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  1. darnage

    Tm ksg vs aa12

    Also remember the cost of mags for the aa12 the mids they come with run out in seconds. Drum mag is way forward.
  2. darnage

    Tm ksg vs aa12

    I wish I'd had a go off the aa12 now tbh. But wasn't my cup of tea. Looked bulky and annoying to me. I agree tho with the gas/electric thing if you don't touch an TM aeg it will work forever. Wonder how long the ksg lasts before I'm searching for o rings. Hope it works out for you. I Did see one for sale on Facebook search the group "woodland pets ltd" one for sale on there.
  3. darnage

    Tm ksg vs aa12

    Ksg is ok......it's basically the m870 in a different shell. pretty decent in cqb due to being a bullpup. get around 60-70 shots of a full tank of gas. 3 shot is pretty accurate to around 35-40 metres 6 shot around 25-30 metres due to the spread. it sounds good when racking and kicks ass in close quarters....put it this way if you are holding a defensive position and you shoot someone with it they don't come back the same way after respawn. The aa12 is obv electric got a mate with one. Seen him use it in 1 game. Its heavy and long. Not the best for cqb. on a plus note with a drum mag you don't have the issues with reloading shells and gas running out.