. I don't have a budget. I don't have any specific requirements for the scope just able to zero and hold its zero. Thanks Mo
  11. mogaly674

    SRS Silverback

    Hi, I would ask why you want the left handed version as I'm left handed but my SRS is a standard right hand version. Plus if you decide sniping / SRS isn't your thing then it may sell easier. Mo
  12. This is quiet interesting to see what each player carries on the field for a game. Assault Gunner - TM 416D custom or Scar L CQC 8 mags 6 x 120 PTS mags on Plate Carrier / Chest Rig, 2 x 82 Stanag mags on Belt. 3 + 1 31 Pistol mags for Secondary. Sniper - SRS 3 x 30 round standard mags 3 + 1 31 Round pistol mags (Hi Capa) or 3 +1 28 Round pistol mags (MK23) Sniper - SSG 1 Mag Pistols as above Support Gunner - CA MK46 1 x 1500 box mag. Pistols as above Having said all of this I have played a standard Skirmish day at Anzio and only fired appropriately 200 rounds all day. With my standard load out of Assault Gunner I tend to only use 1 or 2 mags per game and only reload at lunch the pistol I tend to have to reload each game but I have a habit of grabbing it for a death charge.
  13. Hi, You won't be disappointed and the added bonus is if you get a smaller side arm you can adjust the holster and away you go without the hassle of changing the holster. Mo
  14. As a left handed player I struggle to find holsters but have invested my money in the warrior assault systems universal holster and I can't fault it. Alternatively if you want to spend a little more on a kydex there is https://hwholsters.com/ for a variety of holsters for both left and right handed players plus they can make it fit with a torch.
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