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  1. Donzie

    New to the Game

    After all that he already has a buyer...typical well can just wait. Thank you all for responses and help . Donzie
  2. Donzie

    New to the Game

    cool thank you very much. Ill still use plasti-dip can peel off when i get everything sorted anyhow
  3. Donzie

    New to the Game

    yeah, he is a friend of mine known him for some years. Hes gotten me into the game been trying for about 2 years now sorry i didn't pick it up then. PS. Might just wait i have just over a month before i can apply for a UKARA and just buy one at a later date.
  4. Donzie

    New to the Game

    yeah will get him to do so, just to be on the safe side for both of us. Thanks again!
  5. Donzie

    New to the Game

    I haven't said to him yet as he is away on holiday just wanted to clear it up before i say to him. I have some Plasti-Dip about my house ( Neon Green), so was planning on using that to cover the parts. Thank you very much James.
  6. Donzie

    New to the Game

    Hi there im looking to purchasing my first gun. Someone i know is selling one of his and i really like it had a shot of it a couple of times. Just to see if i could Spray it myself to change it to the 2 tone look is legal? Thanks in advance!
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