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  1. So I guess Ive got two questions, are the BB followers, spring and the part that hold them both in pretty universal across the range? I've added the pic below of what I'm after Where could I pick up this part from? To cut a story short don't lend your mate your pistol and let him 'look' at the magazine....
  2. TomD

    WE Little/big bird magazines

    Im trying to find some magazines for a WE little bird. I want to avoid the low cap 15rd ones, so looking for the 22rd green gas ones. Ive found them at zero one for the big bird but I just want confirmation that they will fit the little bird. Is going co2 worth it as these mags seem to be more available?
  3. Yeah its been on the cards for years now. I believe you're right in thinking its going to housing.
  4. TomD

    Newb in Norwich

    I went in last week, seems like they've got a good selection and plenty of advice to give out!
  5. TomD

    Newb in Norwich

    Spent this morning at CAG, brilliant friendly site. Safe to say I'll be back!!
  6. TomD

    Newb in Norwich

    Where abouts in the fine city are you?
  7. TomD

    Newb in Norwich

    Ive booked a morning at CAG on the 2 Oct! Looking forward too it.
  8. TomD

    Newb in Norwich

    Appreciate that, thanks man.
  9. TomD

    Newb in Norwich

    I just assumed it was florists a shoeshop and locksmiths in dixons, thats literally at the end of my road.
  10. TomD

    Newb in Norwich

    Ill have to have a look!
  11. TomD

    Newb in Norwich

    Thanks Jason, always good to hear! Wont make it this weekend but will aim to by the end of the month. I dont suppose you know of any local airsoft shops, I like a good browse!!
  12. TomD

    Newb in Norwich

    I think I've just got too bite the bullet/BB and book in. Going to give Combat Action Games a go soon.
  13. I'm a complete novice to Airsoft but not to shooting/paintball, but looking to get involved. Moved here recently so I'd be on my own, I've noticed a few sites around here any recommendations for a nice site for a loner.......